Traditional Baby Girl Names: 100+ Beautiful Vintage Names

Traditional Baby Girl Names: 100+ Beautiful Vintage Names

Looking for pretty old-fashioned names for your little girl? These names are almost all vintage, but they don’t necessarily mean old lady names (well, maybe a few old lady chic names).

We like old-timey girl names despite not having anything against modern girl names. A hundred years or so ago, things (like names) came back into style. You can expect your grandparents’ or great-grandparents’ names to become popular again in the near future. Here are some beautiful old-fashioned vintage baby girl names to inspire your search for the perfect old lady chic baby name.

Starts From A

  1. Abigail: Originally from Hebrew, Abigail means ‘my father’s joy’.
  2. Ada: According to German roots, Ada could mean ‘nobility’ in Hebrew.
  3. Adaline: It means ‘noble kind’ in Old German
  4. Adelaide: Adelaide means ‘nobly natured’ in Old English
  5. Adele: The name Adele means ‘nobility’ and has German roots.
  6. Agatha: It means ‘good’ or ‘good woman’ in ancient Greek.

Starts From B

  1. Beatrice: The name Beatrice means ‘brought joy and blessing’.
  2. Barbara: The name Barbara means ‘strange or foreign’ in Greek
  3. Barbie: Another version of Barbara is Barbie, which means ‘foreign or strange’.
  4. Bea: The classic American girl name Bea means ‘blessed’
  5. Becky: In Hebrew, Becky means ‘moderation’ or ‘tying or binding’

Starts From C

  1. Camilla: ‘Camilla’ means ‘perfect’ in Italian and ‘acolyte’ in Latin
  2. Candace: Candace means ‘shining’, ‘pure’, or ‘sincere’ in Latin
  3. Carol: This English girl’s name means ‘free man’ or ‘strong man’
  4. Caroline: The Spanish meaning of Caroline is ‘beloved’ or ‘valuable’
  5. Carrie: Carrie is an American girl’s name that means ‘free’

Starts From D

  1. Delia: The Greek name Delia means ‘person from Delos’
  2. Delilah: The Hebrew name Delilah means ‘delicate’
  3. Delphine: The name Delphine means ‘dolphin’ in French
  4. Devon: I’ll choose Devon, which means ‘poet’ in Irish.
  5. Dinah: This Hebrew name for girls means ‘judged’ 
  6. Dolores: A Spanish girl’s name that means ‘sorrow’ is Dolores

Starts From E

  1. Edith: Old English name Edith means ‘riches’ or ‘blessed’
  2. Edna: The Hebrew name Edna means ‘gentleness, pleasure, and youthfulness’.
  3. Eileen: The name Eileen means ‘beautiful bird’ in Irish – how cute is that?
  4. Elaine: The name Elaine means torch, beauty, light, or bright in ancient Greek.

Starts From F

  1. Farrah: The Arabic name Farrah means ‘happiness’ and ‘joy’
  2. Fawn: ‘Fawn’ means ‘young deer’ in English.
  3. Faye: Old French name Faye means ‘fairy’
  4. Felicia: It means ‘happy’ or ‘lucky’ in Latin
  5. Felicity: The English name Felicity is translated as ‘good luck’ or ‘fortune’
  6. Fiona: In Scottish origins, Fiona means ‘fair’ or ‘white’
  7. Flora: ‘Floral’ is the Latin name for this plant
  8. Florence: In English, Florence means ‘blossoming with faith.’

Starts From G

  1. Gladys: The name Gladys means ‘royalty’ or ‘princess’ in Welsh
  2. Georgette: In French, Georgette means ‘farmer’.
  3. Georgina: There is a Greek girl name called Georgina, which means ‘farmer’.
  4. Gillian: Gillian means ‘youthful’ or ‘downy’ in English
  5. Ginny: Ginny means ‘pure’ or ‘chaste’ in English
  6. Glenda: Glenda translates from Welsh to mean ‘pure, clean, or holy’

Starts From H

  1. Helen: Helen means ‘shining light’ in Greek
  2. Henrietta: In English, Henrietta means ‘ruler of the home’.
  3. Hilda: Old Norse spelling of Hilda means ‘battle’
  4. Hillary: In Latin, Hillary means ‘joyful’ or ‘happy’ or ‘cheerful’
  5. Hope: It means ‘to wish and hope for something to happen’ in English.
  6. Hyacinth: In Greek, Hyacinth means ‘purple flower’ or ‘blue larkspur’.

