80 Happy Weekend Quotes and Sayings for Your Favorite Days in The Week
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80 Happy Weekend Quotes and Sayings for Your Favorite Days in The Week

Weekends are the most awaited for those with a tight schedule for the entire week. Everyone loves weekends because they let you spend quality time with your loved ones. Read on if you are looking for some happy weekend quotes to make your weekend a bit more inspirational and exciting.

Inspirational happy weekend quotes

  1. Happy weekend! You can make it happier by ignoring the thunderstorms and counting the rainbows in your life!
  2. Wishing you a lovely weekend! Set yourself free of all the anxieties and worries as it’s time to relax!
  3. Happy weekend! Weekends are similar to rainbows. You love to look at them from a distance, but they disappear when you reach close to them.
  4. Don’t waste your weekends lying in bed. Get up and make it brighter with your activeness!
  5. Do you want a crazy weekend? Sit on the couch and read a book to relax!
  6. Happy weekend! Wipe out all the pain from your heart and say bye to the fears!
  7. The real happiness lies in not setting the alarm for the following day because it’s the weekend ahead. Happy weekend!
  8. Start enjoying it immediately because the weekend is too short. It will not last long. Happy weekend!
  9. Welcome to a brand-new weekend where you can shine bright. Happy weekend!
  10. Congrats on passing your work week successfully! You are now awarded a joyful weekend!
  11. Hard work is good. But overwork can kill you. Don’t take the risk of doing overwork at weekends!
  12. Weekend cheers you up no matter how disappointed and tired you are. Happy weekend!
  13. Do you know my best friend whom I love to see after every five days? It’s the weekend!

Relaxing happy weekend quotes

  1. Every day in life teaches you how to deal with your problems. Make sure to keep on learning. Happy weekend!
  2. Welcome back to the happiest days! Yeah! It’s the weekend again!
  3. Weekdays are to work, and weekends are to party hard with friends. Happy weekend!
  4. Don’t think about the stress you had to face the whole week. Think of the joy and happiness you can have on the weekend!
  5. Life is short. And the weekends are even shorter. Make sure to live them to the fullest!
  6. It’s time to turn your ties down because it’s the weekend!
  7. Nothing can make your weekend memorable but a cup of coffee and some sweet music. Happy weekend!
  8. Weekends are to refuel yourself for the hectic week ahead. Happy weekend!
  9. Weekends are to maintain a balance between work and party. Work all week and party with friends on the weekend. This is the best way to lead a balanced life. Happy weekend!
  10. On weekends, say no to your alarm clocks, phone calls, and stressful chores. Happy weekend!
  11. Your smile and laughter are more precious to me than the weekend. Don’t forget to smile this weekend, my love!
  12. The weekend is a mini vacation where you get a chance to connect with joy and relaxation. Happy weekend!
  13. Say no to discipline and hard work. It’s finally the day you can welcome your desires. Happy weekend!
  14. Weekends make you a bird and give you wings that can extend up into the sky. Take a freedom ride this weekend!
  15. You work five days a week to make a living. But you live actually on the sixth day when the weekend begins! Happy weekend!
  16. Do you know the crucial part of your weekend? It’s seeing your family and making memories with them! Happy weekend!
  17. Don’t remember what made you sad because you deserve to be glad this weekend! Happy weekend!
  18. You have worked so hard this week. You deserve all the rest and peace on the weekend. Happy weekend!
  19. May this weekend be bright enough to clear away all the rust from your life. Happy weekend!

