Greeting Cards For New Year's Day TO Send Your Loved Ones In 2024
Greeting Card Messages

Greeting Cards For New Year’s Day TO Send Your Loved Ones In 2024

Are you stuck on what you can do to welcome your loved ones this new year? A new year is already here, and you just have to find ways to welcome your loved ones warmly into its experience. There are many ways to do so, and I am sure you are confused about the best way. New Year’s cards are a great way to wish your friends and family a happy New Year, too.

You can create an emotional connection between you and your loved one through these cards. Whether you are writing to a loved one, friend, or colleague, a card can make their special day even more memorable. Read on for help and more inspiring issues you need for an amazing card.

Types of New Year’s Day Greeting Cards

Store-Bought Cards

These are cards that are ready-made and are bought at the market. If you are busy and you may not find even the slightest time to make a card, store-bought cards are to your rescue. 

The price of a greeting card may differ based on factors like design intricacy, printing method, quantity, and added elements. All in all, they still play a similar role in passing the message to your loved one.

Below are some of the store-bought cards you can consider in your budget;

  • Sweetzer & Orange New Year Cards.

Some store-bought cards can just do that: Sweetzer & Orange New Year Cards. They give you a chance to write your message, too. It’s nice to be less digital. Your special message will be unique from this designed card.

  • Gold Foil Greeting Cards with White Envelopes

Also, Gold Foil Greeting Cards with White Envelopes fall into this trap. Each card features exquisite gold foil accents and showcases four unique, captivating designs. These cards include a white envelope with every card that adds a touch of elegance to your New Year’s wish.

  • Happy New Year Card | 2024 Card 

You can also try a  Happy New Year Card | 2024 Card, which also comes with a blank place to write your special message. The cards are folded and have a matching-sized white envelope attached to the card with a card catch sticker in a board-backed envelope, with protection from a protective cellophane sleeve.

Handmade Cards

When you prefer a handmade card, the recipient will forever love you for it.  A handmade card is a way of saying that you took the time to sit down and create it for them. You will also notice that a handmade card saves you money.  You’ve seen the cards at the store and how the price tags disturb you. They are special, like giving them a big hug.

If you are creative and have a little time to burn, go old-school style and make your own greeting card for those close at hand.

Cut loose with your colors, papers, and craft supplies. You can also sit with your brother, sister, or friend and make cards together. But remember to send them–to see the smile on their face. 

Step-by-Step Instructions for DIY New Year’s Day Cards

Here is how to make a handmade card, a taste of your own.

Ensure you have cardstock, glue, pens, glitter, and pop-ups.

1. Fold a piece of cardstock in half to create the card.

You can choose a lightweight card stock in your chosen color. Then, fold it in half lengthwise or widthwise. To make a typical-sized greeting card, use a 10-inch (25 cm) x 14-inch (36 cm) piece of cardstock.

2. Write “Happy New Year” or the number of the year on the front of the card. 

This will help you give your card a festive feel that’s specific to the season. 

3. Glue a photo in the middle of your card if you want to share family memories.

You can print out a family photo and stick it on. This is a great way to personalize your card.

4. Use glitter if you wish to capture the festive spirit of the season.

This helps to give your card a bright and festive look.

5. Place a pop-up inside the card if you want a fun, surprising option.

Place a happy New Year message on the pop-up or attach a New Year’ themed decoration.

6. Write a handwritten New Year’s message inside the card.

Digital Cards

E-cards can offer effortless ways to stay in touch with your loved ones. It is a convenient way to celebrate with those near and far. In addition to your text, e-cards allow different backgrounds, images, and music. 

The cards are emailed to you with a link to a Web page containing your custom card for some time. The most considered way you can send to someone overseas.

How to customize a New Year’s card template

1. Choose a card template on an online card design site.

Search online for a graphic design site, such as Canva, where you can design custom greeting cards.

2. Upload an image for a personal touch. 

You can then add a family picture or a picture of your own. 

3. Type a New Year’s wish onto the card. 

Click on the text layer(s) to erase and write your own, then customize the font.

4. Print the card or send it via email.

Tips For Choosing the Right New Year’s Day Greetings Card

To choose the perfect card, keep their likes, dislikes, and goals in mind and then look for an appropriate greeting card. 

For instance, if the recipient is overseas, it’s worth sending them a digital card. Either way, a professional relationship will demand an authentic professional card, unlike that you can send your family or partner.

If you are confused about what kind of greeting card to send someone, play safe and pick up any classic designs. Or if they have any specific interests, you can choose cards as per that. 

If one of your friends feels low and may be anxious or nervous about the New Year, you can send them inspiring, motivational cards. Look for the ones that are inspiring and positive, and share them with your friends. It might just make their day!

Heartfelt Messages To Write On The Greetings Card For New Year’s Day

Here are heartfelt messages you can use on the greetings card for New Year’s Day;

1. May the New Year bring you joy, peace, and fellness.

2. I wish you health and prosperity in the New Year.

3. Let your dreams take flight in the next year.

4. It’s a New Year. Let’s celebrate.

5. May your coming year be full of blessings and glory.

6. Cheers to our New Year. 

7. Happy New Year to my beautiful person.

8. Wishing you a blessed year ahead.

9. I am excited we are still together as this New Year begins.

11. May this year be full of adventure and growth.

12. Wishing you many happy memories this coming year.

13. Here’s to another successful year.

14. Out with the old, in with the new. Happy New Year!

15. May happiness be your portion this coming year. Happy New Year!

Tips on when to send New Year’s Day cards to ensure timely arrival

New Year’s cards are unique in that the holiday they’re celebrating will continue for much longer than just one day. Because of this, you’ve got a much wider acceptable time for sending holiday cards like these.

Here are the tips to ensure the cards arrive in time:

1. Send Early for International Mail: If you’re sending cards internationally, mail them even earlier. International post can be slower, especially around the holidays, so aim to send these cards at least 3-4 weeks in advance.

2. Track Your Mail: Use a postal service to track where your cards are in real-time. This way, you can always know how soon your loved ones will get the New Year celebration cards.

3. Local vs distant recipients: People who live closer to you will likely get their cards earlier than those who live in distant lands. Plan so that those who live far away get their cards in time. 

4. You can still get New Year’s Cards during January. As long as your recipients get your New Year’s wishes before the end of January, it is a fair game for both of you! This means you can place your cards in the mail as early as the beginning of December up until about the first week of January.


You never think people will mind if you forget to get them a card, but those little things mean a lot to some. Cards allow you to express your feelings in the way a present can’t.

Nothing beats the written word. Even the grandest, most extravagant present can’t tell your family and friends how much you love them in your own words, but a card can.

Giving people cards allows you to say something you wouldn’t normally say to someone. So next time you’re buying a gift for someone, do not forget about the card. They mean a lot more to people than you’d think!

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