12 Best Types of Christmas Lights to Try Out This Festive Season 2023

12 Best Types of Christmas Lights to Try Out This Festive Season 2023

There’s something magical about strolling through your neighborhood during the holiday season and pausing to admire the dazzling and festive decorations. 

From multicolored incandescent lights to LED lights, adorning your home with lights for the holidays has become a delightful tradition and an excellent way to embrace the Christmas spirit. 

But since there are so many different kinds of Christmas lights on the market, selecting the perfect strands for your home can be a bit overwhelming.

Come along with us as we explore the festive universe, unveiling the secrets to finding the best Christmas lights to ensure your home sparkles with joy throughout the entire season.

Types of Christmas Lights

Incandescent Lights

Incandescent Christmas lights evoke that old-world feeling, which is so warm and welcoming and makes one feel nostalgic for times past.

The “micro mini lights” are simply tiny Incandescent bulbs that fit comfortably inside plastic holders. 

They are known for a characteristic old-time look, made of filament bulbs with many sizes and colors, producing a lasting Christmas atmosphere. 

They give the kind of classic Christmas feeling needed but might cause some hiccups along the way, like flickering lights, burnt parts, or simply overheating.


  1. Timeless Charm: Incandescents embody the very essence of a traditional holiday, much like those antiquated decorations one has seen in old movies.
  1. Cost-Effective: Usually cheaper than some more sophisticated substitutes.
  1. Adjustable Brightness: It is made easy to adjust the levels of brightness for a more intimate, family-oriented experience.


  1. Energy Inefficiency: They consume more energy, leading to higher electricity expenses.
  1. Shorter Lifespan: They have a relatively short-lived life than LED lights.
  1. Heat Emission: Safety considerations may arise as they tend to turn hot.

LED Lights

LED Christmas lights are praised for their efficiency and vibrant colors that contribute modernity and an environmentally friendly feel to a holiday enhancement. 

The design of these lights utilizes LED bulbs, which is an up-to-date green design alternative. This wiring may be either in series or in parallel arrangements. 

The current flows through all lights in the series circuit before it reconnects with the power source. 

If a light fails and goes off, others coming behind won’t remain unaffected as well. Nevertheless, in the case of parallel circuits, each light is powered individually. 

When one light fades away, the other ones continue, and they can be replaced easily. Both are effective, but it would be advisable to use a parallel circuit so as not to have a half-illuminated Christmas tree.


  1. Energy Efficiency: LEDs consume little energy, thereby resulting in minimal carbon print and power bills.
  1. Longevity: The LED bulbs are more durable and will last through several holidays.
  1. Cooler Operation: LEDs emit very little heat, thus lowering the probability of fire occurrences.


  1. Initial Cost: Initial prices of LEDs might be high.
  1. Limited Warmth: Some people might prefer the warmer tones of incandescent lights since they consider LEDs to be cool.
  1. Complex Repair: The act of changing one incandescent might be easier compared to fixing broken individual LEDs.

Smart Lights

Experience the magic of the holidays with smart Christmas lights that seamlessly blend technology and tradition. 

The intelligent lamps are high-tech in that they easily enable for color, brightness, and pattern adjustment via mobile phone applications or voice commands. 

These go beyond the usual feel of holiday cheer by being programmable to allow you to avoid having to turn the lights on and off each day. 

These smart lights can also change colors, and most people prefer to have them permanently mounted without turning them off at all.


  1. Personalization: Using smart lights, one gets unlimited possibilities of creating distinctive and evolving light shows.
  1. Convenience: You can easily control your lights remotely, set up a schedule, and even connect them with other compatible devices in your smart home for a fully automated experience.
  1. Innovative Features: Allows you to engage yourself in New Year holiday festivities by incorporating color changing, mood lighting effects, dance animation patterns, or synchronization of lighting scenes with music


  1. Cost: Smart lights can be costly as compared to other options which could end up inflating the costs of holiday decorations.
  1. Technical Complexity: You may need technical skills for setup and troubleshooting.
  1. Technology Dependency: A malfunction might disrupt the lighting system, requiring troubleshooting or adjustments.

Solar-Powered Lights

Solar Christmas lights use sunlight to power up during the day, casting a festive glow on your decorations come nightfall. 

These lights feature a built-in battery charged by a compact solar panel situated in your yard. 

As the evening descends, your lights are set to shine for hours without adding to your electricity bill. 

Available in various styles akin to traditional string lights, these solar-powered options have their advantages and drawbacks.


