90+ Hilarious Graduation Captions for Instagram
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90+ Hilarious Graduation Captions for Instagram

So it is the end of the road – you have officially graduated! That is worth celebrating. Popping bottles of champagne and calling it a day is not enough; you need to do it on Instagram. And a graduation post with a clever caption feels complete. 

From sassy one-liners to cheesy puns, we have compiled over 90 hilarious graduation captions for Instagram. Show off your wit and announce your graduation unconventionally – make your graduation stand out with these funny Instagram captions.

Funny Graduation Captions – Tickle Your Funny Bone

  1. Cap and gown. It is going down.
  2. Thank you, coffee, Mom and Dad.
  3. I’d like to nap now.
  4. Give me the bill now. I have the skills now.
  5. I turned out not to be very cool at school.
  6. Put that “Hire me” sign on my front lawn right now.
  7. Everything was already forgotten.
  8. Very proud and worn out.
  9. Moments to cherish.
  10. Beauty and Intellect.
  11. Proud to be B.S.
  12. It’s one degree hotter inside now.
  13. I want to express my gratitude to Google, Wikipedia, and the creator of copy and paste.
  14. Making this day special.
  15. I am prepared to take on any obstacle someone foolish enough to put before me.
  16. Since I graduated, I’m suddenly all educated and whatnot.
  17. I’m very confident that I have no idea what I will do.
  18. Is anyone up for a party now?
  19. Teenage anxiety has been successful. I’m now old and bored.
  20. The journey has been quite an experience.
  21. Dropping out now is too late.
  22. Crushed it.
  23. The limit is nonexistent.
  24. Look at me now and my grad self.
  25. Graduated like an energized ion.
  26. After four long years of hard work, I’m now a certified expert in avoiding responsibilities.
  27. I’m still determining if I’m prepared for life in the real world, but at least I have a nice piece of paper to act like I am.
  28. I received honors upon graduation; by that, I mean the ability to function with little sleep.
  29. I may be graduating, but I remember the golden rule: no plagiarism or problems!
  30. I am on a roll now.
  31. Although it’s not a tiara, it will suffice at the moment.
  32. Stressed but blessed.
  33. I guess I managed to meet some of those 11:59 deadlines.
  34. Graduation: the moment you realize you have no more justification for laziness.
  35. I am not sure about how I accomplished it.
  36. Thanking *myself* for bringing us to this point.
  37. Not only did I graduate, but I also survived.
  38. My mother and my (Diplo)ma are my two most significant mothers.
  39. Goodbye, textbooks. Hello, real world.
  40. I never imagined that I would miss college, but I already do.
  41. Graduating is great, but have you ever had a perfect pizza?
  42. I never thought the day would come when I’d be thrilled about a piece of paper.
  43. Though my bank account didn’t graduate, I did.
  44. I find it incredible that I can now add “BA” after my name. So cool.
  45. From gowns and caps to Netflix and sweatpants.
  46. Am I right that all this trouble is for a tassel?
  47. With no spell check, I can now correctly spell “commencement. Yay!
  48. As a youngster, I was a cool kid, but I’m now a graduate.
  49. College graduation is a must-add to my dating profile.
  50. My grandmother told me, ‘Get your degree and look great getting it.’
  51. I am happier than ever.
  52. The real world is about to become significantly hotter!
  53. I am skilled at using a shapeless gown.
  54. Lastly, I want to thank Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V for their assistance.
  55. Tbh, today is the only day I’m not considering student loans.

Inspirational Graduation Captions You Never Heard Of

  1. You are never too old to set fresh objectives or dream a new one.
  2. Instead of constantly look at the clock, let it guide you and proceed ahead.
  3. Opportunities don’t just happen. You produce them.
  4. Those who make plans for the future in the present will possess it.
  5. The most significant accomplishment in life is rising every time we fall.
  6. You have brains inside of you. Your shoes are on your feet. You hold full authority over the direction of your path.
  7. While I cannot command the wind’s course, I can modify my sails to reach my destination.
  8. Have faith in who you are and all you are.
  9. Your educational experience is a rehearsal for the life you will lead.
  10. Those who believe in the beauty of their dreams have the future in their hands.
  11. Loving what you do is the only way to do great work.
  12. Education is the passport to freedom and the key to opening the world.
  13. The future is not something you step into; it is something you bring into existence.
  14. Once you have confidence in your abilities, you have completed half of the journey.
  15. It’s time to sow the seeds of optimism for a better, more promising future.
  16. Be bold. Be courageous. Give it your all.
  17. I came, I saw, I conquered.
  18. You should always do what is best for your soul.
  19. Every finish has a fresh start.
  20. Not allowing anything or anyone to stand in my path.
  21. It’s a good idea to do it if it both thrills and frightens you simultaneously.
  22. Life is limitless once you lose your fear.
  23. Let your aspirations exceed your anxieties, your deeds speak louder than your words, and your faith stronger than your feelings.
  24. Our roots stay one even while our branches spread out in different directions.
  25. Indeed our aspirations will come true.
  26. The future appears promising, and I’ll keep shining.
  27. Instruction ends in the classroom, but education only lasts your whole life.
  28. The best return on an investment is always made in knowledge.
  29. You don’t enroll in college to punch a clock. You enroll in college to put yourself in a position where you can make a difference.
  30. Tolerance is education’s best outcome.
  31. Because tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today, education is our ticket to the future.
  32. Education makes a people simple to rule but impossible to enslave: simple to lead but tough to drive.
  33. Begin where you are. Utilize your resources. Do your best.
  34. Your life is your story, and the trip you have in front of you is one to realize your potential and purpose.
  35. There are no regrets in life—just lessons.
  36. Your head contains brains. Your shoes are on your feet. It is within your capability to steer your own path.
  37. If you knock me down nine times, I will still get up the 10th time.
  38. After seeing me in a cap, you ought to see me wearing a crown.
  39. You could receive an honors degree. Just being a graduate is an honor.

Winding Up on A High Note

Graduating is a momentous occasion that deserves to be celebrated in style by sharing the special moment on Instagram with a hilarious caption. Find one that perfectly captures your personality, whether you’re feeling nostalgic, relieved, or optimistic about the future. 

However, to make your graduation more memorable, accessorize your graduation outfit with something special. Personalized jewelry, like a graduation necklace or bracelet, can be a great way to commemorate your achievements and show off your style. 

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