30 Surefire Love SMSs To Make Her Cry
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30 Surefire Love SMSs To Make Her Cry

Experiencing love is one of the best feelings ever. When you have someone you can mutually share these feelings with, it should be your urge to keep making them feel this way.

For your girlfriend, there are many ways that you can make her feel loved, such as gifts and picnics. However, the most effective way of doing this is by getting this engraving into her emotions. Do this by sincerely expressing your feelings for her.

In this article, we will show you some love SMSs to make her cry.

Love SMS to Show Your Vulnerability

Not many many women get to see and freely be involved in their man’s weaknesses. Showing your vulnerability will make her feel trusted because she will know that his delicate parts are safe when exposed to you.

  1. I could tell you I love you, but that will be a lie, for what I feel is a connection like no other.
  1. I want our souls to meet and merge. I want to feel you in my being so that my half-soul is complete.
  1. Just like Emily Bronte said, whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.
  1. You’re the other half of my heart and soul, and nothing will ever take that away.
  1. I will always fight for you because you are my queen, and I cannot rule this kingdom. I will never give you up without a fight. 

Rekindling Romance with Nostalgic Messages

Memories are more than just the past. They carry feelings. You can remind your girlfriend of the nostalgic times of your relationship to make her (and you) feel mushy inside.

  1. Your eyes are like a maze, getting lost in your gaze is my favorite game, than finding myself again, but I would rather get lost in you.
  1. I would forget everything else, and indulge in you for all eternity, I want to enjoy the calmness and serenity it brings.
  1. I can handle the reality of life with you because I know I can hold your hand and feel the same calmness and familiarity that I need to win all my battles.
  1. I love you, not just infatuated with you. This is the type of love that I choose to indulge in, and not just easily feeling it.
  1. From the moment I saw you I knew that there was something different about you. I even felt it in my toes that we were meant to be.

Conveying Your Longing in Text

Who doesn’t love being missed? It makes you feel special to the person. Letting your girlfriend know that you miss her will make her feel this way and your relationship will be stronger.

  1. Sometimes I wish that time could stop, so we wouldn’t have to worry about outgrowing each other.
  1. We could spend an eternity together not worrying about anything else but the sound of our hearts beating together, the symphony of our breathing.
  1.  I’ve found calmness in the storm of our love. I would choose a day of fulfillment with you rather than an eternity without you.
  1. I  will always choose you even on the days it’s tough, I will always love you even on the days you doubt it.
  1. You’re always on my mind. Your presence brightens my world and being away from you feels like the seconds are dragged and the hours long. I can’t help but daydream about the moments we’ll share together again. You’re my missing piece.

Messages That Show Your Appreciation

Appreciation for any little thing done by your girlfriend will make her feel noticed. Girls need to know that you are paying attention to them, and this ought to do the trick.

  1. Thank you for daring to dream. Without your courageousness in my life, I wouldn’t have ever left my comfort zone.
  1.  I became a complete man the moment you said yes. You seem to be the key to success. Your being in my life has given me opportunities for financial growth.
  1. We have achieved more as a team than  I would have as an individual. I always yearned to comfortably say we did it, babe.
  1. Some may say that you are beautiful, a rose flower to everyone. I say everyone can love a rose flower, but it takes someone special to love the whole rose plant, with all the leaves and thorns, for it’s what completes the rose ensuring its survival.
  1. I am the luckiest man in the world because I not only landed an outwardly beautiful woman, but a kind, spiritual, and considerate woman.

Apology SMS to Melt Her Heart

Every girl wishes for an emotionally intelligent man who knows how to own his mistakes and apologize. A sincere apology will soothe her soul. Let your text show her this and you’re on the right track.

  1. I’m so sorry for the pain I caused you, I didn’t mean to hurt you, and I deeply regret that my impulsive behavior brought you hurt.
  1. You are very important to me, and I don’t want to lose you. Please forgive me, I’ll do anything to make it right, I promise to be more mindful of your emotions.
  1. My heart aches knowing I caused you pain, I’m sorry for my behavior, it was thoughtless, impulsive, and hurtful.
  1. You deserve to be treated with respect and love, and I am willing to make it my mission to be a better partner for you and offer nothing less than what you deserve, I hope you find it in your heart to forgive me.
  1. I’m sorry but I know words cannot scrape what you are feeling. I’m at your mercy now, you can drown me in sadness, or make me happy again.

SMS to Remind Her of Special Moments

These kinds of messages will need you to add more emotion. Don’t be afraid to send a lengthy text too. The special moments are between you both and only you two can truly understand what they mean to you.

  1. If someone asks if I can die for you, I’ll do it within a heartbeat, but I am willing to live for you, to go through whatever life brings to us, to climb all the mountains and cross all the rivers with you.
  1. Let’s remain a team, for better and for worse. It’s easy to run, but I’m willing to hold your hand and face the world together.
  1. Us against the world, a strong team, we can overcome anything together, we just have to decide to live for each other rather than die for each other.
  1. During all the times I have felt like giving up, I remember that you’ll always be waiting for me. You are my shining light and you make even the darkest of days bright.
  1. Every time I look at you, I see how everything will play out between us. Our love is the safest place I’ve been and I am sure that we will grow old together.

Professing Your Love Through Text

Professing your love through text may be considered by some, but sometimes you just can’t wait anymore. Take this chance to make her feel like the only woman you love. Don’t make her feel like she was an option. Instead, make her know that it was always her from the beginning.

  1. Times change but my love for you will never change, it’s as solid as a rock.
  1. Even if I’m asked how many times you came to mind, it’s only once because you came and never left. You’re constantly in my mind, not as a pleasure but as my own being.
  1. It was all darkness and chaos, then I met you, the light at the end of the tunnel, shining so brightly gave me the motivation to find the energy within to finish the race.
  1. You always light my candle and warm me up on cold days. I intend to keep your fire burning, for all the days that I walk this surface of the earth.
  1. You are my rose flower. Let me water the rose, take care of it till it blooms, there isn’t a single day I’m not proud of what you’ve become, and how beautiful you grow to be.


Making your girlfriend remember your good times is a simple yet still effective way of making your girlfriend feel loved. This shows her that your love comes with attention and emotional security. Your relationship will not only grow but will also become strengthened if you regularly send her these SMSs.

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