55 Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Your Lovely Sister
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55 Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Your Lovely Sister

Special days and moments for our lovely sisters are checking points for our relationship state with them. Just as you were happy for her during the wedding, it is time to wish her a very happy wedding anniversary. Send your sweet wishes to her and make her realize how important she is to you.

This article will relieve your time and efforts with wishes unique for your big sister, little sister, and even twin sister. Read on for the best wedding anniversary wishes.

Sweet Wedding Anniversary Messages For Your Big Sister 

There is always a need for the elder sister to be wished more of a gracious life; she has always cared for you. At times they are branded assistant parents. Here are the best wishes you can share with them.

1. Love, trust, and hope are what I see in your relationship. I wish you a happy life!

2. May the love you share never come to an end. Happy anniversary.

3. Dear sister, you found a perfect love from a perfect match, and may it grow strong.

4. Your relationship is an admiration to many, a reward for your endeavor love.

5. May you always find the joy, love, and happiness you shared with us waiting for you.

6. Congratulation on another year of jealously guarding your love together.

7. Best anniversary wishes to the most caring and loving sister.

8. Another year awaits your success and more love and care. Enjoy, dear sister.

9. Your love remains the same. And to your husband, we are sure it’s more. Blessings darling.

1o. Stay blessed and get more happiness we are praying for your marriage.

11. A happy and blessed family, dear sister. God bless you.

12. We are proud of you, sister, and admire your marriage, you teach us more. Happy year-turnings.

13. Dear sister, you look perfect standing with your partner. Happy year of success in your marriage.

14. You are the most fantastic person in the world. Blessings on your anniversary.

15. A very happy anniversary to the most amazing sister ever.

1st Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Your Little Sister 

You can make your little sister smile on her first anniversary. After all, her joy is part of your responsibility. 

1. I am wishing you a beautiful day full of love and happiness, little sister.

2. Happy anniversary to my cutest little sister on earth.

3. May the love you share with your husband last forever. Happy anniversary.

4. I am so proud to have you as my sister and am happy for your anniversary as your marriage progresses.

5. You are a fantastic sister, and I love you so much. Happy marriage forever is what I wish for you.

6. It is my prayer that your love for each other lasts as long as you live. Blessed marriage.

7. I wish you happiness on this first anniversary, to more blessings in your marriage.

8. Hope you are enjoying your day. Wishing you a happy anniversary, sister!

9. Congratulation, small sister. I wish you more happiness in your marriage.

10. Best anniversary wishes to you and your husband. Enjoy your day to the fullest.

11. A year ahead after I do. May God grant you more peace and joy in your family.

12. Greatness awaits you in your marriage. Full of blessings and prosperity. Blessings.

13. Sending you lots of love and warm wishes for your wedding anniversary!

14. May your love remain as wonder. Just like the first day. Enjoy!

15. I feel excited seeing you smile beside your partner. Be blessed every moment of your life.

Wooden (5th) Wedding Anniversary Messages For Your Twin Sister 

It is always a milestone on the 5th wedding anniversary. Best wishes for your twin sister will encourage her and honor her effort. You can engrave a wooden message that will sound unique.

1. Happy fifth wedding anniversary, dear twin sister.

2. You two were made for each other, and happy anniversary.

3. You have proven your love, and may God keep pouring love to you, sister. Enjoy your day.

4. 5years married, 1826days, 43,824hours and 2,629,743 min. To more years of your marriage.

5. Congratulations and happy anniversary to the two of you. Best couples.

6. Best wishes and abundance of love. Happy anniversary.

7. Warm wishes to my look-alike and memories forever on this 5th anniversary.

8. 5 years ‘’wood’’ you believe it? Happy anniversary.

9. Celebrating half a decade of your marriage. Happy anniversary dear sister.

10. A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. Blessings on you whatever way your journey, darling.

11. You are forever in my heart. To where you are. Happy anniversary.

12. I feel glad to see you happily married. Happy marriage anniversary and many more to come.

10th Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Your Sister Living Abroad 

The bond between you and your sister will not allow excuses for wishes on her 10th wedding anniversary. Consider these wishes if your sister is abroad and you cannot make it there.

1.  Best wishes, dear sister, on your 10th anniversary. My words will celebrate with you, Happy anniversary.

2. Your forever love needs no more proof. Happy 10th anniversary, sister.

3. As you celebrate your 10th anniversary, you are made for each other. Enjoy your remaining years of love.

4. May your family continue in steadfast love. Your marriage is filled with laughter and joy. Happy anniversary.

5. Another year to honor your love and caring in your marriage. Enjoy your 10th anniversary.

6. I admire your 10th wedding anniversary with more love and joy. Blessings, my dear.

7. A jealousy guarded marriage and friendship. True to your word, lovely sister. Excitement and joy be filled at your 10th-anniversary sister.

8. May all who feel jealous and envy your marriage fail to make it fall. Happiest day on your anniversary.

9. Positive changes and luring achievements. To a more blessed family and marriage.

10. I Am always there for your dear sister but may God’s grace and angels cover your marriage.

11. To my best friend and sister, I am distant from you, but may your love never depart. Happy anniversary.

12. Your hubby enjoys more of your love and care. Regardless, Blessings and joy fill your home, darling.

13. With much love and prayers, I wish you a happy 10th anniversary.

14. May our bond as sisters get stronger and stronger. Keep loving each other, Happy anniversary.

15. Soft words and a strong heart, you two are made for each other. Wishing you a happy 10th anniversary!

16. To an amazing sister and her hubby. Happy Anniversary! I wish all of you the best time filled with warmth and love.


Two or three best wedding anniversary wishes for your sister will show your appreciation and much love for them. An easy and perfect way to enrich your love and care for your sister.

You can also gift them to show more honor and how you feel about them. A personalized wedding table decor sign can work well as a gift. You can engrave on it the couple’s name and their wedding date. It’s the perfect gift for a wedding anniversary.

In addition, a personalized sideways necklace is also a beautiful gift. It features a pear-shaped birthstone, and you can engrave your sister’s name. It is a versatile piece you can wear with any outfit. A great way to show someone you care and celebrate their milestone.

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