45 Funny Dirty Jokes For My Boyfriend To Make Him Love More
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45 Funny Dirty Jokes For My Boyfriend To Make Him Love More

Dirty jokes in a relationship are a key ingredient in spicing up your love life. They help you and your boyfriend connect in a simple romantic way when you get to laugh together about them.

Cracking them will also make him know and understand your needs so that he can satisfy you. Him also getting to see your funny side will make him adore you more. Who wouldn’t love someone who makes them laugh?

In this article, we will discuss with you some examples of funny dirty jokes you can tell your boyfriend.

Classic One-Liners and Puns

Great one-liners will brighten up his mood. Clever puns will make him giggle and leave him amazed at your genius.

  1. Sometimes, wet floors cause great accidents. You will willingly fall over and over again and won’t stop.
  1. I love the way you trust me even after the many times I’ve blown it.
  1. I told him I was a catch until he smiled and said, “Wait until you catch this.”
  1.  I told my husband to put the hose away before I got wet.
  1. The bouquet I got from you was mediocre compared to the single flower I gave you.
  1. The key to making great dough is to roll it over after every pounding for better satisfaction after the meal.
  1. You should consider telling girls your middle name is “Pinocchio”.
  1. Our first time was magical because we both gave each other flowers.
  1. I heard the kids on the block think you’re a monster because they heard your girlfriend say you have a third leg.
  1. I just wanted to point out that telling me to give it to you with your face looking like I’m hurting you can be considered a mental disease.
  1. You always fear that monsters will swallow you whole in the dark except when it comes to me.

Raunchy Jokes with Playful Twists

In raunchy jokes are where you may sneak in a little clue on what you like about him sexually. The laugh is a great bonus too.

  1. Forgot to get the milk from the store. But I always keep a pair of full milk jugs on me just in case.
  1. She kept complaining about pounding the tough chicken meat. Turns out it was from a cock on steroids.
  1. All I told room service was that I needed my balls taken care of. Now I’m outside my hotel with my golf balls still dirty.
  1. He kept asking for new and more challenging races, but he knew he couldn’t handle cowgirl rides. He was being too cocky.
  1. If you can’t hear it clap louder, then your dough pounding game is weak.
  1. You should feel like a murderer every time. You’ve killed many innocent potential people in the name of ejaculation.
  1. You’ve killed a lot of potential people in cold blood since your dreams at fourteen years old.
  1. I don’t get why the waitress got mad at me. All I told her was that I needed a fork on the table.
  1. She said she liked longer inches. Now all she does is complain of back and pelvic ache when I only did what she asked.
  1. Never thought people could mourn in joy until I met the female species.
  1. Freedom of speech is okay until the neighbors start thinking your house is being burgled at least twice every night.

Cheeky Pickup Lines to Make Him Laugh

Make your boyfriend feel special with some sweet and cheesy pickup lines. You may see him blush a little bit after his laugh and it will be the cutest thing.

  1. I’m not stoned right now, but I would love to smash you.
  1. I may not remember your favorite color, but I’m sure it’s not blue.
  1. Are you a basketball fan? Because I’m sure you’ll love my bouncing.
  1. Not all dark and tiny holes are scary. You’ll have a lot of fun in mine.
  1. She said she never loved Mathematics, but she’ll love these inches.
  1. If you leave me, you’ll be thrice as nuts as you already are.
  1. I know I’ve always been your biggest fan. You always say how you like the way I blow.
  1. We could say you’re always pregnant because you always carry haploid fetuses around.
  1. More male titanic shipwreck victims would’ve survived if only enough semen were efficient swimmers.
  1. What’s the difference between you and a cucumber? Your head, limbs, and torso.
  1. I heard you hated Biology until you finally got to practice in the field.

Hilarious Sex-Related Parodies and Spoofs

Imitate your favorite comedian, politician, or anyone really who makes the both of you laugh. Cracking jokes in their voice or reacting how they expectedly would will end up leaving you laughing too.

  1. I told him that using the thumb was clearly disrespectful. It’s just not supposed to be stuck into anything.
  1. When I told him to put his might into it, I didn’t think about the cramping that would come after.
  1. Best sex of my life, even with the small fracture I got after being folded like a napkin.
  1. They told me that I had to gag a bit to make him feel like a man, but I regretted it. I ended up puking. At least now he felt like a manly man.
  1. The way he just lies there after makes me feel so empowered as a woman. The sex left me powerful and left him looking no different from a passed out junkie.

Sharing Personal Stories and Anecdotes

You can engage your boyfriend in discussion about the funny dirty things you’ve done in your past relationships. Even the cute little things you may have done in your situationships back in middle school will leave him wheezing.

  1. My past boyfriend made me feel like a witch. The ejaculation came and made him look like he was having seizures. All I could think about is that I did that by simply lying down.
  1. I knew I hated hairy skin after that one time I thought that my teeth were a comb. I had a running stomach for days.
  1. The kinky talk was fun in bed until it got too far and confused me. I always wondered if he really loved me afterward.
  1. It’s usually all fun and games until I almost got choked to death that one time. And the worst part is I didn’t know how I’d explain myself to God.
  1. My first time in doggy style made me feel so inferior. I couldn’t help feeling like an animal, and to make it worse, a dog. As the human race, we need a wake up call concerning this position.
  1. There’s this time I slipped and farted during sex. He said it was okay but I wasn’t. I know even my ancestors felt second-hand shame for me. I wanted to bury myself alive.
  1. Once, my mind drifted off during a session and I suddenly burst out in laughter. This hurt his ego and from then on I tried to keep my thoughts from wandering away like a toddler’s during coitus.

Conclusion: Finding the Right Jokes to Fit Your Relationship Dynamics

For you to know the right joke to crack, be aware of your partner’s sensitivity, insecurities, and level of sense of humor. Make sure they aren’t hurt by anything you say. Also, avoid jokes that could potentially lead to a fight.

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