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Knowledge about purple diamond

In colored diamonds, purple is usually the complementary color of others, such as pink diamonds. Colored diamonds with purple complementary colors are usually more beautiful than pure colored diamonds, so it also makes colored diamonds with purple more expensive. Pure purple diamonds are very rare. Most purple diamonds customizable best friend necklaces have some complementary colors, it will not affect the beauty of the diamonds, but will make the diamonds more beautiful in nature.


Natural purple diamonds include many shapes, such as princess, emerald, asscher, horse-eye, pear, heart, radiant, and pincushion, but the most common is the round natural purple diamond monogram silver necklace.

Color grade

Diamonds are purple because of high levels of hydrogen. Pink, peach, gray pink can be used as purple diamond decoration color. Purple diamonds have only a few color intensity levels, including light, fancylight, fancy, fancyvivid, and fancydeep. The GIA certificate is: Faint, Verylight, Light, Fancylight, Fancy, Fancydark, Fancyintense, Fancydeep, Fancyvivid.


Pure purple diamonds are so rare that purple diamonds of any size are much more expensive than the corresponding size of colorless diamonds. A purple diamond with a decorative color, as long as the purple is fancy bracelet for your girlfriend, the price is also very expensive. The difference in size, color, and saturation makes the price of purple diamonds ranging from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. The price of rare and extraordinary giant stones will exceed one million dollars.

World famous purple diamond

Currently in the market, only two purple diamonds are well known, and there is very little information about them. They are The Royal Purple Heart and Supreme Purple Heart.

The Royal Purple Heart: The largest brilliant purple diamond known to date, weighing 7.34 carats, with a clarity rating of I-1 and a perfect heart shape.

Supreme Purple Heart: The exact grade of color and clarity is unknown, and even its weight is guesswork, with estimates ranging from 2 to 5 carats.

A rare purple diamond has been discovered in the mining area of ​​western Australia. Mining giant Rio Tinto has found a rare purple diamond best friend rings in a mining area in western Australia. The diamond weighs 2.83 carats and is the largest purple diamond mined by Rio Tinto, with an auction price of $4 million.

According to reports, the oval purple diamond was mined from the Argyle Diamond Mine in Australia and was named “Agael Purple Diamond”, which was the focus of the 2016 annual auction from Pink Diamond. It was estimated that the price of this diamond can reach 1 million to 2 million US dollars per carat.

Most of the purple diamonds are produced in Australian diamond mines, including the famous Argyle diamond mine. However, some colored diamonds are produced in the Amazon, Siberia, and recently, some people found that there are some very rare purple diamonds personalized necklaces in Quebec in Canada. The exact color grade and clarity grade are unknown. The Argyle Liberté purple diamond weighs 0.91ct and used Radiant cutting to achieve the Fancy Deep Gray-Violet color grade with a clarity of SI2.

3EX cut

EX is the cutting and grinding of diamonds personalized name necklace. The combination of excellent cut, excellent polishing, and excellent symmetry is 3EX. Of course, the synthesis of diamond 3EX cutting should be perfect cutting, the diamond brilliance that it shows is the best. Only 3% of the best quality diamonds can reach the standard. This cut allows the diamond to reflect almost all of the light entering the diamond, fully demonstrating the diamond brilliance.

Hearts and arrows

The Hearts and arrows is a round diamond (there is also a round square diamond). It is a 57-sided standard round multi-faceted diamond (known as a round diamond). When viewed with a cutting mirror, table upward can be seen from the center of the radiation-type eight arrow pattern. When the pavilion is up, you can observe the pattern of eight hearts and tip of the heart is facing the center. This is the phenomenon of eight hearts and eight arrows. Therefore, the heart and the arrow are not a special cut, but the cutting effect of the ordinary round diamond reaches a certain standard. It is not difficult to see that in the diamond cutting, 3EX is the highest perfect standard, but the eight hearts and eight arrows effect is a pattern of general cut diamonds. When you buy, you must not be confused.

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