Best Baby Girl Names That Mean “Blessing from God”

Best Baby Girl Names That Mean “Blessing from God”

Are you soon becoming the parents of a little angel? A baby girl is no less than a blessing and a miracle. Parents’ love is unconditional. They struggle hard to find an exceptionally amazing name for their child. Don’t fear if you haven’t pinned a perfect pick for your baby girl. Here we have gathered blessing names for every faith and nation worldwide. We have provided you with a quick insight into the origin and meaning of every name. 

Best Baby Girl Names that Mean “Blessing”

  1. Alya: It is an Arabic name which means “the one sent from heaven.” People love this heavenly name for their little angel.
  2. Anna: Anna is a Greek name that means favor, blessing, or grace. This name appears in the Bible. The name is known for its highly blessed meaning.
  3.  Ayah: Ayah is an Arabic name that means miracle, evidence, or sign. It is often pronounced as “Ayat.”This word means “evidence of God’s greatness and existence.”
  4. Ayamin: This name means blessed and fortunate. It originated from the Arabic language. The name is known for its close connection to spirituality.
  5.  Beatrice: Beatrice is a Latin name. It has a beautiful meaning of “bringer of joy” or a blessing.
  6. Behati: Behati is an African name that means blessed. 
  7. Bracha: This name originates in Hebrew from the word “barakah,” which means benediction or blessing. Bracha is a good name to connect your baby girl to the family’s faith and culture.
  8. Camilla: Camilla means young ceremonial attendant.
  9. Celina: Celina is an Arabic name that means young warrior.
  10. Chieko: This Japanese name means a child having one thousand blessings. This name will let your child go the extra mile, blessed with exceptional qualities.
  11. Daanya: Daanya is an Arabic name that means beautiful or gift of God. One variation is Dania, used in the Quran to mean near or close. It means easy access to the fruits of paradise.  
  12. Darina: Darina is South Slavic. The element dar means gift. The meaning of this name is fruitful or gift. 
  13. Diana: Diana is a famous Persian name. Its meaning is “A messenger of wellness and blessing.” 
  14. Dolly: Dolly is an English name that gives a vintage vibe. The meaning of this name is the gift of God. It might be the sweetest choice for your baby girl.
  15. Dorinda: It is a Greek name which means “A bountiful gift.”
  16. Elisa: It’s a Spanish or Italian name that means God’s promise. The name is simple yet weighty. It’s a sweet little choice for your cute baby girl.
  17. Elsa: Elsa is a very popular baby girl name originating from Germany. The name means blessed.
  18. Elysia: Elysia is both a Latin and Greek name that means “blessed land” or heaven.”
  19. Emi: Emi is a Japanese name that means beautiful picture or blessed beauty. This name will likely bestow the blessing of beauty upon your beautiful daughter. It’s quite an adorable name for the baby girls.
  20. Faiza: Faiza means winner and victorious. It’s an Arabic name that blesses your girl with innumerable victories in her life.
  21. Fajar: Fajar is an Arabic name that means Dawn, first light, or morning prayer.
  22. Farah: Farah means Glory and happiness. It’s an Arabic name.
  23. Gia: Originating from Italy, Gia is a cute girl name that means God’s Blessing. 
  24. Godiva: The meaning of Godiva is the gift of God. The remarkable thing about this name is that it includes the word God in it.
  25. Gracy: Let your daughter be graceful with the name Gracy. It has multiple origins, including Indian, Latin, and English. The meaning is favor, grace, or blessing from God.
  26. Hadiya: Hadiya is a widely used Arabic name in the Qur. It means guidance to righteousness. This name will induce the blessing of a born leader in your little girl.
  27. Hanita: Hanita is an Indian name that means divine grace. It also sometimes means happy. Your happy Hanita will love this name for sure.
  28. Hannah: Hannah is a Hebrew name that means favor. 
  29. Ifah: Ifah means pure. It symbolizes modesty.
  30. Iman: Iman is a popular Arabic name. It means faith and belief. 
  31. Isadora: Isadora is a Greek name that means gift of Isis. This name has a dignified beauty as it seems both vintage and exotic. 
  32. Iza: Iza is an Arabic name that means “God is my oath.” 
  33. Jaha: Jaha means dignity. Dignity is no less than a blessing. So it’s a perfect name for your baby girl.
  34. Jia: Jia is a beautiful Arabic name that means lively and sweetheart.
  35. Kainat: Kainat is an Arabic name that means world or universe. It is very popular among Muslims.
  36. Karishma: It’s an Indian name that means Miracle, gift, or favor. 
  37. Lena: Lena is an Arabic name. Its meaning is soft and kind.
  38. Marvel: It’s a Latin and French name that has the meaning of wonder or miracle. The baby seems marvelous with this amazing name.
  39. Mehr: Mehr is a Persian name with multiple meanings of love, friendship, oath, and covenant. 
  40. Memona: Memona means good fortune and blessings.
  41. Minha: It is also an Arabic name that means Gift from God. 
  42. Nama: Nama means greeting, gift, and present. It is an Arabic name for girls.
  43. Ohanna: It’s an Armenian name having that meaning of a gracious gift of God.
  44. Pelia: Pelia is of Hebrew origin. It means a miracle.
  45. Sachi: Sachi is a Japanese name that means miracle.
  46. Talia: Talia is an Aramaic name that means dew of God. It is a very refreshing name to give your beloved daughter. 
  47. Tayja: Tayja is an Indian name. Its meaning is a little gem. Give your girl a chance to shine by naming her Tayja. 
  48. Urfi: Urfi is a short and beautiful name for girls. Its meaning is beauty. 
  49. Vardah: Vardah is an Arabic name that means Rose. 
  50. Winifred: Winifred is a Welsh name that means blessed.
  51. Xarina: Xarina means princess. It’s an Arabic name. 
  52. Yue: Yue is a Chinese name. It means blessed, pearl, and moon. This name is as pure and innocent as your child. 
  53. Yumna: Yumna is an Arabic name that means success and good fortune. This name will wish your child a successful life ahead. 
  54. Yusra: Yusra means comfort, prosperity, and ease.
  55. Yuza: Yuza is a beautiful Arabic name that means beautiful.
  56. Zahi: Zahi means beautiful and glowing. It is an Arabic name that is a perfect choice for your beautiful girl.
  57. Zoha: Zoha means morning light, sunrise, and light. We all are blessed to have sunrise in our lives. This blessed meaning will bring your daughter’s future to light.
  58. Zoy: Zoy is an Arabic name that means life. Your girl is blessed with life. This name will be perfect for her.


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