38 Hawaiian Baby Girl Names To Give Your beautiful Baby

38 Hawaiian Baby Girl Names To Give Your beautiful Baby

Are you drawn to Hawaiian names that you wish to name your little girl after one?  These names with intriguing sounds and cute meanings can be very tempting. 

Whether you hail from the stunning archipelago or have a connection to Hawaii’s culture, we promise to give you the best of the names.

Popular Hawaiian Girl Names

Popular names are familiar names and easy to pronounce or even spell. If you do not want complexity, check on these names.

1. Kalea

As one of the top Hawaiian girls’ names, Kalea means “joy” or “happiness.”

2.  Malia

It is a variation of the Latin name Maria, meaning the star of the sea. Your daughter will share a name with Malia Obama, the daughter of President Barack Obama.

3. Mahina

It is an authentic Hawaiian name perfect for a child born at night. It means moonlight.

4. Makana

The name means a gift to the world, perfect for a girl who is selfless and considerate.

5. Leilani

Leilani is a beautiful name popular in Hawaii and across the United States. This cute and sweet name means heavenly or royal child.

6. Kailan

This beautiful baby girl’s name means sky and sea. Kailani perfectly describes the image that we see when we think about Hawaii.

7. Ailani

It is a beautiful strong name that means chief. Lovely nickname options for your daughter Ailani are Ai, Aila, and Lani.

8. Kaia

This popular, simple, yet cute name means sea or pure. Kaia is the feminine form of Kai.

9. Kalua

Kalua means companion or second child. It is a great name when you are going for baby number two.

10. Lani

Lani means heaven or royal. It is an excellent option for simple name enthusiasts.

Hawaiian Girl Names with Natural Meanings

We have highlighted great names that are inspired by Hawaii’s natural beauty, like flowers and landscapes.

1. Lokelani

This beautiful name means “red rose”. Let your little girl embrace her beauty through this name.

2. Kiini

It means woman from Mt. Kynthos. Kiini will be a great choice if you want to raise your daughter by the seaside.

3. Noelani

Noelani means heavenly mist. It is one of the super stunning Hawaii names.

4. Maile

This cute, natural name means vine. Maile is a flowering vine used to make celebratory garlands in Hawaii.

5. Kalei

It means “the flower breath” or beloved. You can assure your kid how much she is loved via this name.

6. Ainanani

It has the meaning “beautiful land”. Make your child productive using this precious natural name.

7. Mohala

Mohala has the meaning “petals unfold”. Your kid’s life will truly unfold.

8. Nalani

It means the “serenity of the skies”. The beauty your kid will uphold.

9. Gali

Your child ought to be of a great influence to her generation and Gali is the name to represent her. It has the meaning meaning “wave”.

10. Puanani

A beautiful baby girl deserves a beautiful name. Puanani Means “beautiful flower”.

Hawaiian Girl Names with Strong and Unique Meanings

Some Hawaiian girl names have strong and unique meanings. These names can empower and inspire through their powerful backstories and associations.

1. Palila

Palila means little bird. Your little princess will; love this rare poetic name as she grows. She will be associated with her being so charming.

2. Loika

It is a Hawaiian form of the Greek name Loice. Loika could be perfect if you want a religious name that is less conventional.

3. Haukea

This female Hawaiian name combines the words hau and kea to create the meaning “white snow.”  An ancient term to mean pure.

4. Kawehi

The name Kawehi means “the adornment” or “adorned.” It means to be made more beautiful. A unique name to break generational curses.

5. Nani

Another short and sweet island name for girls, Nani means “beauty” or “glory”. Although it’s simple, Nani can represent the revival of a family.

6. Kaipo

It doesn’t get cuter than Kaipo, which means “sweetheart” in Hawaiian. It combines the definite article ka with ‘ipo’ to form its meaning. Your baby will be one to bring joy to deserve the name.

