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30 Special Things To Buy A Friend Who Likes To Drink

Picking the ideal present to give a friend who savors the art of drinking often appears like struggling to unravel a maze of choices, every bottle or item competing with one another for recognition in an overcrowded market.

The difficulty does not just lie in finding something they will appreciate and choosing a gift that goes beyond the ordinary, striking a chord with their subtle aspects of taste and style.

In this piece, you will learn about all the gifts you can give a friend. 

1. Personalised Whiskey Glass with Family Photo 

Immerse yourself in the world of gift-giving to people’s hearts with a Personalized Whiskey Glass decorated with your favorite family photo print. Imagine this – your friend, toasting not just the incredible spirit inside of it but also at a picture of loved ones within that glass. 

This personalized note lets bygones be just that, as an ordinary drinking glass is turned into a veritable treasure, intertwining the heat of remembrances with all those rich details remembered most about their favored whiskey. 

Every sip becomes a journey through time, and this piece, becoming their gifted treasure from the interiors of unusual places, is unlikely to leave it on most remarkable.

2. Custom Cocktail Drink Stirrers

Custom Cocktail Drink Stirrers have manufactured the essence of creativity in mixology’s world. They are personalized artwork that brings out the art of cocktail making. 

Embossed with their name, initials, or a personalized message, these sleek and stylish stirrers do much more than just make for an aesthetically pleasing conversation piece. 

A personal expression of self is now the greatest ability these stirrers give to any cocktail, making every drink a canvas for creativity. 

A perfect combination of beauty and functionality, this present ensures that whenever they make mixology attempts, their undertakings are decorated with unique flavors.

3. Hangover Tea

If the Morning After is not your buddy, the touch of TLC – the Hangover Tea, will get you there. 

Formulated to rule out any party that turned out to be overly spirited, this blend of revitalizing herbs and comforting spices is the appropriate solution for post-party fatigue. 

With the sender of this excellent tonic, you show your great concern for their condition and render a little relief following the celebration concert. 

Each sip is their further step to recovery, and the tea is an essential part of their post-party toolkit – a show of your care for their all-around enjoyment.

4. Vinderalls Wine Caddy

Say goodbye to the old-fashioned style of wine presentation and get the Vinderalls Wine Caddy to have your wines presented riotously. 

This quirky and fun gadget substitutes the plain plastic bag and can convert a bottle into a fashion accessory. 

It’s not whether it’s a gathering or a more formal event – the Vinderalls Wine Caddy makes sure the wine is to be enjoyed and dressed to impress. 

A hilarious and funky add-on to their collection of wine stuff, this particular one is sure to make any bottle party the moment you press a button!

5. Olive and Toothpick Hat and Scarf Bottle Topper

Put the Olive and Toothpick Hat and Scarf Bottle Topper on the cap ends of their bottle. It is excellent. 

This clever gadget will add a party sparkle even to the most mundane bottle, making it an obvious conversation starter at parties. 

No matter whose bottle they’re decorating – a wine bottle or a spirits bottle – the knitted hat and scarf set always gets an instant smile. 

With lovely and funny stoppers inscribed on every bottle, more than the content, bottles are just for bringing the humor it exudes. 

It will surely be a great gift for the friendly neighbor in quest of quirky stuff.

6. Das Horn Drinking Vessel 24oz

Discover a different drinking adventure with the Das Horn Drinking Vessel 24 oz horn-shaped world-class creation that adds a medieval feel to today’s cocktails. 

Conceived by the adventurous soul, this vessel allows your friend to enjoy their favorite drinks in a unique and non-conventional way. 

Whether they enjoy a craft beer or a hearty mead, the Das Horn enlivens their drinking habits by making it new and unforgettable, thus becoming a conversation-starting and remarkable item in their drinkware collection.

7. One-handed Bottle Opener

Make unscrewing their favorite drinks convenient and fashionable with a one-handed bottle opener. 

This streamlined and functional device is not just a mere accessory; it’s a must-have for neat freaks. 

Bottles that can be opened with just one hand offer something extra to the wine being served or that you enjoyed personally. 

For the instances where multitasking is essential, this one-hand bottle opener is necessary for the friend who enjoys the fusion of form and function in their bar tools.

8. Wine bottle jacket parka

Maintain the wine bottles insulated fashionably with the Wine Bottle Jacket Parka – a stylish and practical clothing item for the true wine lover. 