  1. Environmentally Conscious: Solar lights diminish reliance on conventional power, reducing their environmental footprint.
  1. Cost-Efficient: Solar Christmas lights run once set up without incurring extra electricity expenses.
  1. Adaptability: Perfect for outdoor embellishments in areas with limited access to power sources.


  1. Sunlight Reliance: Performance may be restricted on overcast days or in shaded locations.
  1. Initial Expense: While economical in the long term, solar Christmas lights may involve a higher upfront investment compared to basic string lights.

Comparative Analysis

Incandescent vs. LED Lights

When deciding on Christmas lights, you have two main choices: the incandescent Christmas lights or the LED lights. 

The modern-day LED lights are successors of the incandescent lamps that were invented way back in the 1800s.

LEDs tend to be slightly more expensive than regular light bulbs but account for it by ensuring a considerable amount of savings on your energy bill.

These bulbs consume less power compared to incandescent ones, thereby allowing you to adorn your Christmas tree worry-free, as they pose minimal risk of causing a fire. 

Additionally, LEDs have an impressive lifespan of up to 25 years, meaning fewer trips to the store for replacement bulbs.

On the flip side, incandescent bulbs are more aesthetically appealing as they give out a warm “vintage” glow that many people prefer to the hues of light radiated from LEDs. 

Nevertheless, it is important to note that these bulbs can heat up very much, and therefore, it’d be better to refrain from placing such bulbs near firewood tree trunks and paper snowflakes.

Traditional vs. Smart Lights

Traditional and smart Christmas lights cater to different preferences in holiday decorations, each bringing its own set of advantages and considerations. 

The classic appeal of traditional lights, like incandescent or LED strands, lies in their timeless charm, warm glow, and conventional aesthetic. 

These lights are budget-friendly upfront, come in a variety of colors, and are easy to set up. However, they lack the advanced functionalities found in their smart counterparts.

Smart Christmas lights herald a new age of Christmas home lighting using advanced technology. 

Its colors are customized and dynamic and can be remotely controlled with no hassle via a mobile phone app or voice control. 

The inclusion of automation aspects like scheduling and syncing to music helps in creating the ideal holiday mood. 

Although they appear attractive in the modern day, these lights are pretty expensive and might need complex installation.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Suitability

The first thing that one should consider if he is going to put the Christmas lights at home is whether they will be placed indoors or outside. 

It is vital to check all labels on light products to know if they are meant for indoor purposes only, suitable for internal or external space, and for outdoor use only.

To begin with, ensure that you always look for UL-approved lights if they are meant for outdoor purposes. 

UL certification means that an independent accredited testing organization, Underwriters’ Laboratories, has certified that the product is safe and in compliance with set requirements. 

Get lights with outside-proof wires and coating to ensure that the cables are sturdy enough to withstand different weather conditions.

As for inside Christmas lights, they can burn out if they come in contact with water, winds, or snow outdoors, which could even result in some fire outbreak cases. 

If uncertain whether lamps should be used indoors or outdoors, one should choose lights suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Christmas Lights

Picking the perfect Christmas lights involves finding the right balance between creating a festive atmosphere and considering practical factors. 

Let’s explore these aspects to help you choose the ideal lights for a magical and lasting holiday display.

Energy Efficiency

Primarily, one must consider energy efficiency when picking up the Christmas lights because of environmental reasons and economic rationale too.

For example, LED bulbs use little electricity as compared to regular incandescent lightbulbs.

Despite being costly initially, LED light bulbs result in low electricity payments during their lifetime, which makes them eco-friendly.

Durability and Longevity

The choice of durable and long-lasting lights guarantees a stress-free and lasting festive season.

LED lights constructed for durability last longer with less risk of breaking than incandescent light bulbs.

Consider weather-resistant options for outdoor displays so that they last over the whole season and illuminate festively.

Aesthetic and Design

The appearance of the Christmas lights is what gives you the feeling that it’s a holiday season. 

Consider selecting suitable lights that go with your preferred theme, either a traditional incandescent glow or a flashy, customizable LED color. 

Be sure to explore various styles, as well as sizes and colors that may complement well with your overall design idea, creating a festive ambiance.

Ease of Installation and Use

When selecting Christmas lights, opt for ones that are easy to install and provide customer-oriented features such as a plug, timer, etc.

The decorated lights must be hangable, connectible, and easily handled. Get designs that will not tangle up, secure connections, and easy-to-setup. 

An easy installation means straightforward work on your part, allowing you to focus mainly on the intricate decoration rather than the intricacies of fixing.


Ensure that you budget for the type of Christmas light that you intend to purchase. 

