59 Unique Mexican Names For Boys That Your Mexican Partner Will Love

59 Unique Mexican Names For Boys That Your Mexican Partner Will Love

Finding a perfect and unique Mexican name for your baby boy can be a more challenging and overwhelming task than you thought! With so much information on the internet and books, choosing the exact perfect name for your little one can be difficult. 

Find rest because we have made your search easier by compiling the best unique Mexican names with a strong heritage and defined meaning that are sure to give your baby boy a cool, signature name that fits his personality perfectly. 

If giving your precious little one an authentic Mexican name is appealing to you, go through our comprehensive article to find your favorite name.

Unique Mexican Names for Boys

These are some of our favorite unusual Mexican names for boys that are sure to make your little one stand out from the crowd.

1. Armando

The Spanish form of this name is Herman. Armando is a strong name that means an army man.

2. Elvio

This simple yet catchy name is of Latin origin. It means fair or blonde.

3. Cortez

Cortez is a variant of Corte`s, It means courteous or rather polite.

4. Vicente

A pleasant-sounding name that means to conquer or prevail. Vicente is a Latin form of Vincent.

5. Tomas

The name is of Spanish form Thomas. Tomas means twins.

6. Tacito

This is one of the most rare and unique Mexican names. It means silent.

7. Salvador

A classic name that comes from the late Latin name. Salvador means savior.

8. Francisco

The name is rooted in the name Francis. It means free man.

9. Fernando

A form of the name Ferdinand. This lyrical name means adventurer or brave voyager.

10. Gustavo

A historical yet unique name that means royal stuff. It is a Spanish and Portuguese form of Gustav.

Cute Mexican Names for Boys

Check out this curated list of Unique Mexican names for boys to find the best moniker for your little prince.

1. Cedro

This rare and intriguing name means love. It’s a form of Cedric.

2. Videl

This special name means life. This is one of the uncommon yet cute names that is much loved by Mexican people.

3. Esteban

This fitting name for your baby means crown. This is a popular boy name with the Hispanic form Stephen.

4. Rico 

A short form of Ricardo or Enrico. Rico means brave ruler.

5. Rafael

Another version of the name Raphael is found in several different languages. Rafael means God heals.

6. Oscar

It is Derived from the Gaelic word meaning dear friend. It is one of the classic and cutest Mexican boy names.

7. Emilio

Name your special baby boy this cute name that means winning one. Other meanings of this name are to rival, to strive, or to excel.

8. Dario.

The name has Persian origins. It means possessing goodness.

9. Domingo.

It signifies a specific day of the week, Sunday. This is a perfect name for your baby born on Sunday.

10. Ciro

This is a royal name that your baby boy will be proud to have. It means sun.

Popular Mexican Boy Names 

Here are some of the most popular Mexican names to choose from while naming your little prince.

1. Gabriel

If you love Christianity or Judaism religions, then Gabriel will be a perfect name for your son. This name means God is my strength.

2. Victor

Like the English word victor, this name means conqueror. You can shorten this name to Vic.

3. Luis

Luis means famous warrior. The name has its roots in French history and nobility.

4. Daniel

It means God is my judge. Daniel is a powerful and traditional Mexican name that is popular in many places.

5. Juan

If you are looking for a simple yet classic traditional name for your son, then consider Juan on your wish list. Juan means gracious or merciful.

6. David

It means beloved. David is a traditional name with its roots in the Hebrew language.

7. Manuel

It means God is with us. It’s a shortened version of Emmanuel

8. Alfonso

It’s a Spanish name derived from Alphonse. This name means eager for war.

9. Andres

This name means manly or brave. It has a Spanish version of Andrew.

10. Berto

It’s a Mexican boy’s name that means intelligent. Many languages use their version of this Italian and Spanish name.

Classic and Symbolic Mexican Boy Names

A name generates the expression of character and personality. If you are a parent who gravitates around this. Here are the Mexican names you can opt for.

1. Abundio

This Latino name is unique and has the meaning of abundance. It’s a name that carries a positive and will be a blessing to your son.

