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74 Funny Coupon Ideas For Mom That She Will Really Love 

Moms help us do a lot, whether house chores or non-house related tasks. Because they help us, they also deserve to feel recognized and mutually cared for. One thoughtful way of doing this is by giving back through acts of service. To make it more fun, you can use coupons with exciting but hidden chores your mom can pick for you to do.

You can also include coupons that are not chores but still kind gestures such as hugs. Hand these coupons to her as a surprise for a more special memory. You don’t need a special holiday to give them to her.

In this article, we will show you some amazing coupon ideas you can give your mom to show your care for her.

Household Chore Hijinks: Coupons for Daily Tasks with a Twist

Chores can be a headache especially if they are a lot to do. Here are some coupon ideas to help your mum out while also making her giggle.

  1. One free dinner utensil wash is valid till 9 PM tomorrow.
  1. One free hair day with free shampooing, conditioning, and styling.
  1. One free laundry with added fabric softening, whitening, drying, and folding.
  1. Free diaper change. Rates apply for our free baby baths.
  1. Free coupon to only smell a dirty diaper and call someone else to change it.
  1. Coupon to ask us to do the house chores in a goofy cartoon accent
  1. Free coupon to avoid eye contact with the dishes if they are in a pile in the sink
  1. Free dishwashing services after the ceremony at one cent of all the dishes
  1. Free vacuuming and offer still stands if mom is tired or sleepy.
  1. One day without diaper changing, diapers not included.
  1. A coupon worth three days of no mopping or sweeping the floor
  1. Say hello to one week with no concern about what we’ll have for dinner.
  1. Babysitting services for two nights are the price of one for two.

Pampering Perks: Humorous Offers for Relaxation and Self-Care

Being a mom can be extremely tiring, so your mom could use a break. Here are some clever coupon ideas for your mom to help her relax.

  1. Noise-free weekend with dream vacation miles away from here.
  1. One girl’s night with unlimited bottomless mimosas.
  1. One free cheekbone massage from all the smiling you’ll do today
  1. One free drive away from here whenever you ask for it. Offer valid in the event someone or something makes you mad.
  1. Two-night stay at a motel miles away from here. We do free returns after two days of relaxation.
  1. One free coupon for a hand vacation when you’re not allowed to touch any cleaning or cooking equipment.
  1. Free foot massage with barnacle and scab removal for your over-cornified feet.
  1. Free coupon to never stretch out your arms to get something even if it’s close to you
  1. Free coupon for one night of fine dining, followed by a professional massage from your children’s soft and tiny hands.
  1. This is a coupon for a one-cent avocado and egg facial. Two cents for cucumber slices on your eyes.
  1. This is a coupon for a free huge glass of tequila followed by ice cream and junk food because you can have it all.
  1. Two cucumber slices on your eyes, a headband, robe, rootbeer, and slippers coming right up
  1. You can kiss this cook because I’ll be your chef for brunch and dinner with midday snacks and drinks.

Family Fun: Entertaining Coupons for Quality Time Together

Coupons that have fun activities you can do with your family will make you and your mom excited to spend time together. We’ve listed some of these amazing coupon ideas for family entertainment below.

  1. One free pass on one board game to be played tonight.
  1. Coupon for a free handkerchief to dry people’s eyes in today’s games.
  1. Two passes for pizza nights where you’ll be entitled to the last slices
  1. One coupon to wipe the smirk off your face during Uno when we let you win
  1. A card to let you become immune to one shot during paintball
  1. Free coupon to laugh at anyone who fails a level in any board game 
  1. Free coupon for trash-talking anyone who deserves it after our family game night for the next two weeks.
  1. Coupon to not lift anything wet, heavy, or stinky for the next two days
  1. Free voucher to cash in your jail-free card when you start losing Monopoly as usual.
  1. Free cheat passes for poker today
  1. Free coupon to flip a table out of anger or excitement after today’s family night.
  1. Free coupon to do your celebratory dance after a win in any two board games tonight.
  1. This is a coupon for you to zap anyone who has been bothering you much this week in laser tag.

Mom’s Day Off: Vouchers for a Well-Deserved Break

Being a mom can qualify as a full-time job, and every full-time worker deserves a break for a day…or two. Here are some voucher ideas that will help give your mom a break.

