37 Popular and Unique Baby Boy Names That Start With K To Name Your New Born Baby

37 Popular and Unique Baby Boy Names That Start With K To Name Your New Born Baby

Finding the perfect baby boy name that starts with K can be a daunting task. Whether you’re looking for something traditional and classic or something modern and edgy, there are many options out there. Here, we’ve compiled a list of K-starting names sure to please any parent.

Popular Boy Names That Start With K

When babies are born, we want to give them the perfect names that will stand out and provide them with confidence throughout their lives. Names are believed to impact how your child turns out, from the meaning it has or the person it is derived from. For boys’ names, a large percentage of parents have a hard time choosing an uncommon but meaningful name.

In this article, we’ll show you great baby names that start with a K, which is quite a unique letter.

  1. Kyle

This name is becoming more common as the days go by due to its mellow articulation. A good number of parents are choosing this name for their kids every day.

It is also inspired by many celebrities named Kyle like the actor, Kyle Bary.

  1. Kevin

This name comes from the Irish name “Caomihin” and has an Irish origin. It means beloved birth.

There are also a number of celebrities with this name such as basketball player, Kevin Durant.

  1. Kai

This name means “triumph” in China and “sea” in Hawaii. Both these means are admirable, ”sea” symbolizing vast and undiscovered potential, and “triumph” meaning success.

It also gives an original and traditional aura.

  1. Kaden

This name is a hybrid of the names “Aiden” and “Hayley” so if you could not decide which of these two names you’d want to name your kid, you are in luck.

It also looks more modern, hence more recent parents are going for it.

  1. Kenneth

Being the long form of “Ken”, it already gives your son a decent and catchy nickname. It also has other derivatives like “Kennedy” and “Kenny”. Many famous people are named Kenneth, like rich iconic Kenyan politician Peter Kenneth.

  1. Kingston

This name means has an English origin and means, “King’s town.” this is for the parents who want the name of their son to literally mean royalty.

  1. Kaleb

This is the biblical name “Caleb” with a K for it to look more original. Caleb was a man in the bible who showed optimism when planning to capture the promised land, Canaan. This could mean that your son will be an optimistic person.

  1. Killian

This is an Irish name that means “church”. It is not used much hence it is perfect for naming your child.

  1. Kyrie

This is from the hybrid of the names Tyree and Kyle. Few boys have it, making it perfect for naming.

It was inspired by talented basketballer, Kyrie Irving.

  1. Kian

This name is of Irish origin and is a variation of “Cian.” It means ancient or enduring, encouraging your son to have a spirit of persistence that will help him never give up on his dreams.

  1. Knox

This name has a Scottish origin, and it means “rounded hill.” It took off when A-list movie star Angelina Jolie and her husband Brad Pitt named their child this.

  1. Kayden

This name is of Arabic origin but also has other cultures that use the word. It means “companion”, and may influence your son to be a loyal friend.

  1. Karson

This name is gotten from the original version, “Carson” with a K added to it. It has an unknown meaning but that only leaves room for your son to give it its own cool meaning by achieving the unimaginable.

  1. Kobe

The famous basketballer Kobe Bryant picked this name, following his great achievements away from basketball. It comes from a Japanese word, and it is a cool name to give.

  1. Keith

This is a name of Scottish origin and means wood. It is also the name given to a good number of a hierarchy of Scottish nobles. It is a powerful yet subtle name.

  1. Kameron

This is from the name “Cameron,” but the K gives it a fancier look. Its meaning is, however unknown, leaving space to let your son write his own story.

  1. Kody

This name originates from “Cody,” which means helpful person. Once again, using a K rather than a C makes it more eye-catching.

  1. Kyler

This name is of Dutch origin and means “archer”. This meaning may make your son want to play archery as a sport, and who knows? He may end up being a guru.

  1. Kasen

This name is of Scandinavian origin and means “pure”, making it a perfect little name for your child.

  1. Kingsley

This is another name that means royalty, but it actually means “King’s wood” in old English. Its use in “Harry Potter” also adds a fairytale-like touc.

Unique Baby Boy Names That Start With K

These names are the most common and have a more traditional aspect. They originate from different languages in the world and have fascinating meanings too. Unique and meaningful, they all make beautiful names.

  1. Kace

Kace is a name of Irish origin derived from the Gaelic name Casathaigh. It means vigilant. 

This name can go great when naming twins of the opposite gender. His sister can be named its variation which is Casey.

  1. Kael

This name is Irish from the word “Caol” meaning slender. This is actually an anglicized version of the name of a mythological figure who was called Cael, part of a warrior band of a giant named Fionn Mac.

  1. Kahlil

This is of Arabic origin and means friend. It has an accent to it, making it sound more indigenous and perfect to honor your heritage or simply give an authentic name to your son.

  1. Kaiser

This is a German name meaning “emperor”. Have your little boy feel like a leader at an early age from the impact this name’s meaning will have on him.

  1. Kaizen

This is Japanese for “good change”. It will be perfect for your son, especially if his birth brought new life to your life and family after a dark time.

  1. Kairo

This is inspired by the Egyptian capital, Cairo, and means “victorious one”. Once your son knows this means, he will always strive for victory!

  1. Kalen

This name is of Irish origin and means fair or slender. In ancient greek, it was a name used to embody graceful beauty.

This will surely guarantee your son’s confidence.

  1. Kanan

This name means garden or forest. In Arabic, it means merchant.

This is perfect for inspiring your son to be a businessman or also a nature-lover.

  1. Kane

This is an Irish name that means ”battle”. This name has a type of fearless to it, and can its meaning can influence your son to be braver.

It is also the name of a great wrestler, Kane, who is now retired but in the WWE Hall of Fame.

  1. Kapono

This is a name of Hawaiian origin and means righteous. This will imply that your son is well-behaved, and in cases where he won’t be, his name should give him a poke.

  1. Karsten

This is a German version of “Christian” and it means anointed.  It is perfect for wanting your son to be influenced to be a saint by his own name.

  1. Kato

This name is of Latin origin and means all-knowing. It is from the Latin elder, Cato, who wrote the history of Rome in Latin.

This could motivate your son to put some effort into his studies.

  1. Kaven

This name is of Irish origin and means handsome. This will definitely boost your son’s confidence.

  1. Kazimir

This name is Polish and is a derivative of “Casimir”. The Z adds a zing to it.

It means destroyer of peace but can be viewed positively as destroying the comfort zone to improve from a mediocre situation. 

  1. Keahi

This name is of Hawaiian origin and means flames. It has an indigenous pronunciation and is uncommon.

  1. Keel

This name comes from the word keel which is part of the ship that gives it stability. This could mean that your son brings stability to the family.

  1. Keiran

This anglicized version of the Irish name “Ciarian’’ means Dark-haired one. This is more fitting if your son is dark-haired.


All of the names discussed in this article are perfect and authentic. All you have to do is simply gauge the best one.  

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