36 Short Quotes for a First Date That Will Impress Her
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36 Short Quotes for a First Date That Will Impress Her

First dates are an important chance you get to make an impression on your soon-to-be better half. For some people, creating a good first impression could be a challenge mainly because of the awkwardness that can prevail or shyness. 

This is why you’ll need to ease the mood by finding out more about your date and their interests. This will keep your conversation going. 

Adding quotes to the conversation will make it less fry and it’ll be easier for your date to build up on them. This way your date will go smoothly with no awkwardness and will be one to remember.

In this article, we will show you different quotes that you can fit into a conversation with your date.

The Role of Quotes in First-Date Conversations

1. Quotes as conversation starters

Starting the conversation should be with something that your date can add their thoughts on. 

These quotes will make an amazing conversation starter by giving a topic to discuss while lightening the tension brought on by meeting someone for the first time. 

You can choose to be funny, thoughtful, or romantic with your quotes, just be subtle and respectful to create a good first impression.

2. Expressing feelings and intentions

These quotes will make a great way to tell your date whatever you’re feeling about them. Sometimes stating your feelings and intentions in a raw way to your date could scare them away. 

You can disguise their intensity with a thoughtful or romantic quote to make your date feel comfortable with you.

A well-crafted quote will make your date feel a spark, and it’ll be likely that you will both have another date soon.

3. Creating memorable moments

Memorable moments are usually created without you realizing it at the moment. Your quotes will give your date lovely feelings that they will always associate with the date they had with you.

A funny quote will make the mood already light from the first moments, creating not only memories but also a foundation of friendship. 

Romantic and thoughtful quotes will make your date see you as an easy person to connect with, because of your appreciation and communication skills.

4. Navigating the conversation

Getting new ways of getting a conversation out of your date can be a struggle after some time, so using these quotes will help you find new avenues to shift your conversation to. 

It could be something you mention in your quotes that matches your date’s interest which will make them start to talk. This is also why you need to know your date’s interests and other facts about them beforehand.

Inspirational Quotes To Share On First Date 

  1. Love has always begun with two strangers taking the initiative to make an effort to have faith in each other.
  1. What we’re doing right now is a test to see potential and I already feel like I should pass you.
  1. I hope I make this first date the best you’ve ever had. We may or may not link up after, but I will do my best to make this worth your while.
  1. You’ll know the date went well when years down the line you’ll still be smiling at the things we talked about today.
  1. The first date is when I get to work up the guts to have the courage to continue working up the guts to ask you out again because I’m already in love with you.
  1. First dates are not just a chance to find a potential partner, but a chance to also think out loud about what your thoughts about yourself and other things are. So it becomes a chance for self-realization and finding someone you’re compatible with at this moment of knowing and expressing yourself is rare and priceless, whether you’ll work out or not.
  1. I like that this date has not been me talking to you but me talking with you.
  1. First dates fill me with so much excitement because I’m either meeting a soulmate, partner, or future business connection.
  1. Are you an astronaut? Because your starry eyes keep taking me to new galaxies and your face is out of this world.
  1. Have you ever starred in a Pixar movie as a superhero? Because you look incredible.
  1. You can go ahead and pay for this dinner because your face card would never decline.

Humorous Quotes To Make Her Laugh On First Date 

  1. Knock knock?

Whos there?


Ken who?

Can I take you out again later?

  1. This date is like being invited backstage, I don’t believe it, I’m nervous, and I don’t want to act too normal because I might scare away people and leave without an autograph.
  1. I think you have something in your eye. I can see it when you smile. Turns out it was just a sparkle.
  1. Are you a bull? Because I wouldn’t mind making you charge at me.
  1. I have to begin watching my calories. Because you’re a pizza cake that I know I can’t resist.
  1. I think you left me an extra piece of clothing from the date. I’m still wearing a smile from seeing you.
  1. Your name must be Pauline because you keep pulling me to you and I want to you more and more.
  1. Did you know that I love pizza? And you’re a pizza cake which makes me not only love you but also adore you.
  1. Your smile is like a McDonald’s restaurant. I’ll get some then make excuses later to get more.
  1. I can compare this date to the smell of rain, long drives, picnics, and all the music that has ever blessed my soul. This feeling is like these things, they cannot be adequately explained, all you know is that you get untold love, joy, and peace from them.
  1. I like to think of first dates as baby photos. If life works out but there are hard times, you can always go back and remember the first feelings of the honeymoon phase so you can remember your importance and find your way back to true love.
  1. God used the finest clay on you and then breathed his breath of life in you after he brushed his teeth because so far everything about you is perfect.
  1. I don’t just believe in love at first sight. I believe in love at first laugh at my nervous first-date jokes.
  1. You must come from a long line of British queens because they always picked the most flawless women.

Romantic Quotes That Are Not Too Intense To Share On First Date 

  1. I’ve always been interested in the night sky but not anymore after I’ve seen you today.
  1. You know why people say, ‘I laid my eyes on you’? Some people as so beautiful that your sight of them isn’t a mere look, it is a long gaze that’s relatable to lying down or resting.
  1. Normally I let all the people I love at first sight be the ones that got away but when it came to you, I walked by twice to unjinx myself at love.
  1. I don’t want to be irrational and take big leaps into what we have brewing because I don’t want to be too intense, and also because I want this euphoria to last for as long as possible.
  1. There’s so much I want to say but it’s mostly just me repeating how beautiful you look today.
  1. With all your beauty, flowers must sprout from wherever you lay your feet.
  1. I know that memories in life aren’t planned, but we successfully managed to plan my greatest memory ever which is our first date.
  1. I wish that I was a magician so that I could put this date in a time loop and feel this way forever. But I can always do that with my brain.
  1. I am currently trying to withhold my urge to scare you off because I could talk about how beautiful you are throughout this date. But at the same time, I just want to look at your talk on and on.
  1. I’ve looked at flowers, the night sky, and historic galleries, but I never thought all that beauty and more could ever be summed up into a person.
  1. This date reminds me of my first time listening to my favorite artist’s album and loving it. I want to keep forgetting the feeling it brought and repeating it so that I can live in absolute bliss for the rest of my life.

Sealing the First Date with Words: The Lasting Impact of a Thoughtful Quote

Choosing the perfect quotes to tell your date will make a lasting good impression that will make your date consider going on more dates with you. To know which quotes to put together, know your date’s personality and interests that they put online, mention, or you’ve observed. The quotes that we have shared with you above can be twisted to fit into your first date’s dynamic.

Add more charm to your quotes by following them with compliments, good gestures and facial expressions, and a worthwhile conversation. Avoid making direct comments about their bodies. If they are looking good, compliment them subtly and don’t dwell on that or they’ll get uncomfortable or think that you’re only interested in sexual gain. These factors will make your first date a memorable one for you, and your date.

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