55+ Funny Jokes About Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a great time because it’s full of reconnections among family. Sometimes it’s not physical, but the emotional connection counts.

Connecting emotionally with your dad on Father’s Day isn’t hard and there are various ways you can do that. One way is making jokes with or about him. Of course, you need to be ultimately respectful with your choice of jokes.

Creating the jokes is where the real hassle can be, but don’t worry. In this article, we will show you different Father’s Day jokes you can tell on Father’s Day to crack up not just your dad, but the whole family.

Classic Dad Jokes to Kick Off Father’s Day

We all know how Dad jokes can be both funny and tacky at the same time. However, these are the jokes that will fill up the happy memories of your father over time.

  1. What do you call a fork with three prongs? A throk.
  1. How does the moon wake up his son? Sunrise!
  1. What did the moon say to the stars during their sleepover? You’re taking up too much space man!
  1. What happens if I put onions, tomatoes, lettuce, fries, and fried rice on the cat and then wrap it with a blanket? I get a purrito.
  1. Why was the red onion mad at the spring onion? He called him ‘bulby’.
  1. Jonah was unexpectedly swallowed by a whale during his travels. I guess he didn’t ‘sea’ that coming!
  1. What do you call a witch that lives in the desert? A sandwich.
  1. What’s the last thing you should want to do in a tornado? Walk into the tornado, obviously.
  1. What do you call a silly candy worm? A ‘dummy’ worm.

Puns That Only a Father Could Love

Everyone loves a good pun, especially our fathers who are master crafters of them. Here are some amazing puns that will make your father’s ribs crack this Father’s Day.

  1. What is the perfect nickname for a Mexican who always loses his car? Carlos.
  1. What city has the words loss and less in it? Los Angeles
  1. Why can we consider most American celebrities the light of the world? They are world stars.
  1. What is the perfect American breakfast? Baked oil with a cup of lard.
  1. What do we call a handyman with an extra finger? A super handyman.
  1. What’s a sauce that can embarrass you by saying it? Worcestershire sauce.
  1. You don’t need to wear those jorts. They are almost the same as those jesters used to wear, making you one step closer to being one.

One-Liners Perfect for Father’s Day Cards

If you’re getting your father a Father’s Day card, then a single but well-crafted sentence can be enough to make your father remember this Father’s Day. Here are some of these perfect one-liners.

  1. What do I mean by fatherly love? Just having your presence around me.
  1. Happy Father’s Day to the king of barbecue.
  1. You’re not old, you’re vintage. Happy Father’s Day!
  1. Wisdom comes with time, so happy Father’s Day to the wisest person I know.
  1. People have golden retriever fathers, but I have a German shepherd dad.
  1. Happy Father’s Day to the holder of half my DNA.
  1. I’m always happy to say how much I’m honored to be your child. Happy Father’s Day!

Comical Quotes About Fatherhood

Fatherhood is a journey for your dad just like any other phase of life. Journeys are always full of funny memories, and we’ll show you some comical quotes based on these situations.

  1. When it comes to diaper changing, fathers are the most whiny but meticulous people.
  1. All the kids prefer dad’s cuddles because of the air drops to the bed afterward.
  1. Because of all the air slams dads do to their kids, moms are too easily labeled the bad cop.
  1. Don’t you just love it when Dad is in leader mode? We feel like little ducklings.
  1. I can never settle for less when my dad always said he loves me through spending on me often.
  1. I feel like one of the safest places I can be is on my dad’s chest.
  1. When Dad decides to be the bad cop, not a word will be heard when he’s talking. 

Laugh-Out-Loud Father’s Day Observations

Your father must have some predictable habits that make your family laugh. From how he does things to how he addresses different situations, here are some comical Father’s Day observations in most families.

