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16 Unique And Thoughtful Soccer Mom Gifts

Being a soccer mom can be both fun and exhausting. It’s fun to support your child as they grow up playing their favorite sport, but the dedication and commitment you need to put in without fail is something that can go unnoticed and unappreciated too.

This is why when deciding the gift to give a soccer mom, always go for the most unique and thoughtful gifts. One of the ways to do this is to get them personalized gifts that show that you notice them, or simply gifts that add comfort to their life.

In this article, we will show you some gifts that you can give a soccer mom to make her feel special.

1. Personalized Football Shape Glitter Triple-Layer Jersey Number Earrings

These personalized football-shaped glitter triple-layer jersey number earrings are an excellent gift to give. 

They are made of stainless steel hooks and layered football-shaped cutouts decorated with blue and silver sequins for the inner two layers and a leather cutout for the outer layer. The outer layer is designed to look like a football and has the soccer child’s jersey number on it. 

These earrings will make both the soccer mom and the soccer child feel supported and noticed because both of them will benefit by feeling seen. This gift will quickly become an all-time favorite.

2. Custom Player Number Earrings

These custom player number earrings are another great gift to give to a soccer mom. They are customized acrylic earrings made with a silver needle. 

The acrylic part is designed to look like the soccer child’s player number below the type of ball they play with. The colors used can also be customized to match the team’s colors. 

You can make the soccer mom’s earrings large or small enough according to their preference. These earrings will say a lot whenever she steps out to support her child, and will automatically cause a confidence boost and shift the odds.

3. Personalized Tumbler Topper

This personalized tumbler topper is an acrylic customizable decoration for your soccer mom’s cups, bottles, and tumblers. They are customized to fit different tumbler sizes without fail including 20oz, 30oz, and 64oz. 

They can also have a picture customized on it such as a family picture or a picture of the soccer child’s best moments on the field. The nameplate cup tag can also be customized with pictures of the soccer mom’s team, team colors, or team numbers.

4. Folding Cane Chair

This folding cane chair is a thoughtful gift to give a soccer mom considering the much standing up that is done by the cheer team. 

It is a foldable chair that also has integrated holding parts on it to carry her stuff. There is also a side pocket, a 4-can cooler, and a cup holder compartment on it. 

It is made of polyester and metal alloy material that makes it light and easy to carry around. This gift can also be multi-purposely used in camping or fishing trips that may be planned later.

5. Stadium Seats and Cushions

These stadium seats and cushions will make your soccer mom’s cheering a whole lot easier. They are portable polyester stadium seat cushions that are adjustable to 5 reclining positions. The polyester fabric makes it durable due to its strength properties and so does the firm metal frame. 

Its back is extra padded to reduce back discomfort and it also has a shoulder strap that makes carrying it a lot easier. This will make a great gift for a soccer mom who attends games at a stadium or hall.

6. Women’s Living That Soccer Mom Life T-shirt Cute Sports Tee

Women’s Living That Soccer Mom Life T-shirt cute sports tee is a very supportive and well-thought-out gift to give a soccer mom. 

This is a short-sleeved poly-cotton blend t-shirt with the words, “living that soccer mom life” printed on it. It is slim-fitted and the words on it are printed in a fun font with game balls added to give it more context. 

The cotton material is breathable and absorbent while being durable making it perfect to wear when you’re unsettled and cheering for a long time. It is available in black so field dirt and stains will not be easily visible.

7. Water Bottles

This water bottle is an obvious necessity for a cheering soccer mom. This is a Tritan water bottle that is odot and plastic-free making it environmentally friendly. 

It has a capacity of one liter and a flippable smart lock feature that allows it to be leak-proof even when tilted but also easy to open. 

This bottle also has timestamps that tell you when to drink water and in what amounts making it perfect for soccer moms who forget to drink water or need to regulate their intake. It is available in various pretty colors so just pick the one your soccer mom would like the most.

8. Folding Wagon

This folding wagon is another awesome gift. It is a foldable plastic utility wagon that also has an adjustable handle. The adjustable handle can lock for easy steering and it is also easy to set up.


