Mixed Boy Names With Meanings: 24 Unique Names That You Might Not Have Heard

Mixed Boy Names With Meanings: 24 Unique Names That You Might Not Have Heard

Biracial babies are beautiful because of their beautiful fusion of cultures. The gift of multiple heritages is also a blessing for them. Your mixed-race bundle of joy will shine even more with a name that reflects their fusion of culture and values.

The following list of unique mixed boy names and their meanings can help you find inspiration for the perfect name for your biracial son. Because of their appeal and meaning, these mixed boy names stand out in different cultures. Discover our list of mixed boy names that can wonderfully reflect their heritage and personality.

48 Unique Boys Names With Mixed Ethnic Backgrounds

Here are 49 unique mixed boy names with meanings and origins that are impactful and poignant!


The name Anderson has a distinct gentlemanly flair among mixed boy names. Andrew is a patronymic name that translates to “son of Andrew.” The name Andrew is derived from Greek and means “manly.”


Andrew is one of the classic mixed-boy names. In many cultures, Andrew has many variants, such as “Anders,” “Andre,” and “Andrei.” These variations originate from Greece and mean “strong and manly.”


Ansel is a great choice for those looking for mixed boy names with spiritual undertones. German roots give this name its origin. Basically, it means “God’s protection.”

  • ASA

Are you looking for short, impactful mixed-boy names? Take a look at the name Asa. There are Japanese and Hebrew roots to this three-letter name. For boys, it is considered a unique biracial name. In addition to meaning “born in the morning”, Asa can also mean “healer”.


There is something mysterious and intriguing about the name Carlos when it comes to mixed boy names. A Spanish variation of the name “Charles” meaning “free man,” this moniker is popular among multiethnic communities.


The Italian moniker Dante means “enduring.” This mixed boy name is the Latin diminutive of the name “Durant.” Dante is a popular name among Italian Americans.


Darrel is a superb choice for mixed boy names that will stand the test of time. The meaning of this name is “beloved,” making it a great choice for your beloved son. A popular beach boy name during the 1960s, Darrel is an evergreen choice for parents.


The name Denzel is a great choice for mixed boy names since it is dashing and debonair. Originally from the Denzel clan, Denzel is a patronymic Cornish moniker. A very famous name bearer is Hollywood star Denzel Washington. The variations of this name include “Denzil” and “Denzell.”


The name Diego is gentle and melodious. A kind and gentle demeanor will develop in your baby boy. This name has Spanish roots and means “supplant.” It is a short form of the name “Santiago” and is also the Spanish form of the name “James.”


If you are looking for a trendy and stylish mixed boy name, why not consider the name Dylan? As a Welsh moniker, it means “son of the sea,” making it a great choice for ocean lovers. According to Welsh mythology, this name derives from Dylan ail Don, the legendary sea god.

  • ERIC

Eric is another classic mixed boy name. There’s a lot of old-fashioned charm to this short, four-letter name. The name Eric has Norse roots and means “eternal ruler.” It is a name that is well known in many cultures, and has a few cultural variations, such as “Erik” and “Eryk.”


Fabian is a beautiful and poetic name derived from “Fabianus,” a Roman word meaning “bean grower.” An Italian variation of this name is “Fabiano.”


Franklin is a mixed boy name with a certain political and intelligent vibe to it. Due to its association with the American polymath Benjamin Franklin, this English moniker means “free landholder.” The nickname “Frank” is a great option for your baby.

  • GREG

Looking for short mixed boy names? Greg would be a good choice. As a Greek moniker, Greg means “the watchful one.” A well-known namesake is American baseball player Greg Oden.


There is nothing more beautiful than a baby for a parent. Jamal embodies that perfectly. Originally from Arabic, this name means “handsome” and “beautiful.”


If you’re looking for a name ending in “-N” for your baby boy, Kaiden is a good choice. In various cultures, Kaiden is often used as a first name for boy babies, and is derived from the name “Caden,” which means “barrel” or “round.”


Another mixed boy name ending in “-N” is Keiran. This name has Irish-Gaelic origins and means “dusky and dark-haired.” It’s an excellent choice for your dark-haired baby.


Kenzo is a spectacular mixed-boy name that sounds both exotic and cool. In many cultures, the diminutive “Ken” is a very popular name meaning “strong and healthy.”.

  • KOBE

Basketball-loving parents all over the world will love the name Kobe. In addition to being Swahili in origin, Kobe is also believed to be a diminutive of Jacob, a Hebrew name that means “supplant.” One of Kobe’s most famous and beloved namesakes is the late great basketball player, Kobe Bryant.


The character of a noble person and the spirit of one who is eager. Every parent wishes those things for their child. A great mixed boy name that captures this sentiment is Latrell. “Noble and eager” is the meaning of the American name Latrell.


Your little boy deserves to grow up to be a man of God. Lemuel is an outstanding mixed boy name that is suitable for a person of strong faith. A common biracial moniker, it means “devoted to God” and “God is bright.”

  • LUCA

A superb choice for a mixed boy name that oozes style and sophistication is Luca. In mixed-race names lists, Luca and all its variants are consistently top picks. Luca is a Romanian and Italian variation of the name Lucas, which means “man from Lucania.”.


The name Louis has a very bold meaning that is both classy and sophisticated. In various cultures, Louis and its variations are very popular names. This name is French and German in origin.


Among mixed boy names, Marley stands out due to its overflowing charm. Old English roots give this name a cheerful, cool vibe reminiscent of surfer boys. In addition to meaning “meadow by the lake,” Marley can also mean “pleasant-looking wood.”

Last But Not The Least

It is a tradition in some families to name the child after the grandparents or other elderly members. There may not be much choice in choosing a name in that situation. But what you can do is give a cotton babysuit and this customized baby romper as a gift to the coming hero.

All the names mentioned above for mixed babies are unique, beautiful, and rich in history. Choose a name related to your baby’s cultural roots from the list. You can celebrate your baby’s mixed roots by giving him a meaningful name that celebrates his heritage!

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