  1. Two free drinks alone in a quiet room with slow music
  1. Two slow dances at a date night with fine dining.
  1. Two free one-dollar coupons to only worry about yourself and your needs for the rest of the day.
  1. Two-night stay at the suite upstairs while everything is handled downstairs.
  1. Use this coupon in case of a makeover emergency before your dinner date.
  1. One free sunbathing day with unlimited ice pops and a special punch just for mom.
  1. One kid-free night with movies and sleep all day
  1. Barter trade your living noise-generating machines with our noise-canceling headphones.
  1. Free coupon to avoid any stress concerning keeping anything clean in the house today.
  1. Free back massage and foot massage if the customer gives us masks and gloves.
  1. One free hair day with free shampooing, conditioning, and styling.
  1. One free terrific Thursday offer of an afternoon siesta with food afterward.
  1. Free sleeping in for two nights at free ninety-nine.

Personalized Coupons: Tailoring the Humor to Mom’s Unique Personality

Anything personalized can make someone feel noticed and cared for. You can make your coupons more personalized by forming them into your mom’s personality and preferences. Here are some great examples of these kinds of coupons.

  1. Free smile every time you smile back after reading this coupon.
  1. Free cuddles for every time mom plays her 90s hip-hop playlist and tries to break dance when she can’t.
  1. One soda for mom when she talks about a fun fact she made up.
  1. Free salute every time mom does something ordinary.
  1. Two blown kisses for each time mom shares a funny video that doesn’t make sense.
  1. Free toe massages for every laugh today.
  1. This is to get a free reminder for life that I love you
  1. Coupon for five free surprise public or private family group hugs
  1. One tickle session for every time mom turns a joke into a life lesson.
  1. Free somersault in front of Mom whenever she mentions how much she loves baking again.
  1. Free coupon to jump over a dirty part of the floor until someone cleans it
  1. Coupon to address any idiotic behavior done in the house in a sarcastic way
  1. Free coupon to open a can for mom when she stops acting like Hercules.
  1. Three free puns for every two puns mom thinks of.

Tips for Creating Your Funny Coupons: Dos and Don’ts

Comedy is an expressive art, and sometimes our expressions can make people laugh or hurt. You should shape your funny coupons with sensitivity and consideration for your mom’s feelings. In this section, we will show you some tips for creating your funny coupons.

  1. Personalize your coupons to make them more special. For instance, you can use her favorite colors or sayings.
  1. Don’t include anything connected to something hurtful to your mom. It will ruin the mood.
  1. Make the coupons become something that makes your mom relax. She shouldn’t have to clean up afterward or worry about anything.
  1. Don’t include anything out of her beliefs or principles if she’s not open to doing it.
  1. You can decorate your coupons with crayons, glitter, or stickers. Other items that can make unique decorations are newspaper cuts, paper mache, and 3D stickers.
  1. You can laminate your coupons so that they are protected from water or light damage. This will help your mom keep them for a long time.
  1. You can make the coupons a surprise by either giving them to her suddenly or hiding them in specific places she visits often. This will turn it into a coupon hunt that will make the activity more fun.
  1.  Capture the moments of funny reactions from your mom or the rest of the family for everyone’s future reference.

Conclusion: Bringing Smiles and Creating Memories with Funny Coupons

We hope that this article has brought a smile to your mom’s face. To make the times easy to remember, you can buy or even DIY a box or jar for her to store the coupons. They will serve as lovely keepsakes she can refer to when she’s feeling low.

A great coupon idea would be one for a gift. This baby name necklace with 2 custom footprints twins’ birthstone heart necklace is a lovely piece of jewelry. It is a platinum-plated silver necklace designed for a mom with twins, but it can also work for any two siblings. The pendant has a heart shape with embellishments at one of its curves, and there are two feet at the pendant customized with the kids’ birthstones and names. This is an amazing gift and will make a great coupon for your mom.

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Vincent Otieno is a passionate jewelry enthusiast and writer at Getnamenecklace, an e-commerce store dedicated to offering exquisite jewelry and thoughtful gifts for your loved ones. With a keen eye for detail and a deep appreciation for the art of gift-giving, Vincent curates a collection that celebrates the beauty of craftsmanship and the joy of making family moments unforgettable.

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