45 Funny Flirty Quotes For Him To Make Him Smile
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45 Funny Flirty Quotes For Him To Make Him Smile

Flirting with your boyfriend is a fun way of keeping your relationship playful and full of memories. You flirting with him instead of the reverse will make him feel that you’ve also always been interested in him.

You must capture the moments of your funny and goofy memories together, too. The reminder will make your relationship stronger or pick it up when you no longer feel its vibe.

Coming up with flirty quotes may be challenging, especially trying to make them funny without being corny. That’s why in this article, we will show you examples of funny, flirty quotes you can share with your boyfriend.

Classic Funny Flirty Quotes

In this section, we will show you classic flirty quotes that have charmed people for years and will charm your boyfriend or husband too.

  1. There is a ‘U’ in us and that’s why I also see you in my future.
  1. Your beauty is so breathtaking that I can’t… Call 911.
  1. I would jump off the edge of the world for you. Or was it into the black hole in the Bermuda Triangle?
  1. You must be a Coca-Cola bottle because with you I always taste the feeling.
  1. You should be born with some years left towards the end of the world because God took more time to create you.
  1. Can I have this dance, and every other dance till death does us part?
  1. Knock knock?

Who’s there?


Bryce who?

Bryce see my future with you

  1. I wanna be the wind so I can blow against you whenever I want.
  1. My name is Ashley but you can always call me tonight.
  1. Are you a soda? Because it’s always fantastic to hang out with you.

Cheeky One-Liners to Lighten the Mood

Here we will show you a selection of witty one-liners perfect for a quick text or a playful moment.

  1. I’m no athlete, but my heart races whenever I stare at your beautiful face.
  1. DNA has a funny way of creating humans who are also angels at the same time. I’ve seen one today.
  1. I’d love to be your skincare routine so I could sit on your face every day for at least an hour.
  1. Are you a magician? Because when I see you you make my sadness disappear.
  1. We don’t need to have children to save our marriage. You already have a fun-size baby girl right here.
  1. My love for you is like the multiples of one, they remain the same.
  1. I’m the sodium but you are my chlorine. We can combine and make the oceans, seas, and human systems make sense.
  1. I think you should order some tea before we have anything else because a pre-tea would fit your characteristics perfectly.
  1. Are you DNA? Because every time you unzip, new life is brought forth.
  1. Can you feel the chemistry between us? Because hugs without you are just toxic.
  1. Are you a salad? Because every time we talk, I can feel the love in your words from my head tomatoes.

Contemporary and Pop Culture-Inspired Quotes

Below we have shown you flirty quotes that have been inspired by pop culture and contemporary society.

  1. By now you should already know that you’re the Obi-Wan for me.
  1. If we were a romcom, I would still be as in love with you in season eleven as I was in season one.
  1. I’m not Bruno Mars but I would not only catch a grenade for you, but I would also drag a piano across town just to prove my point.
  1. Could you please help me repay my credit card debt? I’ve run your face card on my mortgage balance and it hasn’t declined.
  1. Are you a Disney queen? Because the only thing you can’t do is look bad, hurt feelings intentionally, or wear a ball gown.
  1. I want to say that I wish we had that Jay Z and Bey love but they’ve had their quarrels, and I can’t make a whole album about you. But that won’t stop me from chasing the billionaire status.
  1. Other people will see a smile, but what I see when you smile are the answers to my problems, healing of my heartbreak, and an end to the search for the most beautiful thing to ever exist in the world.
  1. Although all romantic comedies thrive on the two people meant to be denying that they’re soulmates and ignoring each other, I will be your Aunt Robin. We will always belong together, whether you marry another woman and have children with her or not.
  1. Every day I withhold the urge to make a whole album about you, and I won’t shy about saying your actual name.
  1. Tonight, I want our favorite phrase to be, ‘Just keep swimming’.
  1. You’re the one I wanna rewatch all the episodes of Friends with and then adopt their personalities in our reality.
  1. I can be your Amy if you’ll be my Jake. The stay-at-home dad part will still stand too.

Playful Teasing Quotes

These are flirty quotes that are playful and teasing to your boyfriend about different things. You can shape them to fit with the traits you’d like to tease your boyfriend with.

  1. Are you an artifact? Because your chest is rock hard.
  1. I don’t mean to be cheeky but I the shape of your rear.
  1. You know why I’ll never give you any more gifts on important days? I should be everything you’ve ever asked for.
  1. I want us to be so in love that we name our child a hybrid of our names. We’ll show up at school to rough up the kids who make fun of him or her a couple of times though.
  1. Are you a math formula? Because without you everything becomes harder and messy to solve.
  1. You may not be fried chicken but you are finger-licking good.
  1. I still love you even though you bring Fortnite from the couch to the sheets too. Reduce your dairy intake by the way.
  1. You must be made up of the color white because you consist of all the colorful things in the world.
  1. You know I’m not an F10 key. I would never play you. But I wish I could pause so that I could enjoy every moment of my life knowing I’m coming back home to you.
  1. Are you a dictionary? Because I’ve found everything I’ve been searching for.
  1. Are you a Disney prince? Because you would make me abandon my family, friends, and whole identity just to spend my life with you.
  1. I didn’t just fall in love with you, I tripped, slid, fell into mud, and lay there while people were taking pictures of me.

Timing and Delivery of Flirty Quotes

1. Catch him off guard 

Flirty jokes delivered off guard are funnier than the ones your boyfriend will prepare for. Fit the jokes into a casual conversation or surprisingly for a surprising effect. If he’ll take some time to understand that you’ve just cracked a flirty joke, the better the joke will be.

2. Deliver the message with confidence 

Don’t doubt yourself before or after you crack the joke because you’ll make your boyfriend doubt its level of humor. Deliver your joke with confidence by mastering the joke, speak with confidence, and enhance the ending by either being quiet after delivering it, or laughing hard after you deliver it. If it’s so funny that you can’t hold I’m your laughter, you can burst into laughter between telling the joke too because the laughter will be infectious.

3. Be mindful of the place to say the quote 

You can’t be sure about the way your boyfriend will react to your joke, especially since you’ll be delivering it to him off guard. So even as you’re planning on delivering your joke, look at the setting your boyfriend will be in. Find him in his relaxed spot, and confirm that he’s in the mood for a flirty joke. This will help you avoid possible arguments or misunderstandings.

4. Read his reaction and respond accordingly

Be mindful of the way your boyfriend will react to the joke. If the response is negative, don’t be quick to judge his response. This means that he’s felt attacked or hurt by your joke. Apologize and do your best to prevent it from escalating into an argument. He should be able to understand that you were just joking after a calm conversation between you two.

If he takes the joke, you can always revisit that joke for the memories it’ll bring.

Sealing it with a Smile: The Lasting Charm of Flirty Humor

Finishing off a flirty joke with a smile makes the joke funnier, especially if your partner will take the time to understand the joke. This effect adds to the charm of your joke, making it funnier while retaining its flirty nature. When he realizes it, the laughter that fills the room will be one that you’ll remember for a long time.

For a more comedic effect, you can playfully wink at your partner or try to look seductive in your manner. Another great comedic tactic is delivering the joke in a funny accent or using actions to further demonstrate what you’re trying to put across. These funny memories will last in your and your partner’s minds.

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