Initially, traditional alternatives like incandescent lights are cheaper than new technologies, but they are less energy-efficient and thus costlier over time. 

Striking a balance between cost and your desired feature allows your holiday lighting to be in line with the budget you set as well as the decorating intention.

Safety Features

Safety should be a top priority in your holiday decorating. Choose lights with safety features such as low-heat emission, overload protection, and certification from reputable organizations. 

LED lights, for example, generate less heat than incandescent ones, reducing the risk of fire hazards. 

Prioritizing safety ensures that your festive display enchants without compromising the well-being of your home and loved ones.

Examples Of Best Christmas Lights 

Examples of Incandescent Christmas Lights

  1. Opaque Multicolor Christmas Lights

Opaque Multicolor Christmas Lights offer a delightful touch of nostalgia with their classic incandescent bulb design, particularly the charming oversized C7 bulbs. 

The retro-style lights, adorned with frosted bulbs, bring a warm and comforting feel to your holiday decorations. 

Measuring 25 feet per strand, they are ideal for indoor tree trimming, though a bit short for extensive outdoor use unless you’re open to purchasing multiple strands. 

You can connect up to three strings, extending the length to 75 feet, a crucial factor when planning your decorative layout. 

While these lights boast a timeless vintage charm and bright visibility, their warmth may not match the cool glow of LEDs. 

Despite a shorter lifespan compared to LEDs, they can last for years with occasional bulb replacements. You can find the link for purchase here.

  1. Minetom Incandescent Bulb Christmas Lights

Minetom Incandescent Bulb Christmas Lights, available in various colors such as warm-white and blue, feature 100 incandescent lights per strand. 

Opting for the clear, warm white bulbs provides that familiar amber glow synonymous with traditional Christmas ambiance. 

With a straightforward design, constant lighting mode, and IP44 waterproof rating, these lights are versatile for both indoor and outdoor use. 

The individual illumination of each bulb ensures that if one goes out, the entire strand remains lit. 

You can connect up to five strands, and the package includes a spare fuse and two spare bulbs. While the simplicity of these lights is a strong suit, they offer only one lighting mode.

You can find the link for purchase here.

  1. Wayfair Basics® 100-Light String Light

The Wayfair Basics 100-Light String Light captures the timeless charm of classic holiday decor, emitting a warm, golden hue that evokes the cozy ambiance of yesteryear’s festive celebrations. 

The bulbs, available in various shapes and strung on green or white wire, seamlessly blend with your tree or exterior. 

The incandescent glow adds a touch of sentimental magic to your holiday display, making it a popular choice for those seeking a traditional Christmas atmosphere. 

Pros include the warm aesthetic and affordability, but cons encompass higher energy consumption and a shorter lifespan compared to LED alternatives.

You can find the link for purchase here.

Examples of LED Christmas Lights

  1. AWQ C9 LED Christmas String Lights

AWQ C9 LED Christmas String Lights offer a fantastic cone-light option with three different color schemes. 

You can choose between 49-foot (50 lights) or 81-foot (100 lights) strands, allowing customization based on your decorating space. 

These lights are connectable up to five sets, enabling you to create the perfect length. 

While the bulbs are eight inches apart, the lights boast a generous 16.4-foot lead for a convenient initial setup. However, connecting strands end to end may require zip ties to handle unlit sections. 

The lights feature eight modes, but they reset to the default setting when turned off, which might be a bit inconvenient. 

The included timer (six hours on, 18 hours off) makes them a hassle-free choice for daily use. 

Keep in mind that the power adapter is not waterproof, so it should stay indoors despite the lights being weather-resistant. You can find the link for purchase here.

  1. Yuletime LED Christmas Lights

Yuletime LED Christmas Lights showcase a classic bulb shape with a tangle-free design. 

The string comprises 200 lights with a four-inch spacing per strand and a short six-inch lead and tail. 

Perfect for tree decoration, these lights stay cool to the touch, providing peace of mind regarding flammable materials. 

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the green cable conceals wires effectively. 

The series-parallel circuit structure ensures that even if a bulb breaks during setup, the rest of the string will still function. 

UL-certified and equipped with an inline reflector, these lights minimize flickering. Reviews praise the quick and responsive customer service, especially for damaged or faulty lights.

You can find the link for purchase here.

  1. Outylts Waterproof String Lights

Outylts Waterproof String Lights, despite being small, offer brightness in packages of 300 or 800 lights. 

With end-to-end plugs and a six-foot lead, they are available in various colors, making them versatile for Christmas or even Halloween. 

Waterproof and meeting safety standards, these lights can withstand both indoor and outdoor conditions. 

