43+ Impressive Baby Names That Mean Gift From God

43+ Impressive Baby Names That Mean Gift From God

Are you searching for a name that is unique and biblical? Look no further because in this article we have listed some of the most famous and popular baby names that have biblical meaning. Read on to land on your choice as either a masculine, prophetic, or angelic name. The suggested names are of both gender to get your case solved in gn

Christian Baby Names for Girls

If you want to give your baby girl a unique and popular Christian name that will stand out from the other choices, consider the following beautiful names.

1. Deborah

Deborah is of Hebrew origin, meaning bee.

In the Old Testament, Deborah was a judge.

2. Eden

Eden is a Hebrew name that means place of pleasure.

In the Old Testament, a garden was named Eden.

3. Elizabeth

Elizabeth is a Hebrew name meaning God is my oath.

Queen Elizabeth I and II are your daughter’s namesake.

4. Esther

Esther is of Persian origin.

It has the great merit of Queen Esther in the Hebrew Bible.

5. Faith

The name is of English origin. It means trust or devotion.

6. Gabriella

Gabriella is a Hebrew name that means God is my strong man.

It’s the feminine form of Gabriel.

7. Grace

Grace is of Latin origin meaning favor.

Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco, will be your daughter’s namesake.

8. Anna

It is derived from the Hebrew name Hannah which means grace.

Anna has variants like Ann,  Annie, and Anne.

Christian Baby Names for Boys

1. Noah 

 It is a Hebrew name meaning “rest” or “comfort.”

In the old testament, Noah built an ark and rescued his family from floods.

2. Caleb 

Caleb is of Hebrew origin, meaning “devotion to God.”

He was sent as a spy to the promised land in the old testament.

3. Gabriel 

Gabriel has the meaning “God is my strength.”

An archangel in the Hebrew Bible is God’s messenger.

4. David

Originally from Hebrew, meaning “beloved.”

David was the son of Jesse and also a king of Israel.

5. Samuel

Samuel has the meaning “asked of God.”

His mother was barren, and God opened her womb with Samuel.

6. Jacob

From the Old Testament, Jacob means “supplanter” (one who takes the place of another).

Jacob was the founder of the twelve tribes of Israel.

7. Joshua

Joshua has the meaning “salvation.”

He took over Moses to lead the Israelites to Canaan.

8. Peter

In the New Testament, Peter means “rock” or “stone.”

He was one of the disciples of Jesus.

9. Matthew

Mattew is a Hebrew name meaning “gift of God.”

He was a tax collector before becoming Jesus’ disciple.

10. Andrew 

Andrew, found in the New Testament, means “manly” or “warrior.”

He was also amongst the 12 disciples of Jesus.

Biblical Baby Names From the Old Testament

1. Adam 

Adam means earth.

The first man to be created was called Adam, made from dust.

2. Isaac 

Isaac has the meaning of laughter or rejoicing.

Sir Isaac Newton will be a great namesake for your son.

3. Jonah

This name means dove and is from Hebrew.

In the Old Testament, Jonah was a minor prophet, the author of the Book of Jonah.

4. Joseph 

Joseph means ‘he will add.’

A namesake to your son is Jesus’ father, Joseph.

5. Micah

It is of Hebrew origin, meaning who is like God.

Micah was a minor prophet, he wrote the Book of Micah.

6. Moses

Moses is the Hebrew name meaning God is my messenger.

Moses was a great prophet who led the Israelites from Egypt.

7. Abraham

Abraham means a father of a multitude.

He was the father of Isaac and was also regarded as the father of faith.

Biblical Baby Names From the New Testament

1. Lois 

Feminine name meaning “superior” or “better.”

Mentioned in Bible as a mother of Eunice.

2. Barnabas 

Masculine name meaning “son of prophecy” or “son of encouragement”.

He was a disciple known for his mentoring and support.

3. Lydia 

Feminine name meaning “from Lydia” or “woman from Lydia.”

It is applied to one woman who was first Paul’s European convert.

4. Jude

Masculine name meaning “praised” or “confessor.”

It is a variant of Judas.

5. Priscilla 

Feminine name meaning “ancient.”

She was the wife of Aquilla in the New Testament.

6. Silas 

Masculine name meaning “wood” or “forest.”

The New Testament famous apostle Silas was named after it.

Biblical Names That Show a Devotion to God

1. Elijah

It means God is Yahweh.

Elijah was a great Old Testament prophet under the reign of King Ahab.

2. Abigail

It’s a Hebrew name meaning Father’s joy.

A perfect name for your daughter who is happiness to you.

3. Gabriel

It is an angelic name from the Hebrew Bible.

It means God is my strong man.

4. Mary

Has the meaning of ‘Beloved’.

In the Bible, Mary was the mother of Christ.

5. Hannah

Hannah means favor or the grace of God.

Hannah was a prophetess in the New Testament, she dedicated the christ.

Biblical Names of Bible Heroes

1. Moses

Moses is the Hebrew name meaning God is my messenger.

He was appointed by God to lead the Israelites to the promised land.

2. Joshua 

It means God is my salvation. He succeeded Moses and led the army of Israelites to destroy the Jericho walls.

3. Samson

Samson means sun.

He was given great extraordinary physical strength by God to save the Israelites from the Philistines.

4. Daniel

Daniel is a Hebrew which means God is my judge.

He was thrown in the lion’s den, but God protected him from the fierce lions.

5. Noah

Noah means to rest or repost.

Noah was faithful, committed, and obedient to God when he built the ark.

Biblical Names That Signify Strength

1. Ezekiel

Ezekiel means God will strengthen.

He was a prophet of God who prophesied for dry bones back to life.

2. Ephraim 

Ephraim means fruitful.

Ephraim was the first-born son of Joseph in the Old Testament.

3. Aaron

Aaron is a Hebrew name meaning exalted or strong.

In the Old Testament, Aaron was Moses’ brother and helped Moses lead the Israelites.

4. Ethan

Ethan has the meaning of strong and enduring.

In the Old Testament Bible, Ethan was David’s boy who was well known for his wisdom.

5. Jabin

Jabin is a Hebrew name that means God has built. Jabin was a king in the old testament Bible.

6. Simeon

Simeon means to hear.

In the Old Testament Bible, he was a faithful servant of God who blessed Jesus when He was born.

7. Judah

Judah means praise or God’s blessing.

Judah was one of the twelve sons of Jacob, and his tribe became the Kingdom of Judah. 

He was also known as one of the greatest warriors and leaders in the Old Testament.


Biblical names foster a personality that is full of simplicity. Most characters in the Bible reflect their names meaning in real life. Your child will surely be identified as a reasonable being as they grow.

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