Made to control the temperature of their favorite wines, this bottle parka guarantees that every drop is enjoyed at the optimal temperature. 

In addition to its practicality, the parka brings a touch of sophistication to its wine presentations, making it a perfect complement for picnics, outdoor gatherings, or a cozy evening at home. Give them the ultimate wine bottle fashion with this chic and functional addition.

9. “I’ll Drink To That!” Liquor Bottle Cover

Give a hint of humor to their liquor cabinet with the “I’ll Drink To That!” Liquor Bottle Cover

This playful and mischievous cover conceals the label and adds a touch of humor to anyone pouring a drink. 

Suitable for those who find it entertaining to have a good laugh while enjoying their favorite spirits, this bottle cover brings a whimsical element to their collection. 

Each bottle becomes a pretext for a toast, transforming it into a lively and fun item in their barware assortment.

10. Double Wall Insulated Acrylic Wine Tumbler

The Double Wall Insulated Acrylic Wine Tumbler enhances the experience of drinking wine outdoors and on the go. 

This stylish and convenient tumbler keeps your favorite wine at optimal temperature while being a durable and portable option for any escapade. 

Whether picnicking in the park or lounging by the pool, this stylish bottle will keep the wine as fresh as the company it keeps. 

The tumbler’s slim silhouette and functionality make it a versatile and desirable gift for a friend who prefers to enjoy the wine without dropping the style.

11. Outdoor Wine Table with Folding Round Desktop

Make your outdoor wine experience an elegant party with this Folding Round Desktop Outdoor Wine Table

Designed for the wine lover who understands and respects the harmony of nature and fine wine, this portable and elegant table will elevate their outdoor experiences. 

The round folding desk supplies a stable and convenient space for wine glasses, bottles, and delicious snacks, becoming a must-have accessory for picnics, beach parties, or just lazing around in the backyard. 

The durable construction helps to maintain stability on different terrains, and the sleek look adds a bit of sophistication to any outdoor setup. 

Present your friend with the privilege of having a stylish outdoor wine set up so they can enjoy their beloved wines in a refined manner wherever the world takes them.

12. Spill-Preventing Martini Glass

Re-define a martini with the impressive Spill-Preventing Martini Glass, a modern design piece that combines form and functionality without a flaw. 

This modern martini glass is characterized by an untraditional curved shape and a carefully considered balance point that makes spills a concern of the past. 

This glass adds a visual class to the martini. It is designed to cater to the advanced cocktail aficionado who is particular about the more minor details of their drinking rituals. 

It ensures a stylish and trouble-free sipping session. Upgrade their cocktail hour by adding elegance, making every martini moment a unique experience.

13. Roly Poly Rocking Whiskey Glasses

Add a playful aspect to their whiskey appreciation with the Roly Poly Rocking Whiskey Glasses

With their curved bottoms, these unique glasses add a soft rolling movement that brings out the essence of the preferred whisky or spirits. 

Furthermore, the feature gives the drinker a more innovative take on the aromatic experience and flavor profile of the spirit, displaying the appreciation of taste. 

Designed for people who emphasize the subtle details of their drinking rituals, these glasses add a little happiness to every sip. It only makes whiskey drinking more fun.

14. Antler Drink Markers

Bring a rustic charm to your get-togethers with Antler Drink Markers, smart and nature-themed markers that will gracefully set your glasses apart. 

Crafted meticulously, these antler-shaped markers may be used practically and improve any drink’s attractiveness. 

Suitable for intimate dinners and livelier parties, these drink markers will help your friend and their guests count their drinks, creating an aura of refinement and good-naturedness. 

Give them these special markers for a true touch of nature on their next social get-together.

15. Gin Advent Calendar

Unlock a world of elation and flavors for the gin lover with the Gin Advent Calendar

This well-thought-out calendar changes the race to holiday celebrations into a daily celebration of high-end and handcrafted gins. 

Every day brings a new and curious gin, so your friend can enjoy the discovery throughout the festive period. 

Whether neat, on the rocks, or as the lead element in creative cocktails, this Advent Calendar brings the perfect spirit of daily adventure for the dedicated gin lover. 

Highlight their anticipation and appreciation for gin with this magnificent gift that transforms the holiday season into a sophisticated and delightful one.

16. Wine Sack

Wine Sack will make your friend’s wine carrying more technological and practical. This beautiful wine bag incorporates style and convenience, giving wine lovers easy portability. 