Motivational happy weekend quotes

  1. Weekends are best to improve your bond with your family. Happy weekend!
  2. You ignored your family the whole week for work. Don’t worry. Here is the weekend giving you a chance to redefine your relationships! Happy weekend!
  3. Weekends have nothing to do with stress. They come to wipe away your worries and relax you. Happy weekend!
  4. If you are enjoying your weekend, you are blessed!
  5. The weekends can be brighter than your imagination. Live them to their fullest. Happy weekend!
  6. Weekends are great for being grateful for all the blessings you have in your life. Happy weekend!
  7. I hope this weekend your mind is at ease and you find peace. Happy weekend!
  8. The weekend is all about staying calm and cozy. Have a rest and enjoy a happy weekend!
  9. Here are the days of leisure. No work to do. Just chill because it is the weekend!
  10. Relax this weekend so you will have enough strength to tackle the matters waiting for you in the coming week. Happy weekend!
  11. Don’t think of the bad things you faced this week because they will spoil your weekend fun. The week is over. The weekend is all about fun and relaxation. Happy weekend!
  12. May this weekend renew your energy for the coming days. Happy weekend!
  13. You can never recycle time. Make sure to enjoy it when it’s the weekend!

Happy weekend quotes for your loved ones

  1. May this weekend be enjoyable and fantastic for you. Happy weekend!
  2. Happy weekend! May you have loads of love and laughter this weekend!
  3. You were too busy the whole week that you didn’t find time to smile. Make sure to smile now because the week is over. Happy weekend!
  4. I wish you a pleasant weekend! Do what you love because weekends are to relax!
  5. Weekends are a great way to boost your energy level and get enough fuel for the coming five days. Happy weekend!
  6. I hope this weekend will be worth waiting for you. Happy weekend!
  7. Wishing you a relaxing weekend! The stressful days are finally off, and it is time to relieve yourself. Happy weekend!
  8. I think weekends are to tighten the bond between partners. Happy weekend my love!
  9. Happiness runs in the soul and not in the jewels and diamonds. Let your soul dance with happiness this weekend!
  10. Do you know what I will be doing this weekend? Thinking terribly of your love! Happy weekend!
  11. Happy weekend my soulmate! Thanks for supporting me throughout this hectic week. A big thanks in advance because I know you will make my weekend super exciting!
  12. May goodness land your home this weekend! May this weekend be full of bliss and happiness for you! Happy weekend!
  13. May you have no pain and tears this weekend!
  14. May only the happiness and good people surround you this weekend and make your days wonderful! Happy weekend!
  15. Here is a medal for you for getting through this week so gracefully. The weekend is your gift. Enjoy it as much as you can! Happy weekend!
  16. Going out with family for a picnic is the perfect picture of a blissful weekend!
  17. Sundays bring a feeling of melancholy as they are to end the weekends!
  18. Don’t utilize all your energy during the week. You will lack it if you want to dance on the weekend. Happy weekend!
  19. No words or quotes can describe how beautiful weekends are. Have a lovely weekend!
  20. Although every day is a blessing, the weekend is a package of gifts and blessings everyone cherishes. Happy weekend!

Humorous happy weekend quotes

  1. Weekends are not the actual weekends until you spend them doing nothing!
  2. May this weekend be brighter than your smile for you. Happy weekend!
  3. We need weekends to recharge ourselves as the mobile needs a charger. Wishing you a recharging weekend!
  4. The night before the weekend contains the real essence and happiness of the entire weekend!
  5. Weekends are always short! You haven’t even relaxed completely when the next week arrives!
  6. You can only have a long weekend if you are retired!
  7. You can start smelling the weekend from Thursday because you long for it. Happy weekend!
  8. Endings are often sad, but for those who don’t know about the weekends!
  9. Weekends are short of days!
  10. Let’s hang out a bit more, my lovely weekend!
  11. Friday is a door leading us all to the weekends. This is why we love Fridays! Happy weekend!
  12. Oh, my weekend! Please don’t leave me too early. Please last a bit longer as the party is not over yet.
  13. Thank God, the weekend is not a person. Otherwise, I would have fallen in deep love with it!
  14. Weekends are the synonym for freedom. Happy weekend!
  15. You were passionate the entire week to work hard. Now it’s time to fall in love with your free time and enjoy your weekend!


Hope we helped you find some happy weekend quotes to inspire your loved ones. These quotes are to fill your weekends with laughter and inspiration. Also, if you are thinking of visiting your friend on the weekend, make sure to buy a beautiful gift for them as gifts are a great way to show your love. Consider getnamenecklace for finding unique gifts for your friends!

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