  1. How to say I love you in dad-talk? I got you this yesterday… see if it fits.
  1. Your groan when going to sit or wanting to stand can rival a lion’s roar.
  1. Only a dad can complain about expenses then go ahead to get you anything you ask for.
  1. Who’s the world’s loudest man? My dad when he’s laughing.
  1. I wanted to be a dad so that I could have sole rights to the remote control any time I wanted.
  1. The beauty of being your child is being bought for the expensive stuff just to prove you have a hardworking dad.
  1. I think that the best part about being a dad is having your chair in the living room.

Dads and Their Grills: Humorous Takes

Whenever we hear of barbecues, the first thing to come to mind is our fathers manning the grills. We‘ve come up with some humorous takes on dad’s grilling that can fit well into a Father’s Day card.

  1. When we say we love you, we mean that we love how you make your ribs taste so good.
  1. My best comfort food is your comforting gravy sauce.
  1. Michelin-star chefs have nothing on your grilling.
  1. I always find myself fantasizing about your gorgeous steaks whenever a holiday is near.
  1. The only time I could taste beer as a kid was through your steaks.
  1. When we talk about food being love, we mean your smoked steaks.
  1. My wine addiction started as a kid when I was eating your wine-marinated steaks
  1. Grilling is a certified world hobby for fathers.
  1. I can never give a chef credit for steaks when I remember how your father’s steaks taste.

Funny Stories from Famous Fathers

There are many famous fathers out there, and one thing they all have in common is their funny stories. We’ve shared them with you below.

  1. “It is so embarrassing how I went from a person who did not care about anyone’s children. Then you have them, and you brag about the same stuff that you never cared about. And you tell people, he’s got four teeth like they care.” Seth Meyers
  1. “Having children is like living in a frat house. Nobody sleeps, everything’s broken and there’s a lot of throwing up.” Ray Romano
  1. “I want my son to wear a helmet 24 hours a day. If it was socially acceptable, I’d be the first one to have my kid in a full helmet and like a cage across his face mask.” Will Arnett
  1. “Whenever one of my children says, ‘Goodnight, Daddy,’ I always think to myself, ‘You don’t mean that.’” Jim Gaffigan
  1. “My daughter got me a ‘World’s Best Dad’ mug. So we know she’s sarcastic.” Bob Odenkirk
  1. “On our 6 a.m. walk, my daughter asked where the moon goes each morning. I let her know it’s in heaven visiting daddy’s freedom.” Ryan Reynolds
  1. “When I was a kid, I said to my father one afternoon, ‘Daddy, will you take me to the zoo?’ He answered, ‘If the zoo wants you, let them come and get you.’” Jerry Lewis
  1. “How come my 3-year-old son knows every species and genus of dinosaur and I can’t even remember my home phone number?” Taye Diggs

Jokes About Father’s Day Gifts 

Most people can admit that getting their father a perfect Father’s Day gift can be challenging because it’s hard to know what they want sometimes. Here are some funny takes on the kind of gifts fathers receive on Father’s Day.

  1. I bet every father of adult children has a set of not less than twenty mugs. You can even find them grouped into each for specific beverages.
  1. Deep down, we all knew what my father wanted for Father’s Day, peace of mind.
  1. I think the people who have a track record of getting the weirdest gifts for any holiday are fathers.
  1. When I was young I knew what I wanted to give my father for Father’s Day. A yacht with a submarine and spy closet inside.
  1. My dad has gotten so many books for his birthday that we can start a bookshop with them.
  1. Having an old-school father is the worst because it’s hard to select a gift that suits all their crazy beliefs.
  1. We got our dad so much stationery for his birthday that we installed a home library that no one ever uses just to store them.
  1. My dad knows it’s hard to get him a gift, so everything we give him is appreciated dearly to make us feel better.
  1. The amount of diaries my dad has from all his father’s days can be enough to supply every teenage girl in the country with one.


We hope that our Father’s Day quotes will make your father feel special and noticed by your family. You can deliver the quotes in a perfect family setting, via a Father’s Day card, or using an imprinted or engraved gift. Whatever the setting, make sure your dad is in the perfect mood so that he can fully feel the emotions brought about by your Father’s Day wishes.

We wish you a happy Father’s Day!

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