41 Exciting And Hillarious Wedding Wishes For Son And Daughter-In-Law
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41 Exciting And Hillarious Wedding Wishes For Son And Daughter-In-Law

Are you looking for the best wedding wishes that will make your son or daughter-in-law happy and always stick in their mind?

It is such a joy making wedding experiences special to celebrate together as family and friends. This can be made perfect through best wishes. You can make the wedding event strengthen your various family relationships in a unique way if you intend to use these wishes. 

 In this article, we have listed various wedding wishes that will build your relationships. Just like charm, the wishes will accommodate you in their hearts at their best.

Wedding Wishes For Daughter-In-Law From The Groom’s Mother

A son’s mother is always excited in the event of the son tying the knot with the woman of his dreams—the bride is introduced to help the groom’s mother nature her son’s destiny, and she is a new member welcomed into the family. But what do you say to your daughter-in-law on a special day? 

These are special wedding wishes the groom’s mother can dedicate to her.

1. Wishing you and my son a long life as husband and wife. I know you will make each other happy.

2. Today you have your happy ending. Enjoy every second of it and love my son with all your heart.

3. Sending you all my love and I know that you will make my son very happy. Congratulations.

4. Seeing you and my son getting married is an honor. All my love wishes and best wishes for a fantastic day.

5. Here’s to my daughter-in-law having a wonderful wedding day. You are one of us now.

6. Wishing you and my son a truly happy life together and a love-filled future.

7. May your marriage be filled with never-ending love and happiness. Congratulations to you my new daughter-in-law.

8. I may be biased but you are marrying the most amazing man…my son. Enjoy your day with the outpouring of love you will get.

Wedding Wishes For Son-in-law From The Bride’s Father

A son-in-law is not different from a real son, only for the first days, he is new in the family. The bride’s father is assured of her daughter’s defender in action at all times. Moreover, unconditional love is reflected in the groom’s figure.

Here are convincing wedding wishes for your son-in-law;

1. I wish you and my daughter a very happy life and one filled with wonderful moments.

2. Here’s to my new son-in-law enjoy a fantastic wedding day! Do not forget—you are one of us now.

3. We know you are going to make our daughter very happy and you have our full blessing. Congratulations.                                                                                                                                                                                                           

4. You have the support of the entire family, and we are delighted to see you marry our daughter.

5. Enjoy every moment of today and promise you will love my daughter with every fiber of your being and soil.

6. Welcome to the family! We look forward to a fantastic wedding and are delighted to have you as our son-in-law.

7. You are a very special man and someone who we know will treat our daughter with the respect, care, and love she deserves. Congratulations!

8. It is with great honor that I will raise a glass at your wedding and toast you both and the happy life you will embark on. Welcome to the family.

Wedding Messages To Daughter-In-Law From The Groom’s Nanny

Like the mother, the nanny plays a vital role—being closer to the groom for a while, she deserves to send best wishes too.

It is unique because she was also once ‘new’ just like the bride is now. Below are the nanny’s part best messages.

1. Congratulations, my daughter, on your wedding day. Enjoy live with your husband.

2. Dear daughter, congratulations on your wedding day. Happy married life.

3. Even if he is now you man, he remains my small boy! Congratulations.

4. Sending my warmest congratulations to you my daughter. Welcome to our family!

5. Take care of my son! Congratulations on your marriage.

6. Now you have three mothers! How lucky of you, feel loved.

7. Lots of blessings and love to you as you partake of love!

8. Feel treasured and honored to have our awesome son as your husband.

Teasing Wedding Wishes To Son-in-law from The Bride’s Mother

The bride’s mother automatically accepts the groom as her son. This relationship is always strong since the bride is firmly held in their hearts altogether and the bond is special.

The best teasing wedding wishes can make the wedding more interesting. It becomes more fun when the wishes come from the bride’s mother to the groom.

Here are creative teasing wishes for your groom;

1. A dumb husband and a deaf wife would make the best of pairs. Happy married life.

2. Marriage is like you have got that one person you can annoy as much as you want for your whole life. Happy wedding

3. It’s like a give-or-take relationship. You either give or she knows how to take it. Happy married life ahead.

4. Marriage-the only day people cheerfully escort you to your sufferings ahead. Have a nice married life!

5. Marriage is expensive but foolishness comes free of cost. Happy Wedding Day!

6. Marriage is like ‘I accept the terms and conditions without reading them. Happy Wedding Day!

7. You may have been that strict boss of all your men but it’s time to lay down your weapons. Say ‘All Hail Wife’ Happy Wedding Life!

8. You do realize that in marriage, with even great responsibilities there’s no power! Happy Wedding Day!

Uplifting Messages to Son-in-law from The Bride’s Godfather

The bride’s Godfather is obviously happy to see the bride in the hands of a religious husband. This marks a well-trained woman who respected his Godfather to choose a religious man.

The Godfather can use these wishes;

1. Of all the men my daughter could have chosen, am glad he chose you to be my son-in-law.

2. Before I knew you were the one who would marry our daughter, I was praying for you.

3. A son-in-law has picked your daughter to love and cherish forever in truth.

4. After getting to know you as our son-in-law, we have confidence that our daughter is safe.

5. You are not only a perfect match for our daughter but as well a perfect match for our family.

6. You have come to be an addition to our family and we are sure you will make the best of it.

7. We thank God that our daughter found in you a partner who is ready to protect and provide for her.

8. Embrace this new journey with compassion, patience, and love. May you always have a happy home filled with blessings. Wishing you all the best in your marriage! Congratulations.

9. May you always have a strong and solid foundation of love in your marriage and be blessed with joy and harmony. Congratulations on your union!


Best wishes for the bride and bridegroom show how we celebrate and want what is good for their marriage. A wedding without a wish will sound unwanted —your best wish to them is good luck in their new life.

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