100+ Meaningful Quotes To Say In A Wedding Vow

As you stand at the altar, locking your eyes with your beloved, your wedding vows are the most suitable moment to bare your soul and let your loved one know exactly what you feel for them.

It is much more than a simple recitation; instead of a previous wedding vow, the promises should be a reflection of the sacredness of your love and devotion.

Nevertheless, getting words that will summarize and express your journey and your future vision is actually difficult. Where do you begin? Do you want to make them cry or laugh?

This guide is meant to help you build vows that are genuine, touching, and distinct and provide a number of tips and techniques on how to write from the depths of your heart.

Promises of Love: Key Elements to Include In A Wedding Vow

Lifelong Commitment

The core of your vows is a promise to stay true to your partner for as long as they may live.

Show your willingness to be their one and only forever, giving your solemn pledge never to stray.

Stress that this is a pledge to cherish them without reservations in good times and the tough ones that life offers, as long as no death can keep you from them.

Let it be evident that the love you hold is a promise that shall forever hold true, to be locked forever in each other’s hearts.

Support and Partnership

Marriage stands as a binding force which brings both of you close like a powerful team that faces any obstacles together.

Your vows should bind yourselves together as the unwavering pillar of your partner’s internal motivation, inspiration and gentle support.

Make a vow to serve them with the highest level of commitment, hence helping them to achieve their aspirations, dreams, and ambitions in the future.

Be their unshakeable tower of comfort – a warm-hearted storm-weather that will carry them through hardships.

Explain a strong intention to share all life’s troubles with your partner, as you both are the amazing power which forever stays supporting each other with love, strength, and partnership.

Unconditional Love

Real love is something that exceeds all circumstances and conditions, and it persists despite the ups and downs of life. 

In your vows, tell your beloved that you love them to the core without any limits or doubts.

Vow to love and recognize their being for what it is, imperfections included, and to hug them through every up and down that we will go through.

Signify that your love is a steadfast, undiluted power that will pass through all the difficulties which may or may not present themselves.

Family and Future

Marriage is a basis on which you and your loved one will be building a future as a couple or even as a family.

Your vows should exemplify a promise of building up this joint venture and any children that may come with reason.

Describe your expectations, desires, and dreams for the life you want to build together with your spouse.

Promise to be there for each other, fight life’s adversities together, and create a loving and supportive world that is favorable to your family’s well-being.

Trust and Honesty

Trust and honesty are the cornerstones that give a good marriage strength and health. 

Within the wedding vows, make a sincere commitment to embrace such ideals of communication, vulnerability, and transparency.

Pledge to be honest even when it’s hard and make a space that will encourage you both to express your opinions, ideas, feelings and experiences freely away from the threat of judgement or lies.

Commit to upholding the uniqueness of the relationship by providing an atmosphere of honesty, respect, and realness.

Inspiration from Tradition: Classic Vow Phrases

Wedding vows are sacred promises that bring two hearts together in eternal love and life-long devotion.

Although modern vows seek to incorporate a more personalized speech, there is an undeniably magical air about the perennially used phrases that have swept through countless marriage ceremonies through the ages.

Here are classic vow phrases that you can consider incorporating into your own heartfelt declarations of love and commitment:

  1. When I first saw you, I knew there was something unique about you. Today, I see you, and a wave of emotion sweeps over me as I am about to express my affection in front of you.
  1. People say that love stories usually happen in heaven, and it seems that ours has already been written in the stars. Today is the beginning of a different page: our alliance to be together as a couple.
  1. You are a never-ending source of fun, and I always have a big smile because I am with you. I commit to carrying on with this flame even as it grows, and we will always stay joyful with each other with every passing year.
  1. You inspire me to be better. Hand in hand, we will help and motivate one another as we work tirelessly to get what we truly desire.
  1. Life has no shortage of surprises, but together, we will find a way to learn to deal with them shoulder-to-shoulder. No matter what is thrown our way, we’ll tackle the storms. With love as the anchor, we can overcome anything.
  1. The passionate flame you’ve ignited in me will continue to burn, constantly growing stronger, which will be fueled and sustained by generous tenderness and fidelity.
  1. They say the real love is the journey, not the destination. I promise you that I am going to walk this road hand in hand with you, discovering the beauty of life and embracing it with all my open heart.
  1. I aim to be your companion in your mischiefs, your listening ear, and your best buddy. The world is going to be ours; we’ll conquer it as companions, one trip at a time.
  1. I will be your number one supporter, your voice when you need it, and a shoulder to weep on when the going gets rough.
  1. I vow to be truthful and open-hearted and will lay a solid foundation of trust upon which our love will have a permanent and firm home.
  1. You motivate me to be a better version of myself, and I commit to tackling that challenge, developing together with you, and appreciating the never-ending experience of learning forever.
  1. With you, I am able to be my very self because of your oddness and weaknesses, which you should be proud of because they bring out the person I truly love.
  1. Life is unpredictable, and there is a lot to be excited about as we face it together with openness, honesty and a resolve to find ways together.
  1. Before you, I never would have imagined what true love was. I will always keep these moments in my heart, let them define us as a couple, and follow their lead.
  1. When we first meet, and our lives entwine, it seems like a predestination. And now, on this day, I am here to do what I am destined to do- to become yours forever.
  1. You are not only the love of my life, but you are my listener, my best friend, and joy to my heart. I pledge to love and appreciate every part of you throughout the years.
  1. Our love story is a masterpiece and an exquisite tapestry woven with our dreams and secrets, whispered together and filled with joyful laughter. Now, let us weave a new thread into this exquisite tapestry: the binding pledge of enhancing it forever.
  1. The days I spend with you are an eternal symphony, and every moment is a perfect note. From this day onwards, I promise to live in tune with your dreams, share your victories, and always keep the sweet music of our love in my heart.
  1. In your eyes, I view the whole world of love and understanding. I vow to become your fortress, a shelter of love and unbreakable serenity, any time you need me along the way.
  1. Before you, I was not even half-painted with brushstrokes. As for the new one with you, I’d say it’s one of the riotous creations. I promise to always be your painting partner, creating a masterpiece unceasingly.
  1. Our love is the garden, budding with confidence and wisdom. I pledge to shepherd it to its full maturity, making sure that its gorgeous flowers will light our way forever.”

Words of Commitment: Expressing Lifelong Devotion

It is of utmost importance that you choose some words among the vows that emphasize and uncover the essence and sincerity of this commitment in a way that suits the two of you.

To help you express this sentiment, here are unique words and phrases that capture the essence of lifelong devotion:

  1. “I feel for you the love that never ends. It is a strong eternal tie that lasts forever.”
  1. “I vow to you with all the gravity of my heart to be there with you, by your side, through each and every moment of our life-long trip.”
  1. “You will forever stay by my side through everything, you will always be my constant and my unbreakable truth.”
  1. “I will love you forever, and even beyond time, you will be the protector of my heart.”
  1. “To be true to yourself is a sacrosanct oath, an indelible mark branded on the deepest depths of my being.”
  1. “I will always love you with all my heart and soul, no matter what happens.”
  1. “I vow to forever cherish this love, devoting and caring till my last heartbeat.”
  1. “You have always been my refuge and sanctuary, for in your embrace I have always found serenity and calm.”
  1. “My love is a fabric that is composed of many pieces linked by the confidence, trustfulness, and courageousness.”
  1. “I am ready to be with you and to stand by your side to overcome the highest height and the lowest low as one strong unit.”
  1. “My love is your own, be it today or forever, and a treasure that has to be protected at any cost, even with every skin cell.”
  1. “We have a flame that will never be quenched by anyone, the kind that burns into an eternal torch across time.”
  1. “I vow to do what it takes to always be your solid basis, support and motivation.”
  1. “You are my missing puzzle and I vow to treasure the time we spend together as a couple.”
  1. “Our love is the manifestation of the unconquerable strength of devotion, a fortress of faithfulness and solidarity.”
  1. I will be your best companion, holding your hand through thick and thin.
  1. “My pledge is like a sacred vow, a promise, which was carved permanently on the sky.”
  1. “You are the love of my life, the one my heart has made its eternal decision to be with you.”
  1. “I swear by my heart to be your castle of safety and protection where our love shall grow and prosper.”
  1. “This is the beginning of our journey together, a journey that I am just going to take each step with you, holding your hand.”

