18 Mother’s Day Necklace With Names And Birthstones To Give You Favorite Person
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18 Mother’s Day Necklace With Names And Birthstones To Give You Favorite Person

On Mother’s Day, we all want to make our mothers feel special through the gifts we give them. 

They have shown us so much devotion and sacrifice, and it’s only right to appreciate them without holding back. 

There are various gifts, and you only have to pick the one best fitting for her, considering her desires and personality.

This article will show you the best necklace and ring gift ideas to make your mom feel proud and celebrated.

1. Personalized Mama Bear Necklace

The personalized mama bear necklace is a great gift to give your mother. It is a stainless steel necklace with a mama bear representing the mother and some bear cubs clinging to or following her. This symbolizes your mother and siblings. Mama bears are known for their motherly care and love for their cubs, making this the perfect gift for your mother.

The design of the pendant and engravings of her children’s names will announce that she is a proud mother and at the same time look cute.

2. Engraved Double Heart Birthstone Ring

The engraved double heart birthstone ring sterling silver is a beautiful addition to your partner’s jewelry box. It is an 18k gold plated ring with two hearts on it with your two birthstones and two names engraved. It has a wave that joins two hearts, symbolizing eternal love.

This ring is perfect to remind her of your mutual love while looking good on her finger.

3. Custom Heart Birthstone Engraved Ring

The custom heart birthstone engraved ring is a wonderful ring. It has the birthstones of all the children put on it and their names engraved. Give this to your mother or grandmother and get to her soft spot for you. 

The birthstones add to their shine and go hand in hand with the gold plating that adds elegance.

You can add the children’s names on the ring or any other cute message for her to put a random smile on her face every time she sees it.

4. Personalized Bone Shaped Name Ring 

This personalized bone-shaped name ring is the perfect ring for dog lovers. Dogs love bones so this will be fitting for her. It also gives a break from all the birthstones hence it is perfect for casual wear.

It is a sterling silver ring with a bone on it that can engrave her beloved dog’s name. With this, she can look cute and carry her dog’s memory wherever she goes.

5. Engraved 5 Heart-Shaped Birthstones Ring

This engraved 5 heart-shaped birthstone ring is an elegant ring. It is a gold-plated sterling silver ring that has 5 heart-shaped birthstones on it. The gold plating and polished birthstones make the ring shimmer and add a touch of class.

You can have the children’s names engraved on the ring in beautiful designs so she to have her children close to her whenever she has the ring on.

6. Baby Feet 3 Names Necklace

With this baby feet 3 name necklace, she’ll never forget the first time she held you and the other memorable moments she had when you were young. It is an 18k gold necklace with adorable baby feet engraved with the name of her children.

Any mother would love to have this necklace. It is a beautiful way to remember her children, especially their early years.

7. Engraved Celtic Band Birthstone Ring In Rose Gold

The engraved Celtic band birthstone ring in rose gold has a Celtic knot representing eternity due to its connected lines. If you’re from one of the Celtic nations, then this gift will show pride in your heritage. This symbolism makes it even more sentimental. 

It is a sterling silver ring coated in rose gold with your mother’s birthstone and three other smaller stones surrounding it. The smaller birthstone addition makes it look more appealing. You can have a cute phrase engraved at the ring shank for her to show her your love.

8. Personalized Name Belt Buckle

Your mother will look great in this personalized name belt buckle. This is perfect if she doesn’t mind the attention and if she is into hip-hop culture. It is a large belt buckle made of brass or stainless steel with her name customized in any design you want.

The buckle can be silver or gold colored, and the name can be enclosed in a circle or square shape. It will look great with dark-colored outfits and is certain to turn heads positively.

9. Engraved One Heart Birthstone Ring

Another creatively designed ring is this engraved one-heart birthstone ring. The ring is made of sterling silver and has a shiny CZ on the ring band. It is embellished with your mother’s birthstone and engravings of cute phrases you want to encourage her with or simply make her smile or laugh.

Its numerous jewels make it look posh and ideal for attending high-end ceremonies.

10. Forever Together Engraved Birthstone Necklace

This forever-together engraved birthstone necklace will be a perfect reminder of the love between you and your partner. It is made of sterling silver and has a heart-shaped pendant with your birthstones and names engraved.

The heart usually gives a visual representation of two people hugging. Hence this necklace is symbolic of your eternal love. The birthstone addition adds to its shimmer and personalization. This necklace will definitely make her feel special and loved.

11. Rose Heart Birthstone Necklace With A Initial Round Tag

The rose heart birthstone necklace with an initial round tag will make her smile when she receives it. It is a beautiful necklace with the pendant being a beautiful rose flower and a small circular tag with her initials for personalization. 

The rose is a flower that represents love so this necklace will be a perfect way of expressing your love for your mother or partner. 

You can wear it in any setting as it looks classy and casual or informal.

12. Infinity Necklace with Birthstone Pendant

Infinity necklaces show the never-ending connection between two people because of the infinity sign whose shape is a never-ending loop. This makes the infinity birthstone necklace knot design a perfect gift to represent this connection.

It is made of sterling silver and has a birthstone pendant to make it look more personalized and simple. Its simple yet creative design makes it ideal for formal or informal wear.

13. I Love You To The Moon and Back Necklace

As the name suggests, it is a necklace with the words, ”I love you to the moon and back“ engraved. Its pendant is heart-shaped, and these words are engraved in stylish fonts. It is made of sterling silver, and its brilliantly twisted pendant will have your mother’s birthstone.

I love you to the Moon and back birthstone heart necklace will show your mother the extent of your love for her in a cute and fancy way. She is sure to adore this gift.

14. Engraved Name Sterling Silver Twisted Ring

The engraved name sterling silver twisted ring is a tasteful ring made of sterling silver and has a twist-like design with embellishments and engravings of words or characters of your choice.

It can be given to your partner to show your connection and love due to the loop formed by the twist. The silver color makes it look lavish and ideal for a luxurious event.

15. Custom Engraved Stacking Monogram Ring

This custom engraved stacking monogram ring is actually collectively three stackable rings. They are made of sterling silver and are accented with the shiny cubic zirconia mineral. The middle ring is square shaped and the others are the normal circular shape.

The rings can be worn separately or all at once depending on the fashion statement to be made. Its accents look exquisite making it perfect for classy events.

16. Dainty Choker Chain Necklace with Compass Pendant

This dainty stacking choker chain necklace with a compass pendant is a fabulous stackable necklace that can still be worn as separate necklaces.

It is made of strong sterling silver and has creatively designed chain sequences and a brilliant pendant addition. It is ideal for any occasion and outfit, making it a stylish gift for your mother.

17. Personalized Steering Wheel Name & Birthstone Necklace

The personalized steering wheel name & birthstone necklace is other symbolically designed necklace.

It is wheel-shaped with the word “MOM” in the middle, surrounded by her children’s names and their birthstones. How the children’s names are designed to surround the name “MOM” symbolizes their love and support for their mother.

The necklace can have up to eight birthstones and engraved names.

18. Personalized Heart Birthstone Necklace

 The personalized heart birthstone necklace is a stunning piece of jewelry, ideal for everyday wear. It is made of durable brass and has the heart-shaped birthstones of the whole family or the children attached to it.

This necklace is perfect for mothers who love the gleaming type of jewelry because the birthstones and chain have a prominent sparkle. 


The jewelry discussed in this article is an excellent example of gifts you could give this Mother’s Day. Make your mother, wife, or friend feel special by giving her one. You could seek help in picking the right gift from family or friends and go all out to ensure she is truly happy to receive your gift.

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