7. Kealoha

Kealoha means “the loved one.” This cute and pretty Hawaiian girl’s name has the word aloha in it, making it an adorable choice!

8. Konane

Konane means “bright”. Your little girl will showcase her brightness wherever she goes. Brightness always represents the exit of darkness in a place, in particular your family.

9. Momi

Momi is simple but with a unique meaning. It means pearl. Your girl will represent one of the rare special people just like the pearl around first, herself then others.

Hawaiian Girl Names That Evoke Joy and Positivity

Relating to Hawaiian traditions, the names will choose the outcome of the kids. For an accurate choice of atmospheres and outcomes consider the Hawaiian names that mean joy or happiness.

1. Apikaila

If you admire your kid to be a Daddy’s girl then fall for this trap. Apikaila has the meaning “my father’s joy”.

2. Lilo

Your girl can outstand others positively by being one who is a giver and cares about others. Choose the name Lilo which means “generous one”.

3. Ululani

You can afford joy and positivity at the same time with this peculiar name Ululani. Haven in your midst. The name means “inspired by heaven”.

4. Alohalani

Compassion is always tied to joy and positivity and your daughter cannot miss out on this. Alohalani means “full of compassion” and it fits her.

5. Aolani

Your Aolani will experience acceptance in her being a “beautiful cloud” as the name means..

6. Ehehene

It has the meaning “laughter”. Ehehene will be associated with joy wherever she goes. Laughter is a clear indication of joy and positivity around.

7. Keilana

Keilana means “glory” or “calmness”. A kid with such a name will accompany Glory and the people around her to experience a beautiful life.

8. Kaleah

Here lies the exact name for your girl child that will foster joy. The name has the direct meaning of “joy” or “happiness”.

9. Oline

Regardless of Kaleah. Here comes Oline if Kaleah sounds odd to you. It has the meaning “joyous”.

The Process of Selecting a Hawaiian Name

In regards, the significance of the names is never a coincidence. A lot is always put into consideration before a Hawaiian name comes out. Hawaiian culture dictates that if your kid is named after the considerations, the child must receive the name. If not, your baby could become ill until given the proper name! 

Hawaiian culture has its selective ways you should use when selecting a name for your little angel. In their culture, a name is considered a precious possession. Below are distinctive ways of naming your child. However, not all modern-day Hawaiians follow these traditions.

Inoa poa

This is the traditional process of receiving a name through a family member’s dream. The family member can be extended or a nuclear one, the goal is to find the right one. It mostly comes from the parents.

Inoa ho ailona

This is the process of receiving a name through signs, such as in a vision, a flight of birds, or a shape in the clouds. That is when your child can have a natural name.

Inoa ulaleo

With this process, your child receives a name through voice, such as in the wind. It sounds like tradition, yes it is and that is how the name will come.

Inoa hoomanao

This naming process preserves history, as the names commemorate past events. Lessons to correct and create will always come from such individuals.

Inoa kuamuamu

This is a name given to a child to ward off evil spirits. In an instance where all names given to the child are not picked, the child continually cries. It is considered a spirit.

Inoa kupana

This process includes names handed down from ancestors. This is done to ensure the names are passed down never to be extinct and lest be forgotten. Also, it is an honor to their fathers.

Inoa ewe

These are names given to babies based on personality traits. A great way to make sure you define what you want your child to be like. She will be constrained to the perfect understanding of what her name means.

Embracing Aloha: The Enduring Charm of Hawaiian Baby Girl Names

Hawaii is a beautiful place with unique customs and a strong culture. And, of course, if you are Hawaiian or like the culture and would want to embrace it, you will surely be lured by its enduring rare charm and cultural depth. 

If you are still on the fence or need even more inspiration, consider this culture embracing the spirit of Aloha. Aloha is the essence of being: love, peace, compassion, and a mutual understanding of respect. Choosing one of these names will bless your baby girl with a name to cherish and leave a lasting impression on those lucky to bask in her vibe.

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