Humor and Lightness: Adding a Playful Touch

Although wedding vows are the most sacred and solemn part of your day, there is something that uplifts and brings a little bit of humour and makes it more enjoyable.

A playful joke said right, and an observation done wittily helps to emphasize the bright side of a character’s mood, lifting the atmosphere and enjoyment of the event.

Here are sentiments that can help you strike the perfect balance between heartfelt sincerity and playful humor:

  1. “I swear I will be loving you, even when you walk away, leaving your socks (again) on the floor.”
  1. “I swear I will always leave the last piece of pizza for you unless I really, really want it.”
  1. “I will love you even when you angrily insist on absurd pet names like (honey bunny).”
  1. “I promise to share every laugh, every tear and the last (and best) nacho with you.”
  1. “I will love you with all my heart and soul, even when you steal the blankets (that blanket thief).”
  1. “I’ll always be by your side no matter what – your partner in crime and accomplice in mischievousness.”
  1. “I promise to try and make you laugh at least once a day, even if I have to tell dad jokes.”
  1. “I swear to be loyal to you, even when you eat the last piece of cake (my sweet-toothed love).”
  1. “I’ll be your in-house comedian, cracking jokes for everything no matter what.”
  1. I promise to love you even when you keep leaving the toilet seat up and then up again (and again and again…).
  1. “I vow to become your preferred companion in watching the dumbest reality shows ever.”
  1. “Here’s to forever being your co-partner in pun, never letting the witty banter die.”
  1. “I promise to love you, through your booming snore (ear plugs provided).”
  1. “I pledge to be your ready dance partner, no matter how incompetent your moves get.”
  1. “I’ll root for you no matter what, even though you can sometimes be a complete goof.”
  1. “I will be your dance partner in impromptu kitchen dance sessions.”
  1. “I’ll always serve as your greatest partner-in-crime when it comes to harmless pranks and craziness.”
  1. “I promise to love you, even as you wrest the remote away from me.”
  1. “I promise to be your personal source of humor throughout the good times and bad.”
  1. “My partner in pun-derful wit is always going to be you, no matter how much I groan inwardly at the niche humor.”

Acknowledging Challenges: Vows for Realistic Love

While the wedding vows promise unfailing love and romantic declarations, the truth is that every relationship faces struggles and difficulties in the future.

By using words that acknowledge that there are good as well as bad times, you can build vows that reflect a true depiction of what love is really all about.

Here are unique words that candidly address the difficulties you may encounter while still celebrating the enduring power of your commitment:

  1. “I will be your sidekick, not just your cheerleader. When life brings your down we will help each other get back up.”
  1. “Life won’t always be perfect, but I give you my word that I will choose us. We’ll get through the storms holding hands, loving stronger each step.”
  1. “Naturally, there will be times when we will have different opinions, but this is not a bad thing. I promise to communicate openly, listen with respect, and seek solutions jointly even in the hard times.”
  1. “It is okay for us to disagree, but I will promise to be fair and always put understanding over competition. I will also remember that our love is what brought us here.”
  1. “I will swear, no matter how rough the water is, that I will sail side by side together, till the storm clears.”
  1. I know our road won’t always be easy, but I vow to stand strong the whole time and keep on the defending our love every day of it.
  1. “We might feel lost, at times, but I guarantee, I am the lamp that burns our home.”
  1. “I will make sure that irrespective of possible disputes on the way, I will always be available to listen and find a common ground.”
  1. “The road that we are about to take will sure have some of its speed bumps, but allow me to be the reliable one who successfully absorbs all the shocks.”
  1. “Love is not always fireworks. It can also be the steadiness of having you by my side in the face of whatever comes our way.”
  1. “I pledge to be your haven, a haven where your imperfections are treasured and your inner-self continuously reflects.”
  1. “Love only grows with age, not smaller. I promise to value you through all stages of our life together, even with the wrinkles that come with age.”
  1. “Laughter is the way we keep connected. I pledge to keep the happiness going, and find humor in the trivial things of life even in difficult times.”
  1. “I promise to be there for you to celebrate your big and small triumphs, and I will be your biggest supporter in case not everything goes as it should.”
  1. “We cannot influence all the life throws at us, but I pledge to control what I can – my love, my respect, and my unyielding devotion to you.”
  1. “I promise to be honest with you, even when it’s difficult. Good communication is the foundation of trust, and trust is the basis of that love.”
  1. “Sometime in the future, forgiveness will be needed. I will try to be there with the required grace and sympathy, establishing a love that repairs and nourishes.”
  1. “I promise to never stop learning about you, showing respect for your journey of growth, and loving the person you are becoming, along with the person you already are.”
  1. “Love is a process, not a fixed endpoint. I promise to take this journey with you every step of the way, enjoying the growth, obstacles, and happiness that life has to offer.”

