48 Father’s Day Text Message To Ex-Husband

Most people consider keeping in touch with your ex a sin or some kind of taboo. However, when there are kids in the mix, it’s important to try and maintain a cordial relationship with their father. This will make them free from any trauma from the both of you, while also fully receiving parental love from you two. It will also teach them how a partnership should work.

So when Father’s Day is on the corner, you need to acknowledge the role your ex plays in fathering your children. One way you can do this is through a text message.

In this article, we will show you how to pick the right words to craft the perfect Father’s Day text for the father of your children. We will also show you some helpful samples.

Appreciative Texts Acknowledging His Parenting

Parenting is not easy, no matter the stage of development your child is. It’s not easy for dads just like for moms, so here are some appreciative texts to your ex-husband to celebrate him on Father’s Day.

  1. I didn’t see this working as co-parents but I thank you for raising our kids regardless of our separation.
  1. They always miss you, but guess who is always there for them?
  1. Despite the bad endings of our marriage you’ve never stopped helping your children. Kudos for that.
  1. I was so stressed about our kids lacking a father figure amidst our quarrels. But you’ve been there for them.
  1. We’ve argued a lot, but we all draw the line with our kids. That’s fatherly of you.
  1. This weekend I’m going with the kids to the Maldives. Guess who they’ve been reminding me for a thousand times not to leave behind. I thank you for impacting their lives.
  1. I always felt like our kids were protected and guided. It takes a milestone to have such a partner. I thank you for that.
  1. I know we loved each other, but your decision for the divorce was for the benefit of our children. Thank you.

Light-Hearted and Humorous Texts

You can also take the lighter road and make your Father’s Day text to your ex-husband humorous. Here are some of these messages.

  1. The Father of the Year award goes to your dad, for raising his grandchildren’s amazing father.
  1. Not all superheroes wear capes. Some wear oversized suits with color-clashing ties.
  1. When it comes to parenting, all I can say is that at the end of the day, the day will have to end. Happy Father’s Day! We can get through this, just seventeen more years.
  1. We know the kids want you to come over so badly because you couch-slam them.
  1. I have made some mistakes in our past relationship but one thing I don’t regret is making a bunch of mini-mes with you.
  1. It’s a beautiful day to celebrate the donor of half our kids’ DNA.
  1. I thought fathers had it easy until I saw you changing a diaper.
  1. We may not have worked as partners but we make a great team as co-parents, especially in disciplining our little rascals.

Inclusive Messages from Both You and the Kids

Father’s Day originated from both men and women having kids, so it makes sense to include the children in your Father’s Day wishes to your ex-husband. Here are Father’s Day messages to your ex-husband that include the kid’s wishes.

  1. We wish you a Happy Father’s Day and can’t wait to celebrate!
  1. Many art pieces are waiting for you to come collect them!
  1. The kids have planned something for you as a Father’s Day gift. They’ve been practicing for two weeks.
  1. I and the kids wouldn’t miss Father’s Day for the world! Not with all your dedication and love.
  1. The kids swear they know when their favorite superhero was born. That’s on your birthday.
  1. I and the kids wish you a happy Father’s Day full of candy and cake.
  1. The kids say that they are proud to have a father like you!
  1. The kids think Father’s Day is the same as your birthday, so there’s cake for you!

Formal Wishes for a Peaceful Day

You can also take the formal path and have your texts formal and direct. In this section, we have crafted some helpful samples of such messages. You can alter them to suit your way of delivery.

  1. Happy Father’s Day! May you be blessed just as you are a blessing to us.
  1. Wishing you a happy Father’s Day full of joy and satisfaction.
  1. You deserve all your flowers this Father’s Day for your presence and love in our children’s lives. We appreciate you.
  1. May we bring you joy and acknowledgment this Father’s Day because you deserve it.
  1. I wish you a happy Father’s Day and many more as we go through this journey together.
  1. You are a great father and we wish you a happy Father’s Day!
  1. You have been a blessing to the children and me. I wish you a happy Father’s Day.
  1. This Father’s Day, may you know only happiness from me and your children.

Reflective Texts: Looking Back Positively

There have to be some fun memories that your ex-husband has shared with both you and the kids over time. The samples in this section contain a recollection of different positive memories that were shared between you, your ex-husband, and your children.

  1. Thank you for being there for me from the time of my labor. You have a strong paternal instinct.
  1. You made my work easier all the times you volunteered to do the yard work as I handled business.
  1. What you said to your son yesterday must have gotten to him. He’s changed.
  1. Thank you for teaching your daughter how to ride a bike. I know she’ll never forget that memory.
  1. You were such a darling for stepping in as a chaperone at the school dance. You did a great job.
  1. Your kindness and thoughtfulness at my aunt’s funeral was so good of you.
  1. Thank you for helping out with the dishes when I wasn’t feeling good last week.
  1. Your good luck text made my nervousness disappear before my job interview. 

Inspiring Quotes to Include in Your Message

Fathers need to be inspired too concerning their parenting. If it comes from their partner in parenting, it will mean a lot more to them. Here are some inspiring messages you can share with your ex this Father’s Day.

  1. You’ve played a key role in supporting your kids and that’s lifetime insurance.
  1. There’s power in the kids. I’ve seen marriages rekindle for the sake of the kids.
  1. Focusing on the negatives hurts a lot, but focusing on the lessons helps one to grow.
  1. Sometimes it’s true love when two lover birds ain’t together.
  1. It takes emotional torture to let go, but that’s loving your peace and space.
  1. It’s always true love when you let go for the peace of the other.
  1. It’s a life achievement to have a loving family. 
  1. Not giving up on each other is the most precious gift for the children.

Tips To Avoid Common Pitfalls in Your Father’s Day Text 

Since we are dealing with sending messages to your ex-husband here, there are some boundaries you should set and respect. In this section, we have discussed some tips to follow when crafting your Father’s Day text for your ex-husband.

  1. Don’t bring up old romance. This is a common mistake people make. You should respect your ex and his probable new partner by not trying to spark a new flame. You can find yourself knowingly or unknowingly rekindling old romantic memories or confessing your love. This is wrong. Realize that Father’s Day is about him being a father and not your past husband.
  1. Don’t be spiteful. This means that you shouldn’t turn the message into an argument about something that irritated you concerning parenting. Sometimes you may find yourself doing that when you’ve been feeling overwhelmed and not helped by him in parenting. But since you’ve decided to wish him a happy Father’s Day, go ahead and make it happy. You can discuss your peripheral issues later.
  1. Make it about him. Express how happy you are with his contribution to raising your children. You can also add some inspirational words for him, while also talking about the fun times he has had with the family and how it has impacted you. Switching the message to talking about matters that center around you destroys the positive meaning of the message.
  1. You can involve the children. You can do this by sending him an audio message of their Father’s Day wishes, their drawings, or any other item they may have created for him. Try to deliver the children’s voice message to him by directly sending it and not just in your own edited words. It’s more special when he hears it directly from the kids.
  1. You can add a separate gift to your message. Gifts are a great way of showing your love and appreciation to your children’s father. Coupling it with your message will make him feel more special.


We hope that this article makes this Father’s Day fun and memorable in your household. You can edit our samples into messages that fit into your way of texting your ex-husband so that your wish sounds more like how you’d say it.

As we had earlier mentioned, remember to keep having an amicable relationship with your ex-husband for your and your children’s well-being. That way every Father’s Day will be worth celebrating and remembering!

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