47+ Quotes To Say To A Cheating Partner

Being cheated on is an awful feeling and a devastating experience anyone can go through. This makes you feel less important or low about yourself leaving you with a lot of questioning. The important thing is how you deal with the situation and how you work through your emotions.

Sometimes you may not know what to tell them or how to confront them. It’s okay not to know how to express your feelings about your partner’s affair. You don’t have to worry, this article is here to help you out.

This article will help you through this difficult time by sharing with you messages on what to say to your partner. You can look at our list and choose the perfect message to help you express your feelings to your partner.

Initial Reactions: Addressing the Discovery

Discovering that your partner has cheated on you can evoke a lot of emotions including anger. Here are some ways you can confront them about their affair.

  1. I feel hurt because I found out you have been seeing someone behind my back.
  1. I just don’t want to believe it but actually, this is the truth you are cheating on me.
  1. You could have told me the truth about your affair rather than lying in front of my face.
  1. I would want us to discuss this issue of you going outside the relationship.
  1. This is going on and I would love it to end. I have more than enough reason to why I’m saying that.
  1. I have found out you are having an affair. Please be honest with me, are these claims true?
  1. I have a lot of suspicion that you might be cheating on me because of your recent behavior towards me.
  1. I would love to change if I have been doing something wrong but first, you have to tell me about your affair.

Communicating Your Feelings Effectively

Letting your partner know exactly what you feel is important for both you and your relationship. Here are some ways you can express your feelings to them.

  1. You are so selfish, you didn’t even think of me or our children when you were doing it.
  1. You made a fool of me because I chose to trust and love you.
  1. I’m so hurt by everything you have done. I gave you my heart and you betrayed it.
  1. The fact that you are cheating on me disgusts and annoys me.
  1. I  don’t want to lie to you but low-key I have started hating you.
  1. I can’t believe I was so invested in this relationship for you to go and tear it down. 
  1. I think what hurts the most is the person I love chose to betray me.

Asking Important Questions: What You Need to Know

Finding out that your partner is cheating can pose a lot of questions. Here is a list of questions you can use to get information from your partner.

  1. Did you even think of how I would feel while you were cheating?
  1. Am I not enough for you, that’s why you decided to betray me?
  1. Are you guilty about what you have done?
  1. So this is the reason why you have been misbehaving with me for days?
  1. Do you even realize that your actions are wrong and can lead to a change in this relationship?
  1. Do you think I will be in a position to trust you again?
  1. Is this relationship worth saving after all you have done?
  1. So was this a one-time thing or you have been doing this for a long time?

Setting Boundaries: Next Steps in the Conversation

Boundaries help in maintaining and rebuilding trust. Below are examples of boundaries you can set with your partner.

  1. You have to cut contact with the person you have been having an affair with. I mean both online and physical communication.
  1. I can’t continue to see your face after all this so I need a physical break from you. I will be staying with my friend or family member for a while.
  1. You would have to choose what is worthwhile, me and the family or the other person.
  1. I will not accept any level of physical intimacy until when I’m comfortable with it.
  1. I may fail to share my thoughts and feelings with you after you have broken my heart.
  1. For me to trust you, you have to give me your passwords and let me go through your phone just for accountability.
  1. We shall have to be open to each other and communicate when something doesn’t feel right to make this relationship work.

The Role of Honesty: Encouraging Open Dialogue

Honesty is an important discipline in any relationship. In cases of infidelity it can restore the broken trust. Here are ways you can make your partner be sincere with you.

  1. You don’t have to shy away from me, since it has already happened we can talk about it.
  1. We can still be honest with each other and tell me about it from your side of the story.
  1. Please be honest with me about everything that happened. I’m willing to listen to you.
  1. I have always known you to be an honest person. Please don’t change that perspective and just tell me the truth.
  1. We can’t still save this relationship and move on from this challenge if you choose to be sincere with me.
  1. I already know everything so just save yourself some dignity by being truthful.
  1. One thing I hate is deceit, you have already lied to me by having an affair, please don’t lie to me again.

Dealing with Betrayal: Emotional Support and Resources

It’s fine to feel betrayed but how you work through it is important. You can look for emotional support or resources to help you deal with the feeling of disappointment. Here are ways of expressing your feeling of betrayal from your partner.

  1. This betrayal has hit me hard and I think we will have to end it here.
  1. As much as I’m angry with you, I know you are also feeling pain so you can read some self-help or journals to help get you through this time.
  1. I have never felt so betrayed and lost in my entire life. I hope your affair was worth it, I wish you all the best.
  1. You broke my heart in a million pieces and I feel betrayed and lonely. Please let me be.
  1. I feel deeply hurt by your actions and I’m not sure I can ever trust you again.
  1. You knew what you were doing would have hurt me but that was not a good reason enough to stop you.
  1. You ruined everything we had just to satisfy your selfish desires. I’m disappointed in you!

Exploring Consequences: Staying or Parting Ways

Cheating comes with consequences but this depends on your agreement with your partner. Here are some consequences to share with your partner.

  1. You have pushed me to my final breaking point. No point in fighting and crying. I want nothing to do with you anymore.
  1. I hope one day you will realize all the pain and hurt you have caused the one who loved you the most. I’m out!
  1. Do you feel happy and strong now that you have broken my heart? I cannot believe I allowed myself to love you.
  1. I have placed my heart and trust in you for years, only to have you turn around and break everything to pieces. Shame on you.
  1. I would rather be single than be with a cheater. So goodbye and all the best.
  1. I don’t want to be your lover or friend. I want nothing to do with you anymore.
  1. You cheated on me. That’s it. There’s nothing else to be said. You made your choice and now you have to face the consequences. I’m moving on!

Moving Forward: Rebuilding Trust or Letting Go

Sometimes it’s not always easy to forgive and rebuild the relationship. But letting go of someone you love is also difficult. Share with your partner any of these messages according to the one that fits your decision.

  1. I’m not ready to continue with a person who has hurt me. I think I will have to let you go.
  1. If you are ready to change we can work on this relationship together.
  1. If you had the love you said you did for me you would never be unfaithful to me. I don’t have it in my heart to forgive you. I’m sorry.
  1. After all this, I just have to focus on my growth and healing. It’s time for me to move on and never look back. This is my final goodbye.
  1. Never have I ever thought that it would end this way. You meant so much to me but I have to let you go to protect my heart.
  1. I appreciate all the time we have been together and all the memories we have had together. But we have to move on from this.
  1. I hope that you have learned from your mistakes and you will become a better person, even if it’s not with me.


Breakups will always be hurtful and painful to people who are sincerely in love. Apart from sharing your pain with your partner, you can share your pain with your friends, family, or even therapists to help you through this time.

I hope this article has helped you in finding the perfect message for your cheating partner.

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