3 Lovely Mother's Speeches At Daughter's Wedding That Will Make Your Daughter Happy
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3 Lovely Mother’s Speeches At Daughter’s Wedding That Will Make Your Daughter Happy

Delivering a heartfelt speech at your daughter’s wedding can make you feel a bit nervous. Are you finding it a daunting task to find the right words to convey your feeling at your daughter’s wedding? 

Rest assured, this article will direct and guide you to ease your mind and fortify your wits. Read on to get your help for a unique mother’s speech full of inspiration. It will leave behind a truly heartwarming, memorable moment in the wedding.

What should I say in my daughter’s wedding day speech?

Thank everyone for coming very briefly

A great speech starts with words of gratitude; it acknowledges their presence with absolute honor. It is essential since it sets the tone for a warm and comfortable experience. Also, is a perfect way to create an initial connection point.

Pay tribute to the bride and share stories and memories of her

Focus on the happiest and most positive moments at this perfect stage. You should not talk about her unfulfilled dreams and past relationships or marriage. Also, do not talk about how she overcame something unpleasant or embarrassing. Only bring up the best memories of your daughter’s life.

Welcome their new husband or wife into the family

The speech will surely be incomplete without a warm welcome of the son or daughter-in-law to the family. A good way to honor your son-in-law or daughter-in-law in the family is to make it clear that you are gaining a new family member and that they are welcome. You can also tell how they have complimented the family for the better.

Offer marriage advice and wisdom

You can make them feel the bond you have for the marriage and your considerations towards it through a piece of marriage advice and wisdom. Here you will create a vivid picture of how their marriage should be operated upon fruitful results. In fact, you are the best to offer them marriage wisdom since you are a mother to them.

Finish with a toast to the newlyweds.

The newlyweds deserve a toast that will wish and declare them a happy marriage. Through this, you can also articulate your endeavor desire in their life. Use funny and touching toast for an outstanding speech. During the toast moment, you can include absent friends and family.

Tips For Saying a Mother’s Speech At Daughter’s Wedding

1. Be Prepared To Get Emotional 

Don’t worry about crying. Imagine this occasion warrants tears! During this time, no one will judge you; in fact, most people will think it’s sweet, and you just might make them need a tissue and remember to have one too. Being emotional will carry along your daughter as well as the crowd helping you get connected to them at the moment.

2. Consult Her Friends

As much as you know your daughter, her friends know so much about her. They are a fantastic source of background information. They can certainly help with the moments, experiences, and your daughter’s strengths that you can add to your speech. It will show how much you are concerned with her life and friends. Avoid personal events that will embarrass your daughter.

3. It’s OK To Be Funny

You can add humor to your speech. It will excite your audience hence increasing the mood of the event. However, if you are not naturally funny, don’t feel pressured to be funny. Also, you may have inside jokes that will make your daughter laugh, yet no one else will find them funny. Make the speech inclusive of everyone listening. You will definitely have some funny tales about your daughter, just go for it!

4. Practice Beforehand

You can write the speech in advance to get plenty of practice time. Try giving the speech on your own out loud, and run it by a few trusted friends or family members. The calmest of speech presenters are always the most practiced. You will articulate your speech well and save yourself the embarrassment of guessing what to say.

Examples of Speeches To Give as a Mother at Your Daughter’s Wedding

Speech 1

“Hi everyone. I and the bride(name of the bride) have always been so much more than mother and daughter, we are best friends. I stand here today with love, pride, and joy. My daughter is lucky enough to find true love, which will forever make me so grateful. The two of you are perfect for each other and I couldn’t imagine anyone better. Seeing you two together, I know we have taught you all the lessons we can and all we can do is wish you a lifetime of happiness as you start your own family. May the two of you have a happy and long life together.”

Speech 2 

“Hello! I wish to raise a toast to my daughter and her new husband. Although she’s too old to hold my hand, she will always hold my heart. Watching you grow from my little girl into the beautiful bride standing before me has filled me with joy. Everyone you meet is touched by your kindness, generosity, love for life, and cheeky humor. Enjoy your marriage forever! Your wedding day is said to be the happiest of your life, and while it was very happy indeed, it could not compare to the moment our daughter came into the world. You have brought us so much peace and joy (and a few sleepless nights) but I could be more proud of the beautiful, smart, strong woman you have grown into today. I love you.”

Speech 3

“I thank everyone for joining us to celebrate this special moment together. I  hope you all agree that it has been gorgeous. It is an honor to welcome you here today. Many of you have traveled far and wide to celebrate with us. I am as well proud. So let us raise our first glass to this marriage and secondly to absent family and friends. I am incredibly lucky to have you as a daughter and a treasured friend. The groom(his name), you are much welcomed to this family. A new son in the house; feel at home and know we are happy for you to win our daughter’s heart. Happy wedding to both of you!”

Make your daughter and the groom smile on their wedding day

As you give out your bride’s speech, avoid thanking other guests so much and focus on your daughter and new son. However, if the new parents contributed a lot to the wedding preparations, you should definitely offer them a few words of gratitude. Don’t go too formal; it will make you sound stilted. It should be warm and witty, spoken from the heart.

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