What do I do when my best friend gets a girlfriend?

Dropping into a novel romance is a dashing feeling, but it can sometimes alter a friend’s connection. 

Perhaps the relation between friends can be affected when they find that one of them now accompanies his/her special someone. 

This instance is prone to set a flock of different feelings, leading you to wade carefully through the relationship to keep the friendship and the new one alive. 

In this article, there are some methods that you can use to preserve a robust relationship with your best friend, even as you undergo this new journey.

1. Acknowledge Your Feelings

It is especially important to do so when change is happening because emotions should be acknowledged and identified. 

On the other hand, if your friend falls, you may experience multiple emotions, such as joy or worry about how your affection will be influenced. 

What thing reflects if the emotions are from the sense of jealousy, loneliness, or the fear of relocation? Such meditation creates significant internal messages, which are very good coping strategies with the variable nature of relationship customs. 

In the next couple of weeks, you will learn from this situation by observing how your friends react to it and staying serene with the knowledge of what’s true. 

When you explore the depths of your inner self, you are more likely to have strong and stable relationships. You learn to not only share how you feel but also how to deal with relationship challenges. 

Lastly, the realization of this process of self-reflection has not only given you an adaptive power to face changes but also to establish intimate relationships with others, which is a fulfillment and peaceful feeling in general.

2. Communicate Openly and Honestly

There are a few factors, for each one of which is the effective communication, it consequently leads to even friendships. 

Making honest discussion with the feeling is the first step you should take. 

While discussing the issue, Please bear in mind that your approach must be sensitive enough so that your friend should not feel guilty or responsible. 

Do not be afraid to disclose your fears and concerns openly, but also give them a chance to offer something. 

By listening to them, involving empathy, we can provide support at the moment of need and create an open zone for a more profound discussion. 

The point I would like to make is that it is essential for open communication to provide respect for each other and make for better friendships.

3. Respect the New Relationship

An essential principle of making your friendship work when a friend gets a new partner is respect. 

Acknowledge that they need some time to be on their own to strengthen their relationships with their partners. 

Keeping their boundaries in mind is a gesture of understanding and solidarity that leads to their happiness and health.

Underlining your devotion and care for a friend, you show how important their friendship is to you. 

By doing so, you not only help the relationship to be stronger but also intensify its trust and respect for both of you. 

Recall that it not only indicates how much you remain by their side but also lets you be a part of the process, which brings joy and strengthens their relationship and yours. 

Take this as a chance to demonstrate to your friend that you have her interests at heart and that you are willing to go the extra mile to make this friendship strong through respect, trust, and mutual help. 

4. Adjusting Expectations

As your friend’s dynamics change, it is crucial to rethink your expectations about the amount of time you spend together and the activities you might do together. 

Recognize that you need to be flexible and adopt a pattern of life that will allow you to still have some time for yourself, your friends, and their new partners.

These shifts show your responsiveness to the evolving challenges in your friendship and your care for your friend even during changing times.

Having met in the middle makes it possible for you both to keep fostering your friendship, while at the same time, being mindful of your and your friend’s commitments and obligations.

The important part is that flexibility and understanding play the main role in the development of a firm and durable friendship through the inevitable transitions of life.

5. Expand Your Social Circle

Take advantage of your pal’s growing devotion to their new one, and use this time to branch out and socialize with other people more. 

Spend some time working at other friendships or test yourself with some new hobbies and interests. 

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Such social interaction can be found through engagement in clubs or groups that relate to one’s interests, which, in turn, serve as an open door that will always be there whenever one needs to go out and meet new people, eliminating any loneliness caused by the loss of a friend. 

Taking the advantage to these opportunities not only makes you grow as a person but also helps you to  recapture that sense of mission and connectedness outside your close friends. 

Recalling, you may discover that an individual gets to meet new people and create lasting friendships which supplement the existing close relationship.

6. Plan Quality Time

In the midst of all this transformation, you may find that building your friendship becomes a top priority.  

This can be only done through actions that are constantly taken to create a strong connection between you and your friend. 

One of the vital strategic instruments is to pay more attention to the quality moments spent together. 

Think about and implement new hobbies or customs that can create and maintain your special bond. 

This could be as simple as exploring the local nature trails, practicing a new sport together or even just hanging out in the house. 

Quality of the time we spend with others does not necessarily depend on what we do, but instead on the prospect of deeper connection and bonding that it brings. 

Whether it will be a movie at home or a weekend escape, a common hobby or not, setting some time aside to your friendship reminded both of you of the friend you have from that meeting.

7. Support Your Friend

Being a good friend thus means being supportive of your friend’s new relationship. 

It is normal to experience a full range of emotions, including jealousy and apprehension, but make sure to put your friend’s happiness first. 

Savor their happiness and be there to encourage them whenever needed, showing your firm resolve to support their relationship. 

Be there for your friend does not imply ignoring your feelings and needs. 

Openly express your emotions to your friend and create some ground rules that will be beneficial to you too. 

If you have any reservations or concerns, try to phrase them in a polite and constructive manner that will be less likely to cause them offense.

8. Handling Feelings of Exclusion

Being sad when you see your best friend begins a new relationship is quite a widespread emotion, but it is crucial to face these feelings of yours in a polite and helpful way. 

Make sure you do not let wrath and envy to harden your heart because they contaminate your relationship. 

Go ahead and let your friend you about how you are feeling. 

Confirm that you are committed to continue the friendship, and that you are open to a dialogue in order to attain an amicable solution. 

Recollect that your friend could not be in the position of knowing how their action is impacting you, therefore, communication is the only way with which the two of you can come up with a solution that will be best for both of you.


Sometimes it gets difficult to hang out with your best friend when he/she begins dating someone. 

These changes usually involve variants in the direction of communication, however with tolerance and honest communication, you can negotiate the problems that might arise. 

Go through this change as an occasion to strengthen your connection, which will become lifelong. 

Take time for each other as a priority – do not let the daily routine interfere with giving unconditional support and being understanding. 

Respond with understanding and respect to any feeling of exclusion realizing that transition for everyone can be quite hard and challenging. 

While your friendship grows, it gradually becomes a mutual undertaking to keep it alive and fruitful. 

Stick to your kind and persistent support and emphasize on the strength and resilience of that connection. 

By approaching change with openness and understanding, you will have an opportunity not only to move potential obstacles but also to build the foundation of your friendship. 

This friendship will bring you and your best friend through the difficulties of life and relationships together.  As a result you two will be even more confident in yourselves. 

Vincent Otieno

Vincent Otieno is a passionate jewelry enthusiast and writer at Getnamenecklace, an e-commerce store dedicated to offering exquisite jewelry and thoughtful gifts for your loved ones. With a keen eye for detail and a deep appreciation for the art of gift-giving, Vincent curates a collection that celebrates the beauty of craftsmanship and the joy of making family moments unforgettable.

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