32+ Birthday Wishes to Wish Your Best Friend Female a Very Happy Birthday
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32+ Birthday Wishes to Wish Your Best Friend Female a Very Happy Birthday

Do you want to make the birthday of your female best friend memorable? A good birthday wish can help you do so. If you don’t know how to write the best birthday wishes, don’t worry. Here we have listed some great birthday wishes for a female best friend. Read on to find out the one that you love!

Birthday wishes for your female best friend

  1. One more year down. Three hundred sixty-five more days have added to your experience. Remember, you are not getting older but a better person every year!
  2. Happiest birthday, my best friend! I can’t thank God enough for blessing me with such a fantastic friend.
  3. I can never forget the days you stood by me. For me, you are no less than a gem. Happy Birthday!
  4. Enjoy your day, my girl! Blow the candles and wish for all the joy and happiness you want. May you get everything you want in life.
  5. Whenever someone uses the word “best friend” in front of me, your name abruptly comes to my mind. Thank you for existing! Your existence is the reason for relieving my stress whenever I am worried.
  6. Not everyone has a best friend like the one I have. On this bid day of yours, I want to appreciate you for whatever you have done for me. Happiest birthday to you!
  7. Happy birthday to my dearest friend! I can’t imagine my life without you. May our friendship become even stronger in the coming days.
  8. May your special day bring eternal happiness to you. May the coming year be more joyous for you than the previous one. Happy birthday!
  9. Happy birthday my true friend! Blow the candles, cut the cake, and party hard. Of course, I will be at the party to take your pictures as usual!  
  10. Do you know what our bond looks like? It’s like a shining start. Always shining bright, looking adorable, and dreamy. May you always stay the same!
  11. The Earth was blessed with a caring, kind, and generous lady on this day. Words are not enough to describe your personality. Thanks to God who introduced me to such a fantastic person!
  12. Happy birthday! On this occasion, my memory recalls our precious moments together. We did the craziest things and cracked hilarious jokes together. I am delighted to have you as my best friend.
  13. Happiest birthday to the girl who possesses superpowers! There is a certain syncing when we are together. You always get what I am thinking. I have never met a person who knows me like you.
  14. Today is the birthday of a person who gives the best advice. You know all my secrets. Your loyalty and honesty make me open my heart in front of you. Always stay the same!
  15. You are the person who is most valuable to me. Thanks for helping me make assignments and prepare for exams. You are my real strength, my friend!
  16. Now you are another year wiser. Your diligence is phenomenal. I am fortunate enough to have the companionship of such an intelligent lady. Happy birthday!
  17. Keep on enlightening my life as you have done in the past. It seems like you are born to help and love others. Thanks for being my best friend. Happy Birthday!
  18. May this special day add a new bliss to your life. May you get a hundred reasons to smile and laugh. Because I love the moment my best friend smiles. Happy Birthday!

Funny birthday wishes for your female best friend

  1. I searched for the most charming gift for you and ended up with the thought that you already have it. Yeah! I am talking about myself. Happiest birthday to my best female friend.
  2. Happiest birthday, my girl! Today you will receive a lot of birthday wishes. But here comes the wish for which you will be anxiously waiting. Yeah! Accept the sweet birthday wishes from your favorite person in the world. I know it’s me!
  3. Happy birthday! Say bye to the youth, my dear lady. Congrats on becoming a woman. I hope you are enjoying this transformation from girl to woman.
  4. Regardless of the wrinkles on your face, I will always love you because you are my best friend. Enjoy growing up since age is just a number!
  5. Happiest birthday! Let’s make a deal. You will try to look young, and I will not tell your age to anyone. Done?
  6. Here you have spent another year thinking over your decisions years ago. Happiest birthday, my confused lady!
  7. Happiest birthday to the rocking lady! You are the one who knows how to party even at this old age.
  8. One fantastic person is wishing a very happy birthday to another fantastic personality. Isn’t it wonderful?
  9. I am grateful for your existence, my friend. Whenever I look at you, I realize there is someone older than me. Hahaha! Happy birthday, dear!
  10. Happy birthday! Congrats on becoming more graceful and gorgeous every year. Well, it was just a formal wish. The fact is that you are just getting older every year.
  11. You must be missing your childhood. Because people usually do it when they get old. Happy birthday!
  12. No matter how old you get, remember to party hard. There is no age to rock! So keep shining and rocking my girl!
  13. Happy birthday to my friend from the stone age! Remember that now the era has progressed. You can paint on canvas instead of painting in a cave.
  14. You are dearest to me. As sweet as your age! Happiest birthday. Keep growing old and old because I want to see you aging!


Your best friend deserves the best on her birthday. And being her best friend, you must send her special wishes. I hope this post assisted you to find the right words to pen down your emotions. It will be great if you present him along with the best wishes. Visit our store to find out the wonderful, personalized products.  

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