50 Radiant And Luminous Arabic Baby Girl Names To Give Your Sweet Angel

You might be one of the many Arabic speakers, your heritage connects from an Arabic-speaking country or you just love Arabic culture. If you are looking for an Arabic baby girl name for your new arrival, you nailed it by hitting this article.

Most Arabic names are derived from the Islamic culture. This tradition gives most of them powerful meaning, being recognizable and the most respected names. Although many names stay true to their original Arabic spelling, some have been altered to allow for easier reading in Western languages. To get the inspiration going, read on for some Arabic girl names you will fall for.

Popular Traditional Arabic Names for Girls

Read on for the most popular and native Arabic names that are the trendiest. They are the most popular charts today.

1. Aaliyah

Aaliyah means high status. It is a female version of the male name Ali.

2. Aisha

This popular traditional name means alive and well. Aisha would be a great choice for your little, beautiful princess.

3. Sarah

It is one of the most popular names in the world. Sarah means princess.

4. Sofi

This cute Arabic girl’s name means wisdom. It has Greek origins and is widely popular across the globe.

5. Inaya

It is a soft and expressive Arabic name spelled as Anaya. Inaya means care or concern.

6. Fatima.

Fatima has a meaning of to abstain. Your daughter will be the namesake of the daughter of Prophet Muhammad.

7. Nadia

It means tender or delicate. The variants of this  Arabic name are Nadiyya and Nadya.

8. Aminah

It is an Arabic feminine name that means to feel secure. It is spelled as Amina or Aamina

9. Amara

Amara makes an excellent choice for a name as it means mercy, kindness, or grace. It would be a perfect choice if you want your daughter to possess all these qualities.

10. Mariam

Mariam means love or beloved. It is a variant of Mary and Maryam. 

Contemporary Baby Girl Arabic Names Gaining Popularity

If you are one of the few who say old is gold, below are listed vintage Islamic names that ever existed and are gaining popularity with time.

1. Calla

A cute and contemporary name for your little princess that means beautiful. Kaellaa is the correct pronunciation for this beautiful name.

2. Tahira

An exotic Arabic name that means pure and chaste. Tahira is a feminine version of Tahir.

3. Zoya

Zoya is a cute Arabic name that means alive, loving, and caring. It is a variant of the name Zoe, which means life.

4. Laila

Laila means night. The spelling variations of the name are Leila and Leyla.

5. Khadija

Khadija was the name of the first wife of Prophet Muhammad. The name means a trustworthy person.

6. Anisa

Anisa has an upbeat sound that goes with its sweet meaning. As the feminine form of Anis, it means friendly or friend.

7. Dani

A sweet and cute name that means merciful or kindness. It’s also a variant of the name Danielle which is a Hebrew name.

8. Djamila

A silent twist to the common name Jamila, Djamila stands for beautiful and radiant.

9. Jumanah

Jumanah is an emerging name in the world of top Arabic names. The name shines bright just like its meaning, which is silver pearls.

10. Sadiya

This is a beautiful name with a positive meaning of fortunate or luck. Sadiya is a feminine version of Said.

Unique and Uncommon Arabic Baby Girl Names

Sometimes, it is a better option to be outstanding. Therefore, unique and uncommon is the trend.

1. Anisah

If rare Arabic baby girl names are what you are looking for, then this is just the one for you! Anisah means one who is a good and intimate friend.

2. Hawa

Hawa means life and desire in Arabic. It could be a perfect choice if your daughter is full of life and energetic.

3. Amira

Is a feminine form of Amir, which means prince. Amira means princess.

4. Nyla

The name means one who achieves or rather a winner. Nyla could make a fitting choice for a bicoastal child.

5. Farrah

Your little princess will bring unparalleled joy and happiness in your life, and so Farrah will be a perfect fit as it means happiness.

6. Gul

This cute and unique name has a meaning of Rose.

Gul is a Persian origin name.

7. Aabidah

Aabidah is a name perfect for your daughter if you are looking for a traditional and religious name. It means worshiper of God.

8. Faizah

Make sure your daughter comes out victorious every time by naming her Faizah!