This is fitting for a soccer mom whose soccer child has a lot of game equipment that needs to be carried around. This gift will be thoughtful of you to both the soccer mom and her child.

9. Soccer ball

A soccer ball is a great gift for a soccer mom who may also be into playing the sport. These soccer balls are available in blue and yellow designs and come with a pump. They are made of faux leather and foam which are sturdy materials to use. 

The balls are available in sizes 3,4, and 5 which are the regulation sizes for youth and coaches. Your soccer mom will love playing with this colorful ball and will surely improve her skills.

10. Heated Socks

These heated socks are also an amazing gift for a soccer mom. They are thermal socks that have infrared heating elements fitted in them that can be electrically charged to give them heat energy.


They are made of spandex and they can keep the feet warm for up to five hours when used after being fully charged. 

The heat to the feet increases blood circulation which keeps the feet healthy and repaired, especially after a long day of soccer cheering.

11. Soccer mom tent

This soccer mom tent is a weather pod that is made from high-quality polyester taffeta material that is waterproof. It is easy to set up and only requires four stakes to be installed at the sides to increase its stability. 

The transparent windows remain clear even with raindrops so your soccer mom’s view won’t be blocked while watching the match. She can also use this pod on camping trips and vacations when enjoying the outdoors.

12. Umbrella

This umbrella would make a most outstanding gift for a soccer mom. It is brilliantly designed to have an airflow canopy to eliminate inversion, an auto-open button, a fiberglass shaft to stop it from bending and eliminate rusting and heaviness, and a rubber tip and strong frame for durability and safety. 

It is available in three different sizes and colors, so you can have a chance to make it more personalized for your soccer mom.

13. Weatherproof Jacket 

This weatherproof jacket is also a great gift that will come in handy during games played in harsh weather. 

It is a ladies’ waterproof jacket made from breathable cotton and durable lightweight nylon. It has enough pockets including an inside one for security, and cord adjustable cuffs for warmth. 

These features make it suitable for activities in harsh weather, keeping the soccer mom warm and comfortable amidst cheering.

14. Breathable tank tops

These breathable tank tops are mesh racerback tops made from breathable polyester and spandex material. They are also lightweight and absorbent, so they will absorb sweat and prevent the top from sticking to the body. 

There are separate designs under the same brand with wider mesh holes for extra sweat absorption and breathability. They are perfect for hot and sunny days cheers, on other days can be used for yoga or jogging.

15. Waterproof blanket

This waterproof blanket is a handy gift for a soccer mom. It is a breathable, waterproof, and lightweight blanket made from anti-sliding quilted fleece and polyurethane. 

It is very large and thick and also has a hidden pocket for the soccer mom to keep her things safe while watching the game. 

Laundering can be made easy using a machine washer and it can easily be stuffed into a sack for transport. Your soccer mom will have herself well taken care of using this blanket as she cheers on during the cold days.

16. Soccer Mom Beach Towel

The soccer mom beach towel would make an excellent gift. It is a microfiber beach towel that is imprinted with the words, “soccer mom” on it. It is large enough to wrap around the body and has the qualities of microfiber, which are that it’s soft and absorbent. 

This towel will let people know how proud she is of her little player while also keeping her comfortable and dry at the beach.


We hope that you will find the perfect gift for the soccer mom you know in our suggestions. Remember to make the gift personalized is possible to make it more special. 

You can also observe what she needs or wants most not just during the cheering at games, but also in life. You can then customize that into something to do with being a soccer mom. Wrap it up well and give it to her on special or normal days to keep her feeling appreciated and loved.

Vincent Otieno

Vincent Otieno is a passionate jewelry enthusiast and writer at Getnamenecklace, an e-commerce store dedicated to offering exquisite jewelry and thoughtful gifts for your loved ones. With a keen eye for detail and a deep appreciation for the art of gift-giving, Vincent curates a collection that celebrates the beauty of craftsmanship and the joy of making family moments unforgettable.

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