40+ Quotes About Strength and Courage That Will Help you Face Your Fears
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40+ Quotes About Strength and Courage That Will Help you Face Your Fears

How do you define courage? Courage is not something that is only related to superheroes. It is something much needed. What a teenager wants who is fighting depression? What a mother needs who is a single parent to her child? What a man needs who have to stand on his beliefs? The answer is the same, and it is courage. 

Quotes about courage

You can find courage in words. And here you go with some quotes about strength and courage that will inspire you if you want courage. 

“To seek happiness, you need freedom. And to seek freedom, you need courage.”

“Shrinking or expanding of life is directly related to one’s courage.”

“Think about yourself because it is the most courageous act.”

“You may have many virtues, but courage is greatest. If you lack courage, you will not be able to use any of the virtues.”

“When you have the strength to go on, you don’t need courage. The need for courage finds its way when you run out of strength to keep things going.”

“Courage lies in your mind right next to honor. It is a quality of mind. If you don’t have courage, you can never live the life you want to live.”

“A brave man is not one who is not scared of anything. Bravery lies in having the courage to conquer your fear.”

“An essential protecting tool that every woman needs is courage. Courage can do wonders and leave you amazed at what you did.”

“You are courageous if you never let your fears influence your actions.”

“Courage is needed to take the first step towards turning your dreams into reality and showing them to others.”

“Your fears should be confined to yourself, but make sure to share your courage with others.”

“A man with courage can make the majority and take the authority.”

“If you are courageous to begin, you are courageous enough to succeed.”

“Be courageous to follow your heart. Your heart primarily knows what you want to become.”

“To be courageous means to be mentally willing to endure the danger you are sensing.”

“A man of courage will never run away no matter what the circumstances are. He will always remain in his position and fight with the circumstances, enemies, and everything that tries to push him back.”

“Courage is one of your muscles. The more you utilize it, the more it gets strong.”

“Courage is the strength of spirit just like the energy is the strength of the body.”

“It takes courage to have pride in yourself and keep your head up when everyone around you has bowed.”

“No one is born without a talent. But there are very few who dare to follow their talent and visit the dark places where it leads. Not everyone is courageous.”

“Courage is to live your life the way you want. After all, it is yours. You don’t need someone else’s permission or support to lead your life. All you need is courage.”

Quotes about strength

“The things that fail to kill you give you strength for the future.”

“Strength has nothing to do with winning. It comes from struggles. Going through hardships to achieve what you want is the real strength.”

“Learn to smile in trouble and seek strength from distress. This is how you can become a real man.”

“If you don’t struggle, you can’t wish for strength.”

“What a beautiful interrelation is in strength and courage. It gives you strength when someone deeply loves you. And you need courage if you want to love someone deeply.”

“Have some courage to face your biggest weakness, and you will realize your greatest strength.” 

“You only have two options. Either you should have strength and courage to impose your terms upon life, or you should accept the terms life offers you.”

“Be wise when praying. We often pray for an easy life. Instead, we should pray for the courage and strength to endure a difficult life.”

“Every new day comes with a lot of strength and courage. Make sure to grab the most out of every sunrise.”

“Your strength makes you weird and helps you stand out.”

“Keep your mind calm because a calm mind will bring you strength, courage, and self-confidence.”

“If you are shedding tears for yourself, you are weak. But if you shed tears for others, you give them strength.”

“What you have inside to be victorious is much stronger than what is outside to defeat you.”

“Difficulties in your life are meant to lift you, not to discourage you.”

40+ Quotes About Strength and Courage That Will Help you Face Your Fears

Quotes about courage and strength

“Keep being strong, your only choice, and let yourself know how strong you are.”

“Be graceful under pressure. It requires your strength, but it shows your courage.”

“Divided you are weak. United you are strong. Real strength lies in unity.”

“If you are a brave and courageous man, you will always acknowledge the strength of others.”

“Experience of pain gives you the feel of strength and warmth of courage.”

“It’s not the life that gets easier with time. It’s us instead who become stronger and resilient.”

“Sufferings give birth to the strongest souls. Have some courage to suffer, and you will be stronger one day. The strength will be induced in your spirit, and you will feel it.”

“You need strength to be certain and the courage to doubt something. You need strength to fit in and the courage to stand out.”

“A courageous will never be afraid of the hardships of life. He will never lie down and give up. A courageous man gathers strength to work for his better future.”


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