40 Quotes To Tell Him You Miss Him More

For a relationship to work, many feelings must be present. There’s the obvious one, love, and then there’s anger and missing them.

Expressing longing is significant in maintaining emotional intimacy. It makes the partner feel wanted and noticed in the relationship, which is one of its important benefits. Your relationship is destined to last when your partner feels like they have an important place in your life.

There are different ways you can express to your partner that you miss them. In this article, we will show you different ways to frame your “I miss you” quotes to your partner.

Romantic Emails

In this section, we will show you messages that capture your emotions and thoughts. You can graft this into a romantic email for him.

  1. When I look at you I’m reminded of how far we’ve come and how much we’ve put into each other. I am so lucky to have you.
  1. Even though missing you is the worst torture I could get, it makes me more comfortable to be romantic with you.
  1. Imagining you here makes us more intimate. I can also deeply search my heart for the loveliest words for you.
  1. I know I love you because even one second away from you feels like a lifetime. I always need you by my side so that I can feel alright.
  1. I know our love is a weapon that can conquer all odds against us. I know that even with this distance, our bond will only grow stronger.
  1. It’s like every time I think, you’re always on my mind. I miss you so much.
  1. Get ready for the biggest hug of your life when I see you again. And you better lift me and twirl me around.
  1. When I feel like I miss you too much I wear your clothes that still smell like you. That way I feel like you’re giving me an endless hug.
  1. This is a beautiful relationship. Every time distance tries to draw us apart, our longing for each other brings us back together.
  1. If our love can stand the test of time, then I’m sure that we can have a bond strong enough to last forever.

Short and Sweet Notes

Short notes can communicate a lot of love to your partner. Make them more personalized by adding cute nicknames or sweet comments for a memorable effect.

  1. Hi love, today I opened our closet, and guess what I saw first? Your shirt and that made me miss you so much. 
  1. I was listening to music on Spotify,  and that song that we both like played. I just felt your absence. I miss you. 
  1. Are you done with today’s classes,  I can’t wait to see you, babe. I’ll be waiting at our spot.
  1. Hi babe, I’m scared of having to kill this cockroach by myself. Are you done with work? Please come home now. 
  1. I can’t do a day without talking to you. I need you here right now.
  1. Hey, can I bring you something to eat, or should I wait for you to get home? I miss you.
  1. Hey, send me our Valentine’s pictures. I  need a reminder of the last time we had fun. 
  1. Hey sweetie, I watched your presentation and it was great. I can’t wait to congratulate you in person!
  1. Hey love, I couldn’t bear the thought of not saying anything before I left today, so I just want to say that I love you.
  1. The moments we spend together seem like seconds. Can I just come and stay with you today?

Poetic Expressions

Taking the poetic route of expressing your longing to your better half requires you to tap into your creative side. Here are some samples to stimulate poetic ideas you may have.

  1. I hate missing you. It’s equal to putting me in a torture chamber.
  1. If a habit was someone, then you are. I’m used to you. I miss you big time. 
  1. Staying without you for a day seems like holding onto something borrowed.
  1. With you, I’ve seen that love grows, and ours is a mustard tree.
  1. We don’t have to be thirsty as long as you keep pouring out love from your cup to mine, and mine to yours.
  1. Don’t mind when I zone off. I’m staring at the bliss of our memories together.
  1. If soulmates aren’t real, then why can’t I go a day without feeling you?
  1. I can no longer laugh at those who say love is a spell. I’m under yours.
  1. I can get angry, saddened, or annoyed with you, but I can never get tired of you.
  1. You are the only exception to my disbelief in true love.

Nostalgic Messages

These messages carry special memories that signify the depth of your connection. Reminiscing them with your partner will show him how much you miss him.

  1. Remember the times you used to update me on every activity you did in the day? I really miss the times.
  1. Thinking back on all the places we’ve visited and the adventures makes me miss you so much.
  1. I came across the pictures we took during our picnic, and that brought back an ocean of memories. I miss leaning on your chest, taking selfies.
  1. Do you remember the first-night walk we had, strolling and our shadows from the moon cast right before us? I miss you. 
  1. I felt shy reminiscing the moments we shared coming up with names that we’d name our future kids. That day is so memorable, and it makes me smile and miss you big time.
  1. I was sitting at our old diner today and saw a couple seemingly in their talking stage. Remember how awkward but fun ours was?
  1. I was stalking your Instagram page and came across the very first picture you posted when we were together. I miss the connection we had.
  1. Do you remember the times we used to finish each other’s sentences when chatting? I really miss the effortless vibe we had.
  1. I wish we would just go back to the times when it was only you and me in the mornings, afternoons, and nights. I miss you. 
  1. I just passed by your favorite hangout spot and made me miss you so much. I remember us  taking our favorite porridge there.

Messages with a touch of humor

Missing someone can be burdensome, but not with humor in the mix. Make the mood of your conversation more upbeat with these light-hearted “I miss you” messages.

  1. One day without you makes life more serious. Come back and light up the laughter.
  1. Life isn’t fun without you around. I miss the little jokes you make.
  1. I miss the audience to my dreary humour, cause who else is to laugh at it if not you?
  1. Since you left, I’ve never laughed or smiled. I miss your cheeky little comedy stand-ups. 
  1. I’ve tried telling jokes to myself, but it’s never effective. Guess who’s the key to my comedic relief.
  1. With this economy,  I need a personal comedian to make me laugh.  Everything else sounds too serious and boring.
  1. I was watching comedy on TV but I couldn’t get the humor.  Guess who’s my infectious comedian. I need you here, babe.
  1. Lately, life has been less entertaining. I guess it is because you’re not around to play the magic.
  1. If solutions aren’t real then why can I always sense you have explosive diarrhea from downstairs?
  1. If you want me to scream out that I miss you, I’ll gladly use a megaphone to do that.

Messages for Special Occasions

Feelings of missing someone get stronger during occasions you celebrate with them. In this section, we have tailored messages for birthdays, anniversaries, or just because.

  1. I miss you so much that I feel like I should mark the date you were born every month.
  1. I now understand why occasions are such an important part of humanity. We not only mark events, but we also come together and are reminded of the love we share that we could only express through messages and calls.
  1. The best part about your birthday? The cuddles and hugs I get to give you.
  1. I love celebrations because they are a great chance to show you how much I miss you.
  1. I love holidays because we show up to places together.
  1. How do I know I miss you more? Because I miss you even when I’m talking to you.
  1. I always celebrate you, it’s just that our anniversary makes it more formal.
  1. On your birthday, I am even more grateful for having such a wonderful person.
  1. Occasions have always brought us together. I love that you honor family.
  1. Each year I get to look at how far we’ve come on our anniversary. I get to miss our young and careless love.


We hope that this article has helped you figure out how to write your partner the perfect longing message. You can twist out samples for them to sound how you would air out your feelings. Also, personalize them with any special nicknames you may have for each other. Personal memories also make the quotes more special.

Finish off your quote with a cute delivery envelope, skilled folding method, personal sign-off, or even a gift to get a happier reaction from your partner. We wish you all the best in your relationship!

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