How do you make a cap look good on you?

How do you make a cap look good on you?

Want to look good in a cap? There are many different kinds of caps and many head types too. This together with other factors allows someone to look good in a hat. 

Some factors are changeable such as your day’s outfit color, and others that cannot be changed such as your head shape. 

Some people will fit into most categories we have discussed and others won’t, but as long as you can work with the most number of acceptable fashion preferences then you are good to go. 

In this article, we will share with you some tips on how to look good in a cap.

1. Know Your Face Shape

People’s heads have different shapes that are usually guided by different qualities such as their cheek structure, skull, and jaw bone length, among other things. We will discuss these head shape types in this section.

Oval Faces

Oval faces are the type of face that look oval due to the length and smoothness of the cheek and chin bones together with the narrow width of the forehead and jaw bones. This makes the head have an oval-looking shape. 

Caps with a lot of accommodation in the head area tend to read the effect of the head shape, while caps that have a broad sun blocker extension accentuate the visibility of the head’s shape.

Round Faces

Round faces are brought about by the similarities in length and width of almost all skull bones, creating an almost or already perfect round head. Round faces are commonly illustrated in cartoons on older middle-aged or elderly men and women, but in real life, anyone can have this head shape.

Round faces tend to be accentuated using caps that hug the head or are tight on the head, such as Marvins and swim caps. Oversized caps reduce their visibility but also make sure that you can see as you walk.

Square Faces

Square-shaped faces are more common in men, but women can have square-shaped faces too. This happens when the head side edges of the bones at the forehead are sharp and the jaw is also well defined in its corners. Most of the time it can give a masculine look to someone but women make this head shape work too.

For a square-shaped head, tight caps will accentuate the shape, together with caps that have low or trimmed sun blocker parts. Hats like Marvins and Barrets can have this effect.

To minimize the noticeability of this head shape, go for hats with large sunblocker parts, such as fedoras and cowboy hats. These will cover the forehead and leave only the jaw visible, but it will be shadowed by the sun blocker.

Heart-shaped Faces

Heart-shaped faces are those that are broad at the forehead but continue to narrow down smoothly at the head side and cheeks up to the chin. This head shape can accommodate almost any hat type because its shape is likely to remain constant in any cap.

Caps that make the face more visible such as artists’ barrets can work for this kind of head shape. Large hats reduce the visibility of this kind of head shape, especially if it has wide or large sun blocker extensions on it.

2. Consider the Cap Style

Baseball Caps

Baseball caps have a casual style and pair well with any casual look, especially anywhere there is a denim look. They are made of fabric and have a sun blocker at the front that acts as a shadow to the face making it work to reduce the noticeability of any head type. They are stylish and can be worn in games or afterward. You can get yourself a unique one by having your cap personalized with your preferred detailing.

Flat Caps

Flat caps are casual and formal caps that are mostly worn by men. They only cover a small portion of the head so they bring out the head shape perfectly. These caps are light on the head and not too hugging so they are perfect for blocking out the sun while also allowing the scalp to breathe.


Snapbacks almost look like baseball caps but the sun blocker extension is usually made flat and not curved. These hats were common in the older hip-hop community but can still look stylish in any casual look. Pick one that isn’t too large so that your head doesn’t look swallowed up by it. 


Beanies are perfect for a round or heart-shaped head because they hug the head but are thick enough to make the hugging look comfortable and pleasant. They are casual and more common in younger people. However, anyone can rock this type of hat because of its versatility in head shapes.

3. Adjust for a Proper Fit

Ensure your hat fits on your head securely or you will be risking having it fall off in case of a strong wind or physical jerking. Hats usually have the head size indicated inside the rim, and if not then pick one that has an adjustable rim. The adjustments can be ropes running down from the sides of the hat, Velcro, or press buttons. Pick one that will fasten it firmly around your head.

4. Match It with Your Outfit

There are usually many caps to pick from but you should consider the outfit you are wearing it with so that you match or coordinate your outfit properly. 

Some hats only fit into formal occasions while others can be worn to both formal and informal appearances. Consider the cap’s color too and make sure it doesn’t clash with the color of the outfit you have on.

5. Wear It with Confidence

Confidence can make any outfit look pleasant and stylish to anyone. Intrusive thoughts may tend to creep in after trying out a new style of caps for you, or when you wear a hat that doesn’t hide your head features. 

Choose to ignore these thoughts because as long as you feel good and look good, you deserve to keep feeling that pride and confidence without fear. The key is to lift your chin slightly while walking and take moderately swift struts with an upright posture.

6. Personalize Your Cap

Many companies can now help you personalize your cap in terms of personalizing with your favorite colors, initials, quotes, and even embellishments. 

Personalizing your cap also plays a role in boosting your confidence because you’ll be wearing something that tells a story about you. You can have specific personalized caps that you can wear at specific places, events, or even moods. It can help make your life feel interesting to you.

7. Maintain Your Cap

Ensure you maintain your cap accordingly regarding its laundering, drying, and storing. Most caps last longer when hand washed, because the machine washer movements can get too vigorous and make the hat lose shape or color. 

The same applies to dryers. Make sure it’s not exposed to heat for too long or it will look sandy. Store it in a dry spacious place where it can retain its original shape. You can obtain a cap hanger to make its storing and drying too easier.

8. Experiment with Hairstyles

Hairstyles can make caps look more stylish if they are visible from underneath them. You can add accessories to the hair to add some more fizz to it. Light formal caps are good for delicately done hair while casual caps are for natural or hair in protective styles such as braids. 

Hair texture can also be considered when trying to look good in a cap. An example is kinky hair can be parted in the middle to flow downwards then a beanie worn to make it look fluffier.

Conclusion: Feel Comfortable And Confident In Your Choice Of Headwear

It is important for you to feel confident about yourself, so we hope that the tips and insights we have shared with you help choose your day’s cap or even your wardrobe’s cap selection. 

Feeling, looking, and being confident comes with many positive opportunities because of the way you’ll make people see you, and how you see yourself, so whatever you do make sure that not only the cap you are wearing makes you comfortable and confident but also the clothes, shoes and other accessories you have on build a sense of power in you.

Caps are not the only way that you can use to manipulate other people’s view of your head shape. Through makeup, now women and men too alter people’s views by layering, contouring, and playing with color shadows and light to create that bold effect. So if you insist on wearing a certain cap but are insecure about your head shape, you can consider makeup as an option so that you keep confident and secure as you relate with people.

If you are looking to get a baseball, softball, or football cap for yourself or someone else, then this personalized name baseball softball football cap will be a great choice. It is made of fabric that is customizable with your favorite team’s name and team color together with your favorite team’s player’s name and/or game number. 

It is enclosed in a heart shape so that it shows just how much you adore the player. It is a thoughtful gift to you or a friend or family member, and can quickly become your go-to cap.

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