29 Inspirational Quotes For Broken-Hearted Woman To Comfort Them
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29 Inspirational Quotes For Broken-Hearted Woman To Comfort Them

Being brokenhearted is the worst feeling. The mash-up of feelings of anger, pain, sadness, and regret must be making you feel weighed down. This is normal, but you should not keep wallowing in your pain. Involve yourself in activities such as exercise or mental distractors such as reading.

Reading some inspirational quotes can also help you get out of that dark place. They remind you that there is more to life, and will help in your healing process.

In this article, we will show you inspirational quotes that will help you deal with your heartbreak.

The Power of Inspirational Quotes for Healing After Heartbreak

Words have a lot of power. Reading some inspirational quotes after a heartbreak will hasten your healing process while empowering you to be that strong woman shadowed by heartache. 

They offer solace and support

Quotes that offer solace and support will make you feel like you are receiving a much-needed warm hug. Every day, the weight of your sadness will feel a little lighter until it finally disappears.

They encourage self-reflection

A heartbreak quote will encourage you to search for yourself. You will be able to find out new things about yourself, and this will make you a better person for you.

They inspire hope and positivity

During a heartbreak, positivity is important in hastening healing. Such quotes will help you find happiness that will keep you going. Lack of this may make you plummet into depression, which is a lot of steps backward.

They promote healing and growth

They work magic on your emotions by making you feel less lonely and ready to get through it. The way that they make you feel more positive, self-reflective, and supported also empowers you to become your best self.

Moving On: Inspirational Quotes to Encourage Letting Go

  1. If it was meant to be, it would have already been. Simply let go of them now and focus on healing and growth.
  1. If they wanted to stay they would have because love always wins in the end.
  1. Your life was always meant to be about you. Now that this has not worked out, go back to giving yourself your undivided attention.
  1. Letting them go should be very easy once you think about all the heartbreak you are feeling. Do not hold on to what is hurting you.
  1. Letting go may take time. But there is peace in putting the person at a certain place in your heart and mind where they will rarely cross your mind. And just like that, you’d have forgotten them.
  1. The peace that you will receive after letting go of the one that hurt you is worth the work you put in to forget them.
29 Inspirational Quotes For Broken-Hearted Woman To Comfort Them

Learning and Growth: Quotes to Inspire Personal Development

  1. This heartbreak is meant to strengthen you. At your lowest point is where you have the freedom to risk it all and find out the unknown things about yourself.
  1. Getting hurt by love is something all the great women in the world have experienced. Only use that to catapult you to realizing your destiny.
  1. Now that your heart is broken, it shouldn’t mean that your whole life is at a standstill. With heartache should come lessons and growth.
  1. If you look at this heartbreak as a freeing of your heart, soul, and mind, you will begin to embrace being single. Use this time to work on yourself.
  1. This heartbreak should allow you to be selfish with the amount of love and attention you give other people. It has become a mark of when you became a little bit more mature in your life.

Self-Care and Self-Love: Quotes to Encourage Healing and Happiness

  1. Now that your heart is broken doesn’t mean that the end of the world is here. Simply use this time to pay full attention to yourself.
  1. This heartbreak may even be a blessing in disguise, to help you take some time off to show yourself undivided love and care.
  1. Going through a heartbreak shouldn’t be all about crying and self-pity. You may also spend your time being single giving yourself that remaining unshared love.
  1. Amidst your feelings of pain and sadness is a window to finding happiness and solace. You may even end up discovering a hidden talent or hobby that may help you heal and make money too.
  1. Do not give in to any feeling of diving deep into the sadness. You deserve healing and finding happiness at last.
  1. The healing part of the heartbreak should be exciting because you get a good excuse of treating yourself to anything that is a mood booster. Take advantage of this.

Love and Relationships: Quotes to Remind You of the Power of Love

  1. Love has never been easy. It is not a problem that you haven’t succeeded in this relationship because love will soon find you.
  1. The sadness you are facing now shouldn’t make you doubt love. Only a few found true love on the first try.
  1. This heartbreak must be making you feel like you may never get the perfect person, but you will surely do if you were always meant to be.
  1. Sometimes, a heartbreak comes your way to also remind you how to put your guard up while still being capable of seeing true love from a mile away.
  1. If someone is still out there meant for you, you will surely find them. There are people out there capable of making love look easy.
  1. Love is still a strong, unstoppable force of nature. As much as it has been able to break you, once you receive it from the right person, it will build you.

Finding Strength: Quotes to Build Confidence and Resilience

  1. Sometimes you have to experience heartbreak to get the resilience you need not only in your next relationship but also in life.
  1. Heartbreak is bad but also focus on what good it might have brought your way. You have now gained some thick skin.
  1. Do not focus on the negatives that your heartbreak brought. As much as you should let yourself experience it, also use that feeling to boost your confidence.
  1. After going through such a terrible experience, it is highly unlikely that you will be the same woman emotionally. Embrace the growth that comes from pain.
  1. Studies have also shown that women who have experienced bad heartbreaks become emotionally smart and mature. Now, you should be full of confidence that can be channeled into all sectors of your life.
  1. It is good news that your brain has now received the training it needs to perceive real love and fake love.

Conclusion: Uplift the mood of broken-hearted women in your life

This heartbreak must feel like your world is crumbling down. But from the start, there was always more to your life other than finding the right one. Simply remember who you once were by reading the examples of inspirational quotes that we have given you, and know that everything will be okay.

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