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Are You Also Ignoring Engagement Ring Wedding Ring Differences

We exchange rings at engagements and weddings symbolizing commitment and love. But have you ever thought about the engagement ring wedding ring difference? How do both rings differ in style? What is the difference in the price of a wedding ring and an engagement ring? Well, this is exactly what you are going to learn in this blog. Read till the end to make yourself crystal clear about the engagement ring wedding ring difference.

Are You Also Ignoring Engagement Ring Wedding Ring Differences

How does a Wedding Ring Differ From an Engagement Ring?

As the name suggests, both rings differ in their meaning depending on the occasion they are presented.

An engagement ring is given at the time of proposal or engagement, the very first event to express your commitment to your love. The traditional style of engagement ring is still followed and therefore it is usually a stone ring with any band style.

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A wedding ring is a symbol of being united, and thus it is presented at the wedding event. The ring is a way to show your love and commitment on your big day, and therefore, it’s something very special. Usually, the wedding ring is a band, and therefore, the term wedding band is often used interchangeably with the wedding ring, both giving the same meaning.

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How Both The Rings Differ in Usage?

An engagement ring is used to express your commitment. It would not be wrong to say that the engagement ring is used to present your proposal. The proposal must be presented in a beautiful and adorable way to get it approved. And here comes the need for an amazing engagement ring that makes your proposal memorable for a lifetime.

Since a wedding ring is received at the wedding, it’s a symbol of union and companionship. It’s a way to announce that you have found the best companion for the rest of your life. A wedding ring is used to showcase your love, commitment, unity, and companionship, all at the same time.

Wear The Difference

Well, both the rings are yours and you can wear them the way you want. But yes, some typical traditions are still followed while wearing wedding and engagement rings.

At the engagement ceremony, it’s a tradition to wear the engagement ring on the ring finger of the left hand. This ring finger is next to your pinky, the fourth finger of your left hand. The perception behind this ring finger is that there is a vein in the “ring finger” that directly connects with the heart. And therefore, an engagement ring should be worn on this finger, to keep this symbol of love closest to your heart. And do you know the most exciting fact? There is no such vein that connects to the heart in reality. It is just a wrong perception but has evolved and been accepted worldwide.

You keep on wearing this engagement ring on your ring finger until you get married. But where will you wear the wedding ring at the wedding ceremony? It’s common practice to take off your engagement ring from the ring finger and wear it on the fourth finger of your right hand to make room for the wedding ring. You wear the wedding ring on the ring finger of your left hand to make sure that the ring and your love both lie closest to your heart.

After the wedding ceremony, people usually stack both the rings on the ring finger of the left hand. Both the rings are paired up and the wedding ring is worn first to keep it, even more, closer to the heart. And then it is followed by the engagement ring.

If they both don’t fit in place and get misaligned, people usually get them soldered. This prevents them from the frustration of adjusting the rings again and again.

How Cost And Style Can Empty your Savings?

When it comes to engagement ring wedding ring differences, the price and style are important factors to be considered.

The typical style of engagement ring is the stone ring, one dominant stone resting over a variety of band styles. However, it’s not mandatory to follow this style as some modern engagement rings are three-stone rings and even some people are going with plane bands. Plane bands are usually considered wedding bands but some people are wearing them on engagements since they are doing what they love and what they like the most.   

A wedding ring is typically a band. Simple in style, yet elegant and meaningful. No dominant stone or centerpiece, just a band. The wedding band can be a simple metal band or may have an intricate detailing of diamonds over it.

The price of a wedding ring is very much less than an engagement ring as the total carat weight of a wedding ring is lesser. Even if you have inlaid detailing of gemstones over the wedding band, still it will be less expensive than the engagement ring.

What to Pay Attention to When Buying Ring For Any Purpose

While buying rings for such special days, make sure to place the order at least three months before the event. This is to prevent yourself from any last-minute fuss. It’s your big day, so prepare for it in the best possible way.

Another thing to be considered while buying the rings is the way you want to wear them. If you are willing to wear both of them on the same finger, you can buy the bridal sets that are specially designed to fit in place. No scratching or rubbing of both the rings will be encountered since they are designed to sit together nicely on the same finger.


Engagement and wedding rings both are different in meaning, usage, price, and style. However, your personal preferences are above all these differences. So make sure to choose the design that lies with your choices since you have to wear it for a lifetime. It’s a symbol of your love, and therefore, you should choose the best promise ring to make this symbol worth remembering.

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