Top 7 graduation gifts for 5th graders that you should buy!
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Top 7 graduation gifts for 5th graders that you should buy!

Want to give a graduation gift to your 5th grader? We’ve got some amazing ideas for you!

5th graders are entering the “real world” of middle school, and they’re going to need all of the guidance and support they can get. But, with all that, they need some good appreciation.

In this post, we’ll give you some inspiration for what to get them for graduation. We’ve rounded up some great graduation gifts for 5th graders that are sure to cheer them up, help their future career path, or just make them happy. 

Whether it’s a fun new accessory or a cool new item, there’s something here for everyone!

  1. Make the unicorn dreams come true

Looking for a way to make your daughter’s unicorn dreams come true? This 5th-grade graduation comes with an amazing opportunity to do so. Check out our Unicorn Earrings with Zircon.

Unicorn Earrings with Zircon

They’re made of sterling silver, so they’ll last a lifetime, and they have a clean, modern design that fits any outfit. These earrings are the perfect gift for your child who is fond of unicorns. 

The safe material and beautiful color combination make it something she’ll never forget. Their lightweight self makes them children-friendly, letting her wear them in a carefree manner.

  1. Happy graduation – says the bear

Stuffed toys are something every kid loves. So, why not surprise them with a stuffed toy at their 5th-grade graduation?

This pick will make it easy for you to get the perfect graduation gift for your child. Choose from one of our pre-made bears, or create your own unique teddy bear with our custom name option. We’ve got a wide range of options. From the classic to the playful. So, whatever you’re looking for, we’ve got it.

Our customized graduation bear has two color options to choose from. Also, you can decide whether you need the initials and the message only on the feet or the mortarboard as well. 

Custom Name Graduation Teddy Bear
  1. A beautiful graduation pendant

This graduation gift is a wonderful way to recognize any 5th graduating student, who has worked hard and made it to the next stage in their life.

You can Customise it with the text, date, or names of your choice. It comes personalized with a bear face that represents class and graduation! To add a more personal touch to this gift, choose your favorite font and type the name of the graduate.

Our Graduation Bear Necklace is an adorable way to display your appreciation. Isn’t it?

Custom Bear Necklace for Graduation Gift
  1. Personalize the graduation outfit

Make their 5th grade graduation day even more special with a Personalized Wooden Graduation Cap Tag. This leather tie-on flap keeps their toque on in style, making sure that the first step in a new chapter is taken with class. We’re confident that it’s a perfect addition to your grad’s outfit, a custom cap tag is sure to make a lasting impression.

Personalized Wooden Graduation Cap Tag

This graduation cap tag is printed on a premium wooden tag and features a durable leather strap that makes it perfect for graduation gifts. 

It’s not all as this pick has more to it. You can customize it with the name and graduation year, making them feel special and loved altogether.

  1. Let the celebrations begin

Thinking about throwing a graduation party? Well, our personalized graduation toppers are the perfect way to celebrate your child’s big day. These cupcake toppers are food-safe and attach to a white stick that inserts into the top of a cupcake for a beautiful addition. With their unique design, these novelty cupcake tops are sure to impress anyone at any party!

Personalized Name Cupcake Topper

With the unique customizations, you can show off the class of your child along with the name and graduation year. These personalized confections give a funky and attractive finishing touch to graduation cakes, donuts, and any dishes you want to dress up! 

A novelty way to celebrate the delight of graduation, no?

  1. Secure the happy moment

This Graduation Photo Necklace/keychain is the perfect gift for your loved one’s graduation day. The graduation photo is on a stainless steel chain but can be ordered in different types of materials as well. You can personalize the meaning of your graduation on this product to secure the beautiful moment! This keychain or necklace is the perfect present for graduates as its personalized self makes them feel special. 

Also, you can get creative and personalize this graduation photo necklace/keychain with a message. You can choose to have custom engraved, or enter your own message, to say whatever words mean the most to you. This unique gift will be an awesome idea for your loved one’s graduation day.

  1. To write a note of care and affection

Give your 5th grader a gift they will really appreciate at their graduation. A gift like this personalized wooden pen and case set. The wood case features one compartment for pens, pencils, and other writing instruments, while the matching pen’s hinged lid doubles as a compass-like ring for their wrist. A great graduation gift for kids who have just graduated from 5th grade.

This beautiful Wooden Pen & Case Set is handcrafted using natural walnut wood and a brass tip, giving it enough strength to stay as it is till many years to come. Not only will this be a perfect gift but a memory your child can cherish till years later.


Haven’t found what to give your 5th grader on graduation day? Well, whether you’re buying your 5th grader the graduation gift of their dreams or just looking for a present that will be appreciated, we’ve got you covered. This article has 7 amazing gift options that will not only make your kid happy but also have the power of becoming a lifelong memory. 

The best part of our picks is that they are entirely customizable, giving you enough space to adjust everything as per your kid’s choice. Also, everything can be found on GetNameNecklace, an online store that covers all your gift and accessory needs. The aim of the store is to deliver quality assured products so that customers don’t have to worry about anything.

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