Inspirational, Funny, and Impressive 8th-grade Yearbook Quotes
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Inspirational, Funny, and Impressive 8th-grade Yearbook Quotes

Opening the yearbook is the best way to have a fun trip to the school memories. The yearbook is a recollection of all the forgotten school memories. It’s always of prime significance what to write as your yearbook quote. You will be remembered for your words, after all. Here are some amazing 8th-grade yearbook quotes that will let you make a statement before leaving school. These are the best ideas for yearbook quotes, including funny, inspirational, and motivational quotes

8th-grade yearbook quotes

  1. Can’t thank this place enough for all the memories.
  2. I will trust your commands if you teach me good judgment and knowledge.
  3. Never stop following your dream. You can do anything that makes it to your mind.
  4. Assuming that the answer is no is an absurdity. Asking the question is wisdom.
  5. Dwelling in the past is nothing but a waste of time. Yesterday itself brought you to today.
  6. Getting rid of old things is sometimes necessary to welcome new ones.
  7. You have to say goodbye to the past to move forward in life. 
  8. A huge thanks to my amazing teachers, who are not just my role models but also have wonderful personalities. Thanks for never giving up on me.
  9. The more work you put into your future, the brighter it will be.
  10. Careers are not something ready-made. You have to work hard and make the best one for yourself.
  11. These days will always be called the happiest days of my life.
  12. Take the first step, and nothing will seem impossible to you.
  13. Finally, I am free.
  14. They wanted me to write something. So here I write Something.
  15. Officially retired from 8th grade.
  16. To my juniors, enjoy and cherish the moments as long as you are here. One day, the school will throw you out, and that will be your graduation day.
  17. The lesson learned at this place: There is nothing realistic in High School Musical.
  18. Don’t wait for the opportunities to knock at your door. Best down the door to grab the one.
  19. With the brain in the head and shoes in the feet, you can go in any direction. It’s enough to conquer the world.
  20. A journey is impossible as long as you don’t dare to begin it.
  21. Make a living, but never forget to make a life in the hustle of making a living.
  22. One can never be ever educated.
  23. Never regret in life. Just last the lessons and move forward.
  24. Never think graduation is the end. It’s the start of a new phase.
  25. Remember me, guys, even when you become rich.
  26. Go with all your heart wherever you go.
  27. Don’t take life too seriously. No one gets out of it alive.
  28. There is only a ladder standing between a graduate and the top of the ladder.
  29. If you don’t want to give up on your dreams, continue sleeping.
  30. Don’t wait for an opportunity to knock. Build a door and hear the opportunity knocking at it.
  31. We enjoyed wasting time, but now we realized it was not actually wanted.
  32. Don’t wait for delayed perfection. Continuous improvement is far better than it.
  33. If it seems scary, you must try it.
  34. Don’t think, what if you fall? Have you ever thought about what if you fly?
  35. Byby 8th-grade. Hello, high school.
  36. One more step closer to my bright future.
  37. Be courageous and bold to be your best.
  38. Crying because it’s over. Smiling because it happened. 
  39. No force can stop you if you are focused on your path.
  40. We did it. Congrats!
  41. You can succeed when you are either determined or destined.
  42. The memories you made here will make you smile and cry at the same time.
  43. 8th-grade graduation is an exciting transition from childhood to adolescence.
  44. If there are no obstacles on the path, it will probably lead you nowhere.
  45. Many stupid people graduate every year. So why can’t you?
  46. Growing up is a continuous process. Graduation can never stop it.
  47. A lot to be grateful for. 
  48. Spread joy and chase your dreams ruthlessly.
  49. It’s time to shine because it’s graduation!
  50. Education never ends until you stop learning.
  51. We can move mountains with strong determination.
  52. I think we were born to conquer the world. Happy graduation!
  53. No one can help you if you don’t want to learn. Similarly, no one can stop you if you are determined and passionate.
  54. School pictures are everything.
  55. I am getting butterflies thinking of my bright future.
  56. You may have listened that nobody is perfect. But here is a perfect 8th-grade graduate.
  57. I spent so many years of my life only on this piece of paper and a handshake.
  58. Glad that it’s finally over.
  59. Can’t wait to see you at the 10-year alumni reunion.
  60. I will be ruling the world one day.
  61. Bye to old friends. Can’t wait to make new friends at high school.
  62. You can’t come back once you grow up. You have to leave.
  63. Only talented people who believe in themselves can accomplish great things.
  64. Every mistake comes with a lesson. You can perceive the lesson only if you want to learn it.
  65. One day, I will be the rainbow in someone’s cloud.
  66. Try again, no matter how many times you fail. But never fail to try.
  67. The possibility is the best place to dwell in.
  68. It’s not even the beginning of my peak.
  69. This space is too short, to sum up my amazing time here.
  70. Good luck to all my juniors. You will also get a chance to write here one day.
  71. The last bell ringing will make me sad to leave this place.
  72. It was so easy. Look, I did it.
  73. A lesson well learned at school. It’s the only yearbook quote that matters.
  74. Only you are the author of your future. Make sure to write it wisely.
  75. Forget the mistakes we made here. Only remember the lessons we learned from those mistakes.
  76. Your sparkle should never dim. Keep on shining in the future.
  77. Singing with the showers and dancing with the flowers.
  78. Did my best. No time for rest.
  79. The best investment is what you invest in yourself.
  80. Success is never achieved. If you think you have achieved it, you start sliding downward.
  81. It’s a tremendous thing for you if you have been my friend.
  82. Looking down, you can’t find a rainbow. Always look up to your highest ambitions.
  83. Working for it is better than wishing for it.
  84. Well said is nothing. Well done in everything.
  85. There is nothing impossible in this world for a willing heart.
  86. It’s either do or do not. Try is nothing.
  87. If fate has handed you a lemon, it’s your duty to make a lemonade of it.


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