How can I surprise my dad with a gift?
Father's Day

How can I surprise my dad with a gift?

Your dad is your everything. He has done so much for you. Find little ways to thank him for what he has done for you. He provided you with all the necessities and luxuries of life. A man forgot himself for the sake of his children. This man deserves a surprise from you, right?

But the question is, how can you surprise your dad? Here are ten different ways to surprise your dad with a gift.

Get him ready and take him to the dinner

Do you remember when you last went to dinner with your dad? Plan a dinner for him, and he will be surprised. Give your dad customized monogram cufflinks, and let him get all dressed up for dinner.

Engraved Block Monogram Disc Cufflinks Sterling Silver

These customized cufflinks will add a touch of monogram style to your personality. Get the monogram of your choice engraved on this pair of cufflinks. Your dad will love to wear his personality using these cufflinks. The cufflinks are made of sterling silver, and thus durability is assured.

He loves to take time for himself and get dressed up. Dads ignore themselves and focus on providing their children with a better future. Give him a day to live for himself and have a wonderful dinner with you. Plan the best dinner for your dad to surprise him.

Give him some happiest moments with the office supplies 

Whether your dad is retired or still goes to the office, some personalized office supplies surely make him happiest. If he loves writing, a personalized pen set will be an amazing gift to surprise him.

Pen & Case Sets with Gift Box

Your dad will proudly display this pen set on his desk. The best thing is that this pen set comes in a beautiful gift box. You can engrave the box with the text of your choice to make it unique. 

This personalized pen set is a unique way to show your dad some appreciation for his career. Although they don’t say it, dads do need appreciation. A surprise gift can work well to appreciate your beloved dad.

Decorate his room with a beautiful nightlight

Your dad tried his best to provide you with a luxurious lifestyle. It’s now your turn to do something for him. What about decorating his room to surprise him? Light up the night environment of your dad’s room with a custom moon star night light. This night light will let your dad have a sound sleep.

Personalized Moon and Stars Night Light

The theme of the night light is beautiful. Moon and stars are hidden in the clouds creating a lovely natural environment in the room. 

You will get an additional USB cable with this night light to switch the three tones of color. One is white, the second is warm, and the third is warm white. This night light had a wooden base, and the material of the light was acrylic. Customize your dad’s name on this light, and the quality is guaranteed. The name and light will never fade. 

Get him personalized sportswear to add more fun to his sports

If your dad enjoys sports, anything related to his sports life will surprise him for sure. For instance, a personalized golf ball surprises him greatly. This bag is a fashionable sports accessory. And the capacity of this bag is astonishing. It can hold 12 gold tees and nine gold balls. Isn’t it amazing?

Personalized Name Golf Ball Sacks

Personalize this sack with your dad’s name to surprise him. For the font color, you have six choices. Choose your dad’s favorite color to make this sack special for him.

This golf gift is very useful if your dad is a golfer. He will love to receive this unique sporty gift from you.

Organize a grand thank you party for your dad

What can be better than throwing a party to surprise someone? Organize a grand party for your dad. Choose the party theme depending on what your dad likes the most. It can be anything from a tv show, sport, or anything he loves.

Since the party is specially organized to surprise your dad, everything at the party should revolve around him. From theme to decoration, everything should depict his personality. Set the dinner table with personalized napkins having your dad’s initials embroidered on them. 

Custom Floral Letter Embroidered Linen Napkin

This unique idea is to surprise your dad. It will show how you have put effort into the minute details of organizing the party.

These napkins have floral embroidered monograms. These napkins will not only decorate your table but can also be used for wiping the mess. The embroidery on napkins is done by skilled artisans. These napkins are hand embroidered and made with pure love.

Throwing a party is a fantastic idea to surprise your dad. Plan the best for him. Best of luck!

Let him recall his favorite memory in something useful

Dads love to recall the moments that they spent with their families. Give him something that he uses daily so that it reminds him of his best memory. What about giving him a men’s engraved photo wallet? This wallet will surprise him with the photo engraved on its front. 

All you need to do is to upload a photo that your dad will love. And we will do the rest for you. We will design a unique photo-engraved wallet complementing your style and personality. 

This wallet is made of nubuck leather, which is soft and durable. We have used unique technology to print the image so that the print is clear and it lasts longer. Although the wallet’s design is minimal, it comes with many slots, which is quite surprising.

Whenever your dad takes this wallet out of his pocket, he will cherish the memorable photo engraved on it. Isn’t it a surprising way of keeping your loved ones near you? 

Let him be your cool dad for a day

Dads are not cool. But you can make him cool for a day by giving them the custom dad and me matching shirts.

Custom Name Parent-child Shirt

Wear the same shirts and forget the serious dad-son bond. Enjoy a friendly cool bond with your dad in this shirt. 

He will be surprised to have fun with you in these cool tees. This shirt comes in six pattern styles. You can choose the one you like for your dad. Customize the dad’s and your name on the shirt to make it unique. 

It’s a fun way to surprise your dad and have quality time with him. Make memories, take pictures, and enjoy the day to its fullest.

Prepare him for his next dream destination

Giving your dad travel gifts is another fabulous way to surprise him, especially if he loves traveling. There are many travel gifts, from storage bags to eye masks and travel mugs. One such amazing travel gift is a personalized luggage tag and passport cover. This leather tag has a unique design incorporating a birth flower.

Personalized Birthflower Luggage Tag

The travel items should be durable to withstand any pressure. Keeping this in mind, we have designed these accessories from high-quality leather material. The material is not only durable but also stylish. The name customized on the luggage tag makes it very easy for you to identify your luggage. It saves you from getting your luggage lost while traveling.

There is a secure buckle closure that ensures the string connection is the tag with your luggage. This is a perfect gift to surprise your dad if he loves traveling or has to travel often.

Take him to a picnic

Planning a family picnic is another great idea to surprise your dad. Take him to a picnic and spend a day out with the entire family. Get him his favorite food at the picnic. Don’t forget to take the portable cutlery set with you. We have made this cutlery set with organic wheat straw fiber of premium quality. It is a perfect setting for picnics and parties.

Personalized Portable Cutlery Set

Customize the name on the set, and your dad will live to see his name on this cutlery set. After all, this picnic is planned to surprise him. Choose your favorite color to make it even more personalized. This cutlery set is easy to clean and reusable. You should go for this environment-friendly cutlery on the picnic!

Give him a memorable reading experience 

If your dad is a book lover, a custom name birth flower bookmark is the best gift to surprise him. It will add some fun to his reading experience.

Custom Name Birth Month Flower Bookmark

Choose your dad’s birth flower and customize the name on the bookmark to make a unique bookmark for him. The material of the bookmark is eco-friendly leather giving the reader pleasure to touch. Every book lover will love these bookmarks and enjoy reading even more. 


Hope you got some amazing ideas to surprise your dad with a gift. These little surprises will give you and your dad some happy moments to cherish. It’s a wonderful way to thank your dad for all he has done for you so far. 

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