Connect up to four strands for a total of either 1,200 or 3,200 lights, and easily toggle between eight lighting modes with the remote switch. 

User reviews highlight their durability in cold weather, rain, and snow. However, proper storage is recommended to prevent tangling, a common issue with string lights. 

You can find the link for purchase here.

Examples of Smart Christmas Lights

  1. Twinkly Smart LED String Lights

Explore the magic of Twinkly Smart LED String Lights as they offer full customization through a user-friendly app. 

Program your lights to twinkle like stars, form a heart, or resemble a glittery candy cane from a wide array of pre-made effects. 

The options are limitless, with over 16 million colors to choose from. The LED lights are not only bright and vibrant but also syncable with music through an additional dongle. 

You can effortlessly set them up by plugging in the lights, downloading the app, and following on-screen instructions for Bluetooth or WiFi connection. 

You can also enjoy the convenience of voice control with Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant. 

Despite being pricier than regular lights, the investment pays off for those seeking complete customizability and smart features. You can find the link for purchase here.

  1. Govee Christmas lights

Consider Govee Christmas lights as an affordable option for indoor or outdoor holiday decor. 

This 66-foot string of 200 programmable mini-LEDs is versatile, with an IP65 rating allowing for both indoor and outdoor use. 

Get creative with various wrapping and hanging possibilities, and once set up, program the lights to display 16 million colors with pre-programmed effects or sync them with music. 

Control is at your fingertips through Alexa voice commands or the user-friendly Govee mobile app. You can find the link for purchase here.

  1. Nanoleaf Shapes smart lighting.

If you’re into artistic lighting, Nanoleaf Shapes smart lighting offers a unique twist. 

Comprising nine hexagon-shaped app-controlled tiles, this LED kit provides more than 16 million color options. 

The Nanoleaf app allows easy selection from numerous pre-created animated patterns, syncing with music, or choosing custom colors and patterns. 

These decorative lights can add a festive touch during the holidays, mimicking traditional Christmas lights. 

Expansion kits are available for those wanting to go beyond nine tiles, providing the flexibility to mix and match hexagonal and triangular shapes for personalized wall patterns. 

Each tile attaches using removable mounting tape, allowing for easy adjustments and rearrangements. You can find the link for purchase here. 

Examples of Solar Powered Christmas Lights

  1. Vmanoo Solar Powered String Lights

Vmanoo Solar Powered String Lights are the hassle-free solution to your holiday lighting needs. 

These solar-powered lights eliminate the need for outlets, battery changes, timers, or remote controls. 

Thanks to a built-in sensor, they automatically illuminate when ambient light decreases, offering approximately eight hours of runtime per charge. 

With a generous 72-foot length, they’re perfect for adorning smaller trees, bushes, rooflines, or door frames. 

Choose from pale white, warm white, multicolored, or blue to achieve your desired holiday ambiance. 

The only drawback is that they’re not suitable for indoor use, requiring access to sunlight for power and darkness to activate. You can find the link for purchase here.

  1. Huacenmy’s Solar Strawberry String Lights

The Huacenmy’s Solar Strawberry String Lights will offer you a unique touch to your holiday lighting. 

They are solar-powered vintage lights mimicking the feel of an incandescent bulb. It consists of over four strands available on 50 or 100 lights and a 2-inch or 2.5-inch’ bulb each. 

The lighting system consists of strands with individual solar panels placed facing the sun. In this way, each strand can provide light for as long as 8 hours. 

They are, however, only available in multicolor, which makes them ideal for creating a retro look. You can find the link for purchase here.

  1. Brighttown Solar-powered fairy lights

If you’re aiming for modern and aesthetically pleasing outdoor lighting, check out Brighttown’s Solar-powered fairy lights. 

These lights have become quite popular, with positive testimonials on e-commerce sites outshining other solar-powered fairy lights. 

They are available in different color options like warm white, blue, green, multicolor, pink, pure white, and purple, among others. 

Each strand comprises approximately 33 feet of copper wire carrying one hundred LED lights. They are ideal for subtle Christmas displays as well as balcony Christmas decorations. 

Find the link to purchase here.


Christmas lights act as a bright thread that weaves together comfort and joyfulness in the colorful quilt of Christmas traditions. 

Whether you go for nostalgic incandescent lights or energy-efficient LEDs, there is something magical about each of these options that will cast a spell over the season. 

A perfect Christmas light should be able to speak deeply into your heart, filling your home with a feeling of happiness and belonging during the festivities. 

In the end, the magic of Christmas lights lies not just in the illumination they provide but the fulfillment associated with them.

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