Starts From I

  1. Ida: Ida means ‘work’ or ‘labor’ in German
  2. Imogen: The Celtic name Imogen means ‘maiden’
  3. Ingrid: Ingrid means ‘fair’ or ‘beautiful’ in Old Norse
  4. Irene: ‘Peace’ is the meaning of the lovely Greek girl’s name Irene
  5. Iris: The Greek baby name Iris means ‘rainbow’.
  6. Ivy: The Old English name Ivy refers to the plant ivy

Starts From J

  1. Jenny: Jenny means ‘fair one’ in Old English
  2. Jody: The Hebrew name Jody means ‘praised’.
  3. Joy: This adorable Latin name means ‘happiness’
  4. Judith: The Hebrew name Judith means ‘she will be praised’
  5. Judy: The Hebrew name Judy means ‘she will be praised’.
  6. Julia: ‘Youthful’ or ‘downy’ is what Julia means in Latin.
  7. Juliet: It means ‘youthful’ in French and English
  8. June: In Latin, June means ‘young’

Starts From K

  1. Kathy: Kathy – is an English variation of those names and means ‘pure’
  2. Kathryn: ‘Kathryn’ is a French variation of the same name meaning ‘pure’
  3. Kay: The Greek name Kay means ‘rejoice’
  4. Kelly: Kelly is an Irish name that means ‘warrior’
  5. Kimberly: Kimberly means ‘from a royal fortress’ in English
  6. Kitty: The English name Kitty has Greek origins and means ‘pure’.

Starts From L

  1. Lois: The Greek name Lois means ‘more desirable’ or ‘better’
  2. Lola: It means ‘sorrow’ and has German and Spanish roots
  3. Lorraine: The French word Lorraine translates to ‘from Lorraine’, a region in France
  4. Loretta: English name Loretta means ‘laurel tree’ and is an olden-day girl’s name
  5. Lottie: This cute classic French girl name means ‘little and womanly’
  6. Louise: An Old German name meaning ‘famous warrior’, Louise

Starts From M

  1. Mabel: The English girl’s name Mabel means ‘lovable’ in old English.
  2. Madeline: Means ‘high tower’ or ‘woman from Magdala’ in English
  3. Maggie: Maggie means ‘pearl’ in English
  4. Mamie: A pearl or a star of the sea is what Mamie means in Greek
  5. Marcella: Latin name Marcella means ‘young warrior’. 
  6. Maria: Maria means ‘wished for child’ in Hebrew;

Starts From N

  1. Nadia: A cute Slavic girl name that means ‘hope’ is Nadia
  2. Nadine: In French, Nadine means ‘hope’ or ‘shower of blessings’
  3. Nancy: Nancy – means ‘favor’ or ‘grace’ in Hebrew and French
  4. Naomi: Naomi means ‘pleasantness’ in Hebrew
  5. Nellie: The retro girl name Nellie means ‘light’ in English
  6. Nina: The name Nina is of Spanish origin and means ‘little girl’.
  7. Nora: The Latin name Nora means “honor”
  8. Noreen: The Irish name Noreen means ‘honor’
  9. Norma: The English name Norma means ‘from the north

Starts From O

  1. Odette: The name Odette means ‘wealthy’ in French
  2. Opal: In Sanskrit, the word opal means ‘gemstone’ or ‘precious stone’.
  3. Ophelia: Ophelia means ‘help’ in Greek

Starts From P

  1. Phoebe: The name Phoebe means ‘bright’ or ‘shining’ in Greek.
  2. Phyllis: The ancient Greek girl name Phyllis means ‘foliage’
  3. Polly: ‘Polly’ means ‘sea of bitterness’ in English
  4. Poppy: Originally from Latin, poppy means ‘red flower’.
  5. Pippa: The name Pippa means ‘lover of horses’ in English.

Starts From R

  1. Roberta: This English female equivalent of Robert means “bright fame”
  2. Rosa: The Latin name Rosa means ‘rose’
  3. Rosalind: The name Rosalind means ‘pretty rose’ in English

Starts From S

  1. Sadie: Sadie is such a sweet, vintage baby name! English origins and means princess
  2. Samantha: The Hebrew name Samantha means ‘listens well’.
  3. Sandy: Sandy means ‘man’s defender’ in Greek

Starts From T

  1. Tammy: Tammy means ‘date palm tree’ in Scottish and English
  2. Tawny: The English word tawny means ‘golden brown’.
  3. Tess: The Greek name Tess means ‘to reap’ or ‘to harvest’.
  4. Thelma: In Greek, the name Thelma means ‘will’ or ‘volition’

Starts From V

  1. Vanessa: Vanessa means ‘butterfly’ in Greek
  2. Verna: The Latin word Verna translates as “springtime”
  3. Viola: The name Viola means ‘violet’ in Italian
  4. Violet: In English, Violet means ‘purple or blue flower’

Starts From Z

  1. Zelda: Originally a Yiddish name, Zelda means ‘blessed’ or ‘happy’
  2. Zorina: The name Zorina means ‘golden dawn’ in Slavic


There’s something timeless and charming about old-fashioned baby names, so they make excellent choices. The idea that these names have so much history appeals to me. At Getnamenecklace, we have this cute t-shirt for you and your little one coming soon. Not only for you and your coming-to-be daughter, but you can also buy for other important people in your life.

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What are some of your favorite vintage girl names? It would be great to hear from you! Comment below! For more baby name inspiration, check out other related posts.

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