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Find Out Why Moms Like Flowers For Mother’s Day

Flowers are one of God’s most pretty creations and have been long associated with delicateness, beauty, and grace. Many people love flowers as a gift it is usually a popular wish among people.

Your mom would therefore definitely appreciate flowers for Mother’s Day as a gift. There are various kinds of flowers with their unique qualities. This gives you room to personalize your mom’s Mother’s Day bouquet into her favorite colors, scents, and flower species.

In this article, we will show you tips for picking the right flowers for Mother’s Day and why flowers are given on Mother’s Day.

Why do we give flowers on Mother’s Day?

As we mentioned in the introduction, flowers are an embodiment of beauty and grace. In this section, we will discuss the reasons why we give flowers on Mother’s Day.

1. To show love and affection

This is one of the most obvious reasons but it has a lot to yet be understood. Flowers show love and affection when given to someone because they are beautiful, decorative, and symbolic. 

Associating anyone with anything beautiful, even other than flowers, means that you want the best for them. And we can only want the best for someone we love. So what better way of celebrating your mother on Mother’s Day than getting her the perfect bouquet?

2. To leave a part of you in your mother’s house and heart

Leaving a gift at your mother’s house will remain a reminder of the kind act from you, even if the flowers wither. The mere sight of the flowers will reawaken the memory and the feeling your mother got when she received the flowers from you. 

The ability for the feeling to be engraved in your mother’s mind can be so strong that whenever she sees flowers of the same kind, the thought of you will arise.

3. To liken your mom’s beauty with that of the flowers

Giving flowers is also symbolic. It shows that you acknowledge her beauty by getting her a gift of something naturally beautiful to match her caliber. It could also mean that your mother deserves to be celebrated with nature as she is a bestower of life in nature after all. 

You can have other spin-offs as to why you’d give your mother flowers too, depending on your spirituality or traditions.

4. To spread a good aura around your mom

Flowers are colorful and made in different delicate shapes, hence they can act as a radiator of happiness and calmness in the home. Colors play a hand in creating a mood so beautiful and brightly colored flowers will ultimately create a bright mood in people. 

Beauty also has the same effect on a person. For a better effect, you can also buy your mom flower vases so that she can place the flowers in different places where she can relax, such as in the bath or bedroom.

5. To create a happy memory of you with your mother

There is a part of the brain called the left inferior temporal gyrus that associates color with memory. This means that when someone sees a certain color, it could remind them of a memory or feeling that came in the same situation the color was in. That’s the power of giving your mother flowers on Mother’s Day. 

Whenever she sees the color of the flowers you got her, her brain will cause her to feel the love and affection you showed her. It’ll remain a happy memory because of your thoughtfulness. Don’t be surprised if the particular color becomes her favorite one.

6. To gain blessings from your mother 

Many cultures and communities believe that blessings need to be obtained from your parents for you to achieve something. For that to happen you need to have first done something to make them happy with you, and one of those things is giving them a gift. 

Flowers add radiance and joy to someone’s spirit, so after giving your mom flowers, don’t be surprised to find success in all your affairs. Sometimes your mom doesn’t even have to say it, but blessings automatically flow in when you touch her heart.

7. To decorate your mother’s house

Lastly, the flowers will decorate your mother’s house and add to its aesthetic value. If your goal in gifting your mother flowers would be for decoration purposes too, consider flowers that can complement her walls and items. Also, consider their arrangement and mixing so that they add more life to the room to give it a natural feel.

What flower is best for Mother’s Day?

  1. Roses 

When gifting a rose to a mom, it symbolizes love and gratitude. Roses are available in various colors but pink roses are often chosen for this occasion as they express admiration and thanks. This makes them a perfect way to honor and celebrate a mother’s love and care.

  1. Tulips

Tulips are a symbol of deep love and perfection which is perfect for them because they are usually perfectly symmetrical. They are also available in many colors but you can still mix a variety of colors to create a perfect bouquet for your mother. The bouquet will be perfect for the kitchen because their petals are edible and can replace onions.

  1. Carnations

These flowers represent fascination and love. Since they were anciently used on crowns, they could also represent royalty and grace. Choose from the huge color variety of these flowers and create a meaningful bouquet for Mother’s Day.

  1. Daisies

Daisies symbolize purity, so they can be used to represent the purest form of love you receive from your mother or her pure intentions with you. They are small but still radiate serenity in the home.

  1. Lilies

Lilies represent a lot of positive things but the most outstanding to go with on Mother’s Day is femininity and purity. Giving a bouquet of lilies on Mother’s Day will fittingly celebrate not only her parenthood but also her womanhood.

  1. Hydrangeas

These flowers show the sincerity of love and their heart shape continues to propagate this narrative. They are great as side pieces on short furniture because they are also short and colorful.

  1. Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums are usually given to symbolize friendship and happiness. Having your mom as your best friend and a parent too is a wonderful gift that she should be appreciated for.

  1. Begonias

These flowers symbolize good communication and consideration between two parties. If you’re working on your relationship with your mom, then these flowers can perfectly send the right message.

  1. Allium

Alliums are lovely flowers from the same family as chives and shallots. They represent unity and can send a message of the appreciation you have for the strength of your and your mom’s bond.

  1. Asters

Asters are a flower from the family of daisies, they just have a clearer star shape look. They symbolize many positive things including love and wisdom, that you can attribute to your mom for her correct and loving advice and correction over the years.

Considerations for Choosing Flowers

Select flowers based on the mom’s personality and style

Make sure that you personalize your mom’s bouquet so that you make it more special for her. Consider her favorite colors, species, and sizes of flowers. For decoration purposes, also consider her house color scheme and arrangement.

Consider the message conveyed by different types of flowers

From what we have discussed above, you have seen that different flowers have different meanings. Choose or combine the flowers into a bouquet that conveys the most fitting meaning for Mother’s Day.

Seasonal Availability

Flowers have different blooming times, so consider this before ordering so that they don’t run out on you. Remember that a lot of people will be buying flowers on Mother’s Day and it’s best for you to be prepared.

Presentation and Packaging

Flower presentation is very important. Pick if they’ll be wrapped in decorated paper or put in a vase. Make sure that they are free from bugs and dirt that may inconvenience your mom. Avoid flowers with too much loose pollen too because they can trigger allergies.

Longevity and Care

Some flowers wither quicker than others. Pick flowers that won’t wither quickly or preferably ones that come with flower food. Some flowers can even keep growing if taken care of correctly. You can get your mother a garden pot to plant them there.

Blossoming Appreciation: Choosing the Perfect Flowers for Mom 

We hope our flower-picking tips will help you pick the perfect bunch for your mother. Other ways you can make it more personality is by using her birth month flower, or a flower from a good point in her life. You can also get creative and add other embellishments, photos, or arts and crafts to the bouquet. Such small acts of thoughtfulness are what make a gift special to someone. 

Mother’s Day is never complete without a jewelry gift and this personalized family ring with names and birthstones ought to win your mom’s heart. It is a sterling silver ring with a unique heart-shaped center that has a tree in it. The tree bears fruit that are marked as the birthstones of the mother’s children. The outer side of the band is engraved with the children’s names and the inner band with a quote. Get it for your mom in silver, gold, or rose gold colors on Mother’s Day.

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