45 Meaningful Baby Girl Names To Consider For Little Angel

45 Meaningful Baby Girl Names To Consider For Little Angel

Deciding on a meaningful name for your baby can be tricky. There are so many options! In this article, we have listed some beautiful, unique, and modern-sounding names to choose from and name your little angel.

Baby girl names that start with b

If you plan to name your baby a name that starts with the letter B, consider the ones below. 

1. Bella

Bella is a feminine name of Latin origin that means beautiful.

It can be a great nickname if you call your baby Isabella or Arabella.

2. Brooklyn

Brooklyn was initially named after the Dutch town Breukelen which means marshland.

Consider Brooklyn if you want your baby girl to have one of the most popular English names.

3. Brielle

Brielle is the short form of the Hebrew name Gabrielle which means God is my strength.

A heroic and delicate name for your lovely little girl.

4. Bailey

Bailey is an English name from Middle English, which means fortification.

A classic and trendy name for your girl.

5. Brooke

This name Is a variant of Brook, an English word that means a stream.

The name symbolizes purity, simplicity, and natural beauty.

6. Blair

Blair is of Scottish origin, meaning battlefield

Mostly used as a surname, a strong name for your strong and brave little girl.

7. Brynn

Brynn is of Welsh origin, which means hill.

You can make your baby girl have a nature-inspired name.

8. Beatrix

The name is of Latin origin meaning traveler or Voyager.

Beatrix will be a perfect name for a baby’s family that is passionate about adventure.

9. Bethany

Bethany is of Hebrew origin, meaning a house of figs.

A sweet lyrical name for your loving baby girl.

10. Beverly

Beverly is an English name that means bearer stream.

Beverly Cleavy, an author, is a namesake for your girl.

Baby girl names that start with c

Below are C names that will perfectly define your daughter’s personality.

1. Charlotte

The name is of French origin, derived from the name Charles meaning ‘tree’.

One of its prominent bearers is Queen Charlotte of England.

2. Chloe

Chloe is of Greek origin, meaning ‘green shoot.’

It is a unique name for parents whole, like nature names.

3. Camila

Camila is a feminine name of Portuguese origin.

If you wish your daughter the best of her lack in church as God’s servant, Camila perfectly fits her name.

4. Claire

The name is of Latin origin, meaning Bright or famous.

Claire is a good name to consider if your want to show your baby how much light she brings out to your life.

5. Cassidy

The name originates from the Irish surname meaning ‘curly-haired.’

Cassidy will be a perfect name for your curled hair little girl.

6. Callie

It is a feminine name of Greek origin, which means beautiful.

This name expresses beauty, elegance, and simplicity.

7. Caroline

Caroline is of French origin that means ‘free woman.’

It has several popular alternatives like Carolyn, Carolina, and Carol.

8. Cecilia

Cecilia is of Latin origin, meaning ‘blind.’

It is associated with grace and devotion.

9. Catalina

Catalina is a feminine Spanish name derived from the name Catherine meaning pure.

The name will sound great to your innocent and pure-hearted lovely girl.

10. Cadence

Cadence is a modern English name that means rhythm or flow.

A perfect fit for parents looking for a baby name with a musical connection.

Baby girl names that start with d

We got you covered with D names too. Below are unique and special names you can rely on.  

1. Daisy

The name comes from the Old English word ‘Daegeseage,’ meaning day eye.

A floral name that evokes the feeling of warmth, happiness, and simplicity.

2. Dakota

Dakota is from the Native American people, which means friends or allies.

An excellent choice for parents looking for a trendy and meaningful name.

3. Daniella

Daniella is of Hebrew origin. It is the female version of Daniel, meaning God is my judge.

4. Danika

It’s a Slavic baby name that means morning star.

Make your daughter she is the light of your life via the name.

5. Daphne

The name is of Greek origin, meaning bay or laurel tree.

Special and proud name for success and excellence.

6. Davina

It comes from the Slavic element ‘dar,’ meaning a gift.

It is a beautiful reminder of how much your daughter means to you.

7. Delaney

Delaney is of Irish origin, meaning dark or black.

It is a historical name with rich cultural significance.

8. Delilah

The name is of Hebrew origin, which means delicate.

This name is associated with the determined nature of a woman.

9. Demi

It is of Greek origin, meaning half. Demi is a diminutive of Demetria.

A famous person with name is actress Demi Moore.

10. Desiree

Desiree is of French origin, meaning much desired.

With this name, your baby will pursue her passion and confidently chase her dreams.

Good baby girl names

Choosing the perfect name for your baby is a real challenge. We have made the process easier for you. 

1. Ava

Ava is of Latin origin that means ‘bird-like.’

It’s one of the loving names for your beautiful girl.

2. Emma

Emma originates from German, and it means universal.

A perfect choice for your strong and confident girl.

3. Olivia

Olivia comes from the Latin name Oliva meaning olive.

Actress Olivia de Havilland is a famous namesake.

4. Sophia

The name is of Greek origin, which means wisdom.

An Italian actress Sophia is famous for the name.

5. Mia

Mia is of Italian origin, meaning mine.

It is a diminutive of Maria.

6. Charlotte

Charlotte is of French origin, derived from the name Charles meaning ‘tree’.

One of its prominent bearers is Queen Charlotte of England.

7. Amelia

Amelia is of German origin, meaning work.

The daughters of Kings George II and III are the namesakes.

8. Harper

It is of English origin, meaning a harp player.

TV shows like Gossip Girls used this name.

Classic baby girl names

Classifying your little angel’s name will make her outstanding. Read on for fabulous examples.

1. Alice

Alice comes from the old French name Aalis meaning noble type.

2. Beatrice

It is of Latin origin, meaning ‘she who makes others happy.’

3. Carolina

Carolina means happiness. It has variations like Carola and Carlota.

4. Catherine

It is of Greek origin, meaning far, and is usually substituted with Katherine.

5. Margaret

Margaret is of Greek origin, meaning power.

Historically, Margaret was used by princesses and queens.

6. Diana

Diana from Greek has the meaning ‘the highest of gods’

7. Edith

It originates from Old English and means rich battle.


You will surely get a perfect name to describe your daughter’s personality from the list above.

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