Incorporating Quotes: Wisdom from Literature and Poetry

Love from time immemorial has been written by poets and literary figures who have skillfully used words as carpets to reflect the depths, beauty, and intricacies of love in their literature.

Using quotes and excerpts from important writings will help lead to the promise-making process that incorporates words of wisdom and sense.

Here are unique ways to interweave quotes from literature and poetry into your heartfelt vows:

  1. “You are my ‘the poetry of repose,’ and I have recognized the meaning of my life due to you (Wordsworth).”
  1. “‘Come and stay with me, and be my love’. For you are the world in which I find my life!” (Marlowe).
  1. “Only ‘true love is what envisages as the ashes of passionate love’ and, my dearest, I will love you forever (Louis de Bernières).”
  1. ” ‘you are my every reason, my every dream, my every wish I have ever known’ (Winger)”.
  1. “‘I love you like the plant that doesn’t bloom but still carries within itself the light of hidden flowers’ (Breton).”
  1. “Your love has been my unshakeable landmark that points out the turbulences and still remains unchanged. (Shakespeare).”
  1. “Only in you have I found ‘the poetry in the poem’, where life’s verses find their transience (Atwood).”
  1. “Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. And this shall be our mantra (King).”
  1. “You are my ‘dream in a day of thoughtfulness’ , the vision that motivates me everyday (Poe).”
  1. ” ‘The only thing I ever wanted was to go a little way into the woods and love somebody’ . And you are that somebody (Devereaux).”
  1. “And in your presence, ‘the movement of the world paused to showcase this one feeling” (Attar).”
  1. “‘The deepest love is the kind that touches your spirit and makes you long for more.’ This my pledge to you (Angelou).”
  1. “You are ‘the sun to which my love’s eye seemed blind’ ,dispersing light into my world (Chapman)”.
  1. ” ‘The heart wants what it wants’ , and mine has always craved for you (Woodiwiss)”.
  1. “Your love is my forever shelter away from home, my safe haven for my life storms (Marvell).”
  1. “Life is not about the number of breaths you take but about the moments that take your breath away”. You are my endless breath-taking moment (Hitch).”
  1. “‘To me love is a very untamed force. When the try to tame it, it destroys us’ . I hereby make a commitment to let it flow free with you (Austen)”.
  1. “Her is the whole world to me and she occupies every square meter of it (Calvin)”. In this way, you are the absolute fabric of my being.
  1. “Unlike what we expect from love, love is the one that gives itself freedom not being restricted (Rilke).”
  1. “The greatest teacher is love”. You can teach me love’s biggest lessons (Einstein).”
  1. “My feelings of love are just as ‘inscrutable as the heart’ , beyond the reason of understanding (Blaise Pascal) .”
  1. “‘Love sees not with the eyes, but with the mind’. With these, I choose you forever (Shakespeare).”


After all is said and done, the wedding vows ought to be a manifestation of the special relationship you and your partner have.

Break the rules and go beyond the usual. Draft promises that are sincere and touch the core of your paths together.

Find inspiration in the heights of your feelings, the peculiarities that make your relationship a unique one, and the dreams you have for the two of you as a pair.

Let your words flow effortlessly, undeterred by the rules, and you shall make an intricate tapestry that connects your heart from that day forward.

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