The insulated design keeps the wine at a perfect temperature, making it an ideal drink for outdoor events such as picnics or concerts. 

The Wine Sack isn’t just a transport item; it’s a fashion accessory that brings an extra dose of style to their wine experience, making it a good gift for the friend who appreciates both utility and looks in their wine tools.

17. Gin Making Kit

Let your friend channel his inner mixologist with the Gin Making Kit – a complete set that transforms any area into a DIY distillery. 

This package provides the best experience as it allows users to create their gin brand using a variety of botanicals and spices. 

From juniper berries to citrus peels, the kit contains all the necessary ingredients, taking them through the fascinating realm of gin-making. 

Perfect for adventurous spirits who enjoy tasting diverse flavors, this kit inspires them to create a center of gin creations at home with a unique and personalized twist.

18. Les Vins Pirouettes Eros

Let their taste buds enjoy Les Vins Pirouettes Eros, a wine that goes beyond the usual which captures the essence of handcrafted wine. 

This wine from Les Vins Pirouettes Eros was crafted with passion and care, and it is a complex blend of unusual varieties of grapes. 

Thus, it is a unique product on the market. Whether your friend is an experienced wine buff or ready to indulge in new experiences, Eros will take them on an amazing sensory trek. 

Present them with a Les Vins Pirouettes Eros wine bottle to add a creative twist to their wine collection and help them appreciate the artistry behind every glass.

19. Gin-Fusion Kit

Fire up their imagination through the Gin-Fusion Kit – a set with a distinct and fun design that allows them to infuse their preferred gin with an explosion of flavors. 

This kit will allow your friend to create gin blends that appeal to their preferences and contain different botanicals, herbs, and spices. 

If they like a floral, citrusy, or spiced infusion, they will have the tools and ingredients required to play around. 

Improve their gin-drinking experience by giving them the Gin-Fusion Kit – a thoughtful and hands-on present for the friend who enjoys the craft of mixology.

20. Patrón Extra Anejo Tequila

Enhance the tequila taste experience with the Patrón Extra Anejo – an exquisite and well-refined tequila that is the essence of aging. 

The ultra-smooth and decadent tequila goes through an extended aging process, which yields a complex flavor profile with notes of oak, vanilla, and caramel. 

Coming in a stylish bottle, this tequila is not just a spirit but a living proof of the skills and craftsmanship that Patrón put into it. 

Shock your friend with a bottle of Patrón Extra Anejo Tequila to take their tequila drinking experience to the next level and give them a taste of the finest tequila artistry.

21. Vodka Gift Basket

Surprise your vodka-loving buddy with the most decadent present: a Vodka Gift Basket

This carefully put-together set is a vodka-themed party pack that includes premium vodkas, presented with a selection of mixers blend snacks. 

It doesn’t matter whether they like to drink their vodka on the rocks or prefer it mixed in creative cocktails; this gift bas-delicate will provide them with a versatile and luxurious vodka experience. 

With a touch of refinement and a range of flavors, it is the perfect gift for a friend who admires the versatility and class of this iconic drink.

22. Whiskey Decanter Set

Make their whiskey-drinking experience special with a Whiskey Decanter Set – a timeless ensemble that offers a touch of sophistication to any home bar. 

The set usually consists of a fine decanter and matching glasses, tangible symbols of the spirit. 

The decanter does not just make their usual whiskey look striking but also allows the drink to breathe, revealing the complex flavors. 

Either on its own or with friends, this decanter set will stand as a piece of style and substance, making it a wonderful gift for a friend who appreciates the art of whiskey sipping.

23. Crystal Head Crystal Head Vodka with Martini Glasses

Surprise your vodka lover with a luxurious Crystal Head Vodka gift set that includes matching Martini Glasses. 

Made with purity and excellence in mind, Crystal Head Vodka is famous for its superior quality ingredients and unique skull-shaped bottle. These glasses go well with martini glasses, turning any vodka-based party into a fancy event. 

Whether they like their vodka neat or in a classic martini, this gift set is a stylish and visually impressive addition to their spirits collection, making it the perfect present for those who value style and substance.

24. Sombra Sombra Mezcal

Meet your friend with the intriguing world of Sombra Mezcal, a spirit representing Oaxaca, Mexico’s extraordinary traditions and handcraft. 