2. Alejandro

The most common meaning of this name is a defender of man. The Spanish form of this name is Alexander.

3. Alfredo

Alfredo means elf counselor. It makes a perfect choice to connect the baby with their mythical spirit.

4. Benedicto

Blessed is the meaning of the name. It is a name that not only sounds good but also has wonderful meaning.

5. Bruno.

It is derived from the German name brun. It means brown.

6. Camilo

This name means one who helps the priest. This is the male version of the name Camilla.

7. Fernando

If you want your boy to be adventurous, Fernando is the perfect fit. The name means adventurous or daring.  

8. Masawa

The boy’s name Masawa has quite a poetic meaning, “evening wind.” It comes from the Popoluca indigenous community in southeastern Veracruz.

9. Hasen

It means “soul” and comes from the Mazateco indigenous community in northern Oaxaca. 

10. Iktan

If you want your kid to be identified as being brilliant, Iktan is the name. It means ‘clever’.

Indigenous Mexican Boy Names

There are various native Mexican communities, and here we have touched all. Go through our list of indigenous Mexican Boy names, which are loaded with meaning, ancient traditions, and cultural heritage to find some serious consideration while naming your son.

1. Hedia

This Hedia means ‘god of wind’. The name is from Mexico’s central plateau and the Otomi indigenous community.

2. Ikal

Ikal is a Myan name that means ‘spirit’. 

3. Polo

This name means ‘sea’. This is short but a sweet name that comes from the Mayan Kʼicheʼ an indigenous community.

4. Rahui

Rahui comes from the Tarahumara indigenous community in Northern Mexico and means “day.”

5. Seneca

Seneca means “spring,” as in a source of water. It comes from the Mayo (Yoeme) indigenous community in the state of Sonora where you’ll find the Mayo River.

6. Tanok

This boy’s name comes from the Tepehuano indigenous community found in several parts of Mexico, though mostly in the northern and western regions. Tanok means “sun.

7. Yooko

The name means “tiger,” this boy’s name comes from the indigenous community known as Yaqui.

8. Mahuizoh

This name is a unique indigenous one that means a ‘glorious person’.

9. Erendirani

This name means happy and it is from the Taracans community.

10. Kantyi

It has a meaning simple and it originates from the native Amuzgo community.

Names Inspired by Mexican History and Heroes

Your child is already a hero from the lens of what his future holds. If you want your baby to stand out from the crowd with an interesting and inspiring name, consider some of these historic and heroic names;

1. Xavier

The name became a sensation after Francis Xavier who did missionary work in China, India, Japan, and others. Xavier means the new house.

2. Carlos

It means strong. Your son will share a name with Carlos Arruza, one of the 20th century’s most prominent bullfighters.

3. Diego

The name became common to the world due to the hero from the Mask of Zorro. Diego means to supplant.

4.  Hugo

A refreshing name that has a very sweet meaning as intelligence in heart, mind, and spirit. This interesting name became known all over the world because of Hugo Boss.

5. Augustin

Augustin means exalted and venerable. This powerful and royal name comes from the moniker Augustus.

6. Ignacio

It comes from the Latin word Ignis. It means fire.

7. Erasmo

A unique baby boy name that means beloved. The Spanish version of this name is Erasmus.

8.  Arturo

The most common meanings of this name are strength of the bear, courageous, and noble. Arturo is a popular Hispanic name that comes from the name Arthur.

9. Raul

A Mexican boy’s name that means wolf counsel. It is a form of the English name Ralph, and your son will surely love to be associated with such an adorable and powerful name.

Conclusion: Embracing the Beauty of Mexican Names

A name is something that forms the main part of one’s identity. Just like other cultures, Mexico has its list of charming, beautiful names with wonderful meanings. A long with rolling nicely off the tongue, Mexican names are unique with a strong heritage and defined meaning. Regardless, do not forget the prestige of your handsome baby boy as he grows.

Most of the Mexican names originate from different parts of Europe. The names are so commonly loved and used by people worldwide. Go ahead and choose the perfect name for your sweet baby from our article. We hope our article has helped you in your search for the name of your boy.

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