Quotes and Message to Write in a Thank You Card for Graduation
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Quotes and Message to Write in a Thank You Card for Graduation

Graduation is a big milestone achieved. You celebrate it with your friends and family members. And when you receive a lot of gifts, you feel incredible happiness. It feels great that so many people love and care about you.

If someone has given you a graduation gift or attended your graduation party, you need to thank him. You can show your gratitude via a handwritten thank you note. It will be a great way for the gift giver to remember how much you appreciated and valued his love.

Are you searching for the appropriate words to write on a thank you note for a graduation gift? Here you go with beautiful messages that will show how grateful you are.

How to say thanks for a tangible gift?

Personalizing the thank you note to the gift will add more to its meaning. Here is how you can do it!

  • I can’t thank you enough for the gift you have sent my way. The laptop you gifted me just made me speechless. I appreciate the overwhelming love that I received with this wonderful gift.
  • Thanks for giving me a beautiful necklace. It will not only remind me of your love but my graduation day as well.
  • Thank you for the travel jewelry box you gave me. You knew my love for traveling and sent me a relatable gift. I appreciate your concern and love.
  • You have shown me unparalleled generosity with your gift. This bedding set is just wow. 
  • I got this degree after a lot of hard work. And when you gave me the wallet, I thought my hard work would soon be paid off. Thanks for this beautiful and practical gift.

How to say thanks for money or a gift card?

  • Thanks for the amazing gift. It will be useful for me while preparing for a new chapter of life.
  • Your gift multiplied my graduation excitement. Thanks for being so generous!
  • Your generosity touched my heart, and I feel truly excited about this graduation gift.
  • I can’t wait to use this cash for my room décor. What a lovely generous gift you have sent my way.
  • This gift card is from my favorite store. I can’t wait to go shopping now. Thanks for your generosity and love!
  • Thanks a lot for your generous cash gift. It will contribute to kick-starting my career. 
  • I truly appreciate your generosity. Thanks for this amazing graduation gift. I will make sure to put this amount to good use.

How to say thanks for attending graduation?

  • I can’t explain in words how much your presence delighted me. Thanks for attending my graduation party and making it a successful event.
  • I am so happy you came to wish me on my special day. We made a lot of memories together. I can’t overlook the fun I had with you at the party.
  • Exciting moments when shared with special people, become even more exciting. Thanks a lot for adding more to my excitement at the graduation party.
  • You traveled miles just to be at my graduation party. Thank you for coming from out of the city just to make me feel special.
  • Seeing you at the graduation party made me think it was worth working hard for graduation. I would love to share my celebration with you.

How to thank someone for helping with graduation?

  • All I have achieved today is just because of you, grandma. You have motivated me for years, and I love you!
  • It was hard to get this degree. But you added fun to this struggling journey. Thanks for helping me with graduation.
  • It was not possible to do this without your encouragement and support. I can’t forget the humorous conversations with you which handled my mood swings.
  • Words can’t describe the strength you gave me to achieve this milestone. Your companionship means the world to me.
  • Yes, I found things hard. But with your support, I turned impossible into possible. You were my inspiration and source of motivation. Thanks for being so nice to me!

How to thank your Parents?

No one can compete with your parents in helping you during your academics. Here is how to send them a heartfelt note.

  • Although I did a lot of hard work to get this degree, I was lucky enough to have you as my parents. It’s all because of your love, support, and prayers that I graduated today.
  • Everyone wishes me to enjoy it because it’s my day. But it’s your day as well. Your support made me achieve this big in life.
  • Thanks for being wonderful parents. You gave me strength whenever I fell. You encouraged me to work harder whenever I failed. I could not have achieved this milestone without you guys.
  • You are my inspiration. You are the reason I dream big in life. And look, one of my dreams came true because of you. Thanks for always supporting me.

Something Beyond Thank You

Thank you is quite a common phrase. If you are thinking of writing something other than thank you, here you go!

  • I love the gift you have sent me. It’s a great reminder of your love and appreciation.
  • No one can give me something better than this. I love this token of love from you.
  • It was a heartwarming gift for me. I felt the warmth of your love the moment I opened it.
  • My heart was overjoyed to receive this adorable graduation gift.   
  • You are the one who goes out of the way to make other people feel special. What an incredible gift you have sent me!


Hope this post helped you find what to write in a thank you card for graduation. Spare enough time to compose a meaningful thank you message if you want to genuinely thank someone. Looking for graduation gifts instead? Visit our store to find a wide range of graduation gifts.

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