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16 Personalized Gifts to Get a Boy for Valentine’s Day

Planning to get a boy a gift is bliss until you begin looking for an item to give. For Valentine’s Day especially, getting a boy a perfect gift could be harder considering your relationship type and the type of feelings you want him to feel. In addition, finding a gift that matches his personality and needs could be tough. 

To know what to get a boy for Valentine’s, you should find out his wishes beforehand by listening and observing him. This will give you ideas on what to give him. After you do this, all you need now is a list of items to help you decide what to give.

In this article, we will show you some items you can give as Valentine’s Day gifts to a boy.

1. Personalized Baseball & Softball Sports Number Necklace with Name

This personalized baseball & softball sports number necklace with a name is a stainless steel necklace whose pendant can be customized to be your friend’s favorite baseball or softball number. The pendant has baseball stitches to make it more realistic.

The necklace is available in silver, gold, rose gold, and black, which gives you a variety of choices. You can choose the one that is most flexible with your friend’s style and personality for it to be more special to him.

2. Personalized Baby Boxing Gloves

These personalized baby boxing gloves are a cute gift to give to your friend if he is younger, has young children, or simply has tiny hands. They are made of soft breathable leather and are available in various colors. 

The wrist section can be embroidered with names or inspirational words the boxer can look at while he exercises. This personalization will always make them eager to do some boxing.

3. Customized Name Birthday Money Holder

This customized name birthday money holder is a basswood box that is decorated and used to put money in to present it as a gift to someone creatively. The details added to the box will depend on what decoration categories you choose. 

Other than detailing, you can also customize the box with your friend’s name to add a feeling of personalization. After receiving the money, your friends can also reuse the box to store little items or notes that are capable of getting lost easily.

4. Personalized Letter Patch Hat for Kids

This personalized letter patch hat for kids is a wonderful gift idea, especially for a baseball fan. It is a polyester hat that has a cutout initial letter of your friend’s name stitched on at the font. The initial is outlined with gold embellishments making the hat stand out and look stylish. The hat is available in various colors and sizes to choose from.

5. Personalized Cross Name Bracelet

A personalized cross-name bracelet may be what was missing in your relationship with a boy for it to be stronger. This stylish piece is a silver-colored beaded bracelet with a cross pendant and spare beads in it that carry the name of your friend letter by letter. 

This bracelet is as stylish as it comes because of the authentic silver beads used. Your friend will appreciate such an original and stylish gift.

6. Personalized Dog Bogg Bag Charm

This personalized dog bogg bag charm is a 3D acrylic pet bag charm that your friend can stick onto his pet’s bag. This charm can be customized by the pet’s breed, dictating its outline and imprinting its name on the charm. 

You can also pick out the color you want from a variety of colors. This will be an ideal gift that will strengthen your relationship with your friend. The pet may also feel a connection forming between you and them.

7. What I Love About You Fill-in-the-Book

The What I Love About You fill-in-the-book is a friendship journal that is meant to be shared between you and your friend. It has one hundred and twelve pages where your friend can express what he loves about you under different subtitles. 

You’ll also do the same when the pages are full; you exchange journals and see how much your friend loves you. This gift is a bond strengthener, and your friend will love it.

8. Money Soap

Money soap will take your friend’s bathing to the next level because this is a soap that is designed to have money inside that they can keep once the soap runs out. It is fragranced using orange and peach oils and made from Shea butter and glycerin. 

There are still other fragrances that you can pick from at the online store. These natural ingredients will also make your friend’s skin glow up. This creative gift will certainly put a smile on his face.

9. Heart Plush

The heart plush is a cute pillow that looks like a heart with a smiley face on it. The material that coats it is soft and the colors used like pink and blue enhance the cuddling experience for your friend. 

This plush is suitable for all ages because everyone deserves a cuddle buddy who’s heart-shaped and smiling. The heart shape is also metaphoric for the love you share with your friend.

10. Spider-Man Pop It

This Spiderman Pop It is a plastic Spiderman face mask that has little pop-ups on it that can be pressed for fun. It is a perfect gift to keep your friend always busy popping whenever they’re bored. 

It is most suitable for young people and can also help bring down anxiety in them because popping the protrusions helps the mind shift its focus from overwhelming thoughts. It is easily washable and portable, making it a perfect gift for a young boy.

11. Red Dragon Hooded Towel

This red dragon hooded towel is another goofy yet thoughtful gift for a boy. It is made of highly absorbent cotton with a hood that is designed to look like a red dragon. Whenever your friend wears this, he will feel cozy because of the material and bold because of the dragon-based additional features. It is an excellent gift for a young boy.

12. Moon Lamp

This moon lamp is a cute decorative piece of lightning that can be used as a nightlight or room decor. It is designed to look exactly like a moon’s appearance as it is usually seen from Earth, and can light up in 16 colors. 

It is also remote-controlled, USB rechargeable, and can be timed for how long it should remain on. It will increase room aesthetics, too, adding one more reason why it will easily become invaluable to your friend.

13. Chocolate Game Controller

The chocolate game controller is a creative gift perfect for a boy. It is simply an edible game controller made of quality chocolate. It is packaged in a lovely box and could easily be mistaken for a normal game controller. 

You can use this gift’s feature to prank your friend into thinking it is a normal controller to make things more fun and memorable before he gets to munch down the chocolatey goodness.

14. Mustache Heart T-Shirt

This mustache heart t-shirt is a lightweight boy’s cotton t-shirt. At its front, a picture of a heart shape with a mustache is imprinted. This could symbolize the love you have for your friend that has grown and matured to become a healthy friendship between you both. 

The t-shirt is available in a variety of colors and customizable sizes to fit your friend’s preferences. Its simple yet creative features will make your friend always prefer wearing this shirt.

15. ‘Love’ Beaded Leather Bracelet

This ‘Love’ beaded leather bracelet is another wonderful gift to give a boy on Valentine’s Day. It is a stackable beaded necklace that is designed for the beads to spell out the word ‘LOVE’. The base for the beads is leather, and it can have words engraved on its inside. 

The bracelet is closeted by slide closure, making it easily suitable for all wrist sizes. In addition to looking stylish, getting this necklace would empower young bead makers to make a difference through their talent. You can get this bracelet for your friend in his preferred color and make him feel special on Valentine’s Day.

16. Love Stinks Whoopee Cushions

This love-stink whoopee cushion is a hilarious gift choice that will be perfect if your friend has recently gone through a major heartbreak. This whoopee cushion will easily help get a laugh out of the situation once anyone sits on it and gets the idea of love stinking. 

Your friend can use it to play pranks on unsuspecting people and create valuable memories where people laugh together. If your friend is cheeky, then this gift will unleash his mischievous side. For you to bond better, you can prank each other and other people with this whoopee cushion together.


We hope that you find the perfect Valentine’s gift for a boy in the examples we have discussed with you. Boys are generally stereotyped to be simple and goofy. This is true for some boys and also to a certain extent, so you can use this knowledge to know what they would prefer for Valentine’s Day and even help you with your presentation.

If your friend is more reserved, you can also get him a gift that will suit him and make him happy. 

All in all, for all boys, be thoughtful by observing what they wish for and like so that you get ideas on what to give as a Valentine’s gift.

Vincent Otieno

Vincent Otieno is a passionate jewelry enthusiast and writer at Getnamenecklace, an e-commerce store dedicated to offering exquisite jewelry and thoughtful gifts for your loved ones. With a keen eye for detail and a deep appreciation for the art of gift-giving, Vincent curates a collection that celebrates the beauty of craftsmanship and the joy of making family moments unforgettable.

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