It means winner or victorious.

9. Farida

Farida is certainly a one-of-a-kind Arabic name that means unique.

This name will be a perfect suit for your little girl because she is a unique person in your life.

10. Jalilah

Jalilah is a perfect name for parents looking for both a unique and stylish name.

Jalilah means illustrious.

Arabic Baby Girl Names Inspired by Nature

Most names’ inspiration connects to nature. You are guaranteed to some of the names below if you are looking for natural baby names.

1. Arwa

If you like animals and you would like your baby to love them too then  Arwa is on your wish list. The name Arwa means mountain goat.

2. Cyra

A one-of-a-kind Arabic feminine name that means sun. Cyra is a feminine version of Cyrus.

3. Celina

Celina means heaven. Another variant of this name with the same pronunciation is Selena.

4. Janat

What could be better than naming your daughter after the beautiful heavens?

Jannat, in Arabic, means paradise.

5. Badr

It means full moon. Badr would be a great option if you want your baby girl to be connected to the power of the moon cycles.

6. Hala

If you are looking for a romantic nature-themed moniker, consider the name Hala for your baby girl. It means halo around the moon.

7. Zahrah

Zahra is an elegant, feminine name that means blooming flower. This name is just perfect for your lovely daughter.

8. Warda

Warda is a classic Arabic name with a beautiful meaning of Rose. It is a perfect name for your darling daughter.

9. Yasmin

Yasmin is the Arabic name of the Jasmine flower. It is one of the cutest names in Arabic.

10. Dalia

It is pronounced as Dahlia, the flower. It means grapevine.

Arabic Baby Girl Names Influenced by Famous Personalities

Perhaps, you might want your little angel to be associated with a famous personality. Being famous means you are influential, brave, and the best. 

1. Balqis

Is your daughter queen in the making? Balqis means the Queen of Sheba.

2. Abla

In the seventh century, the famous Arabic poet Antara dedicated the majority of his poetry to a mysterious woman named Abla. It has the meaning fully figured.

3. Zulaykha

Zulaykha originates from the Arabic name Zuleika. She was the subject of numerous poems and tales by the Persian poet Jami. 

4. Sumayya

Sumayya is known as one of the Islam martyrs and she is one of the one of the most that defied the Quraysh leaders. She was so devoted to Allah and Islam at large.

5. Nusaybah

She is very interesting and inspiring because of her courage on the battlefield matched with her steadfastness in faith. She believed that a woman had the same duty of defending the new religion just as a man in Islam.

6. Khawla

Khawla was one of the daughters of one of the chiefs of the Bani Asad tribe and a companion to Prophet Muhammad. She is described as one of the best Islamic knights in history. Her family was one of the first converts to Islam.

7. Shirin

Shirin Ebadi was an Iranian lawyer, human rights activist, and a Nobel Peace Prize laureate. She is known for her advocacy for human rights, specifically the rights of women in Iran and also in the Middle East.

8. Yousafzai

She is also a Pakistani activist and the youngest Nobel Prize-engaged person. She is famous for her bravery in the face of Taliban oppression, and she also advocates for girls’ education.

9. Karman

She is one of the most famous Muslim women at present. She is a Yemeni journalist, activist, and a Nobel Prize laureate. She advocates for human rights, democracy, and human rights in the Arab world.

10. Ilhan 

Ilhan Omar is an American politician and the first Somali-American to serve in the United States Congress. She is known for her advocacy for social justice and also her progressive politics.

Conclusion: Embracing the Richness of Arabic Culture Through Names

Most Arabic girl names have their origin in Islam and naming new ones with Arabic culture is embracing the Identity of Islam. With a mix of class names to choose from, finding the perfect Arabic name for girls depends on your taste. Your baby girl will be as cute as a button, so perhaps she needs an Arabic name with a cute sound or meaning. If that’s what you’re looking for, you have plenty of adorable options.

Finding a name for your kid is fun. Although, it does not mean it’s an easy task. We hope this article was of great help to you in narrowing the gap of choices you looked upon. Also, we hope it provided a source of inspiration to you.

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