Sombra Mezcal is famous for its smoky and intricate flavor profile, giving the thrill-seeking palate a one-of-a-kind and genuine experience. 

Straight or used as the basis for creative drinks, this mezcal is an example of the craftiness of traditional mezcal production. 

Give your friend a bottle of Sombrero Mezcal and add to their delicate and refined spirits collection with an exquisite representation of this agave-based solution.

25. Giant Beer Stein

Cultivate an atmosphere of camaraderie and jubilation with a Giant Beer Stein – an ideal tool for connoisseurs of an ample and bountiful serving of their beloved beer. 

This large stein, often decorated with elaborate patterns and durable construction, will bring the German beer hall magic to every drinking occasion. 

Whether they’re drinking a traditional Oktoberfest beer or their favorite craft brew, this giant beer stein makes the moment all the more enjoyable, turning it into a fun and festive gift for the friend who revels in the taste of great beer.

26. Beer & Beverage Tower

Create a complete bar in your house with a Beer & Beverage Tower, an incredibly stylish and functional piece that will center any home bar or entertainment space. 

This tower usually has several dispensers for different drinks, so your friend can serve various drinks stylishly and quickly. 

The tower is ideal for parties, game nights, or casual hangouts and enhances their hosting skills. 

Lift the home bar experience of your friends with this attractive and distinctive accessory that will make them perfect gifts for a friend who is passionate about mixology and entertaining.

27. Tiki Mugs

Let your guests experience a feel of the tropics with Tiki Mugs – funny and bright pottery pieces that take them to the tiki land. 

These unique mugs are commonly decorated with whimsical designs and Polynesian-influenced patterns, infusing fun into every cocktail. 

Perfect for those who prefer bright and fruit-flavored cocktails, a Tiki Mug is essential for anyone with a taste for exotic accessories in their glassware. 

Give them these cute mugs as a set to help expand their cocktail skills and add a touch of the tropics to their home bar.

28. Neon Effect Bar Light

Give life to their space with the vivid atmosphere of a Neon Effect Bar Light – a sleek and customizable component for any home bar or entertainment area. 

This stunning light fixture, modeled after the appeal of neon signage, brings an energetic and contemporary yet vintage feature to the setting. 

Be it a favorite drink or just creating an entertaining ambiance, this bar light turns any space into a trendy and welcoming place. 

It is the perfect addition to decorate any get-together or evening at home. The aesthetically pleasing display is a fabulous gift to a friend who values and appreciates a perfectly styled bar.

29. Bullet Shot Crystal Spirit Glasses

The Bullet Shot Crystal Spirit Glasses combine elegance and edginess by presenting a set of stylish and uniquely designed glassware that express the spirit of indulgent boldness. 

These crystal glasses are etched in the shape of bullet casings, ensuring a unique drinking experience. 

Whether it is a glass of whiskey, tequila, or any other spirit, it will serve as a way to break the ice and be a symbol of sophistication. 

Give your friend this Crystal Spirit Glasses Set to boost their drinkware collection and give their home bar a stylish and bold look.

30. Spartan Helmet Decanter and Glasses Set

Free the warrior spirit in you using the Spartan Helmet Decanter and Glasses Set – a mesmerizing and powerful presentation that symbolizes your pride and courage. 

It also usually has a decanter that resembles a Spartan helmet and corresponding glasses, thus giving a royal and refined look to a bar cart. 

Whether it is about whiskey, bourbon, or other spirits, this set brings an air of historical opulence into their drinking customs. 

This decanter and glasses set will make an ideal and unique gift, perfect for the friend who sees the beauty of glassware and the allure of ancient civilizations.


For the drink lover, libations gifting is a wondrous discovery trip, leading one through the intricacies of selecting unusual and individualized favors for friends who share our appreciation of good drinks. 

From personalized whiskey glasses capturing treasured moments to fun wine accessories that delight every sip, the varieties are as different as the spirits. 

Whether adding neon bar lighting or giving crystal skull vodka for the so-called experience, every well-chosen present symbolizes thoughtfulness and friendship.

Vincent Otieno

Vincent Otieno is a passionate jewelry enthusiast and writer at Getnamenecklace, an e-commerce store dedicated to offering exquisite jewelry and thoughtful gifts for your loved ones. With a keen eye for detail and a deep appreciation for the art of gift-giving, Vincent curates a collection that celebrates the beauty of craftsmanship and the joy of making family moments unforgettable.

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