12 Ways To Make Your Kids Christmas Special 

12 Ways To Make Your Kids Christmas Special 

Finding the right Christmas ideas and activities that are creative and exciting for your children can be daunting and stressful. Most of them are very expensive and time-consuming. 

Worry not because, in this article, we have listed some of the affordable, unique, and magical fun activities that will make your kids’ Christmas season more memorable and extra special. Childhood holiday memories can last a lifetime, so as a parent or guardian, you must make this time of the year special and meaningful to your children. 

With just a little thought and intentionality, you can make your little one’s holiday impactful on their hearts this year. Read through this article to find inspirational and interesting activities that will help you create moments of wonder and joy with your children during this festive season.

1. Personalized Advent Calendar

Create a homemade advent calendar with daily surprises leading up to Christmas. Each day could reveal a small gift, a family activity, or a kind deed to perform. You can use a personalized advent calendar with chocolates, candies, cookies, and other precious gifts to hype up your Christmas Day! 

Select and wrap festive, precious gifts of any mix that your children will love and enjoy having. Every night in December, you will unwrap one gift at a time. An advent calendar is a great way to help your kids manage their excitement in the countdown until Christmas.

2. Christmas Story Night

Dedicate an evening to reading Christmas stories or watching Christmas movies together. These fun activities will get everyone in a festive mood. You can be creative by letting everyone choose a story to read or suggesting a Christmas movie to watch while you all munch on delicious festive snacks. 

Go for fantastically festive tales like ‘The Night Before Christmas’ and ‘The Snowman’ that will help you and your kids spread a little cheer and give you a chance to spend quality time together. You can also gather your kids and favorite pets and cuddle up by the soft glow of fairy lights as you watch your movies. 

3. Bake Together

Spend a day baking and decorating Christmas cookies or gingerbread houses. This is such a simple baking activity for you and your kiddos! You both will find it super fun to build, a great way to create lasting memories, and even better to eat! You can make up a selection of festive recipes and let your kids choose one each and bake. You can do this once a week until it’s Christmas Day.

Ensure you spread the cheer further by packing the cookies and gingerbread houses in festive wrapping or mason jars and sharing them with your neighbors, friends, and the people in your life who deserve a bit of appreciation. Your kids will adore and enjoy this fun seasonal task and all the baking will leave your house smelling oh-so-sweet.

4. Christmas Lights Tour

Take a drive or a walk to see the Christmas lights in your neighborhood or visit a nearby area known for elaborate decorations. Prepare and bundle up your kids in their warmest clothes and take a drive or a walk to see the Christmas light display.

You can make your drive or walk more fun and special by putting some cocoa or chocolate in your thermos and packing some delicious festive snacks like cookies that you will eat as you spend an evening looking at the glorious and amazing Christmas light displays.

5. DIY Ornament Crafting

Set up a crafting station where kids can make their own Christmas ornaments. These can become treasured keepsakes or gifts for family members. You can spruce up your Christmas tree with this easy homemade decor.

All you need is to simply choose some cool ornaments to craft that your kids will love and enjoy for example yarn ball, mini bell, Clothespin, velvet wrapped, wooden bead snowman, and gumball machine ornaments. You can choose to personalize your ornaments with your favorite colors. You can make this activity more fun by deciding to turn it into a contest or competition and organize prizes for the winner.

6. Holiday Scavenger Hunt

Organize a Christmas-themed scavenger hunt around the house or yard, with clues leading to small presents or treats. Make this activity more fun and magical by putting together a list of things to find, such as an ugly Christmas jumper, candy canes, nutcrackers, wreaths, a red decoration, or your favorite gift of all time.

You can choose to play with your kids or let them play on their own. Either way, this scavenger hunt will get you all in the holiday mood! The end reward of this activity can be a secret message or some yummy Christmas treat.

7. Christmas Eve Box

Prepare a special box for Christmas Eve with new pajamas, a Christmas movie or book, and some snacks to enjoy together. You can wrap your Christmas Eve box to bring more excitement at home. 

Bring out your Christmas box at any time, depending on what is inside and your plans for the day. Encourage your kids to open up the box as they choose their favorite items. This activity will evoke a lot of nostalgia and make heartwarming memories with your children that they will live to remember.

8. Volunteer Together

Choose a charity or community event where you can volunteer together. This can teach your children the value of giving and sharing during the holiday season. Many holiday-adjacent volunteer opportunities exist to partake in and give back to society.

You can sign up to volunteer in a soup kitchen, food pantry, local shelter, or the local charitable organization of your family’s choice. Use this season to make this a tradition that your kids will cherish and continue for years to come.

9. Secret Santa Within the Family

Organize a Secret Santa exchange within your family, where each member anonymously gifts another. This can be a fun way to add surprise and excitement. If you have a large family or friends, Secret Santa is a perfect way for a gift that does not break the bank.

Let your kids use their savings for Christmas to buy their favorite gifts. Set a limit for each person to make the activity more exciting. You can agree as a family on the exact day you will exchange your gifts, for instance, Christmas Eve. This fun activity will teach your little ones more about the spirit of Christmas.

10. Winter Wonderland Walk

Take a family walk in a local park or nature reserve, perhaps collecting natural items to use for decorations this year, and turn your home into a festive wonderland! If you are on a budget, get crafty with your kids and make some homemade decorations.

When it comes to decorating, you can make a day of it. Let everyone in the family get a job, for example, Christmas light technician, bauble color consultant, and tinsel specialist. Don’t forget to make a jolly playlist so you can all jam along while you decorate your home with your favorite crafts.

11. Christmas Carol Karaoke

Have a fun evening of Christmas carol singing or karaoke. You could even perform a mini-concert for extended family over a video call. You can remind your kids through music what the true meaning of the season is all about by singing together around the Christmas tree or caroling in your neighborhood.

Put on a real show by Infusing your home with the sounds of the season. From traditional carols like ‘Jingle Bells’ and ‘Silent Night’ to modern hits like ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You.’ Your neighbors will applaud your family chorus, making it more merry. Caroling is even better when you bring your musically inclined friends in on the fun.

12. Reflect on the Year

Spend time reflecting on the year’s highlights and what everyone is thankful for. This can be a meaningful way to connect and share as a family. Shape your kids’ Christmas experience this holiday by allowing them to express how grateful they are for the family. 

Use this festive season to decide your traditions for celebrating different occasions as a family. Make sure you have all the delicious supplies, snacks, and refreshments to make the activity more fun and memorable. You can make this activity a tradition for your family.


The countdown to Christmas is on! Christmas Day is one of the days that kids look forward to all year round. And not just because of all the gifts, but because of the magical and memorable activities on this day. Take this holiday season and slow down to truly appreciate your kids by spending quality time with them. Our article will help you select unique and fun activities you can do with your kids as you make memories that can last a lifetime. These activities will get everyone into a festive mood and spirit.

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