60+ Winter Quotes: Short and funny quotes to increase the pleasure of these chilly days
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60+ Winter Quotes: Short and funny quotes to increase the pleasure of these chilly days

Winter has a special magic. Fresh snow, frosty trees, and snowball fights make it memorable. Winter is all about short days, icy weather, and staying warm. 

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for short winter quotes. In this post, we have collected the best harsh winter quotes, including funny short winter quotes, cute winter quotes, inspirational short winter quotes, short winter quotes, short winter love quotes, welcome winter quotes, and captions about snow, snowflakes, December, January, and February.

Our favorite short quotes about winter are paired with our favorite winter photos. Our Winter Solstice Quotes are a great place to start if you like short quotes.

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Short Winter Quotes

  1. “We wouldn’t have a pleasant spring without winter.” 
  2. “Frost forms patterns of lovely translucent geometry on the window glass.” 
  3. “A kind word can warm three months of winter.” 
  4. “I see Winter, sullen and sad, coming with all his rising train; vapors, clouds, and storms.” 
  5. “There was a grayness to winter, and it came in days that were still.” 
  6. “Winter can be a slow time, but it isn’t lifeless.” 
  7. “Melancholy was the sound of a winter’s night.” 
  8. “The winter season is a time for recovery and preparation.”
  9. “I hope this winter will be gentle and kind–a time to rest from the wheels of the mind.” 
  10. “Winter is driven from man’s face by laughter.” 
  11. “March would mark the end of winter.” 
  12. “Although we feel cold, we don’t mind because we won’t be harmed.” 
  13. “Winter shapes our character and brings out our best.” 
  14. “The weather is getting colder. Winter is treading on the meadow.” 
  15. “Potato gratin and roast chicken cure winter blues every time.”
  16. “Winter can never be too much.”
  17. “There are times when I wish I was still a child,”
  18. “Winter wind, you are not so unkind as man’s ingratitude.”
  19. “I go south during the winter and read a lot.”
  20. “Last weekend’s blizzard had a silver lining.”
  21. “It is winter on my head, but eternal spring in my heart.”
  22. “No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn.”
  23. “You never appreciate spring until you’ve endured a tough winter”
  24. “I like to pretend that I am walking on clouds when there is snow on the ground.”
  25. “Summer is not sweet without the cold of winter.
  26. “My husband thinks I’m crazy, but I’m not the one who married me.”
  27. “The lips are white, the face pale, and the air is filled with snowflakes.”
  28. “It’s cold outside, baby.”
  29. “When I think of winter, my heart gets a little warm.”
  30. “Winter is over. Enough is enough.”
  31. “Winter is coming, so stay strong.”
  32. “Hello, chilly days!”
  33. “There is a saying that goes, “Advice is like snow, the softer it falls.”
  34. “When you have enough love, no winter is too cold.
  35. “Snow is such an amazing phenomenon.”
  36. “O, wind, can spring be far behind if winter comes?”
  37. “Snowflakes from December should be eaten in January, according to my rule.”
  38. “It is useless to have warm summers without cold winters to give them sweetness.
  39. “One kind word can warm three months of winter”
  40. “Hello December! It’s going to be great!”
  41. “Kisses in the snow!
  42. “It’s time for hoodies and cold nights”
  43. “It’s time to say “hello” to winter.”
  44. “Take a walk in the woods and keep calm.”
  45. “My heart is eternal spring, even though winter is on my head.
  46. “Nature listens to snow when it falls.”
  47. “The only thing that doesn’t get cold in winter is polar bears and penguins.”
  48. “I find snow itself to be so amazing.” 
  49. “There’s a lot of it in this crisp winter air. Cold is the best.” 
  50. “In the winter, a summer man says things he doesn’t mean.”
  51. “This cold, gray winter day is perfect for savoring a bad mood.”
  52. “Snowflakes are only beautiful when seen in the cold.”

Funny Winter Quotes

  1. “I finally discovered that within me lay an invincible summer in the depths of winter.”
  2. “It is said that there is no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.”
  3. “We’ll be hosting parties, toasting marshmallows, and caroling in the snow this time of year.”
  4. “There is a withdrawal instinct that assumes an order of completion for preservation. Winter is a season unto itself.” 
  5. “In Winter’s view, poetry is a tragedy. Comedy is unknown to it. Long ago, its laughter was frozen on its lips.” 
  6. “Snow days literally and figuratively fall from the sky unbidden and seem like a strange phenomenon.”
  7. “It is winter when we crave comfort, good food, warmth, conversation by the fire, and the feeling of home.” 
  8. “On this day in March, the sun shone hot, and the wind blew cold: it was summer in the light, and winter in the shade.” 
  9. “We should view winter as a time of sacred balance and rejuvenation, a time of preparation for the upcoming spring.” 
  10. We live on Earth in the spring; we live on Earth in the summer; we live on Earth in the autumn, but we live on another planet in the winter!”
  11. “You think of the streets outside your window, those lonely little squares near the station, of those winter Saturdays all alike.”
  12. “We usually see less sun in the winter, which can significantly impact our mood and motivation.” 
  13. “Crystal is life, flake is architecture, frost is fire, and sunbeam is soul. The crisp winter air is full of it. ” 
  14. “Winter makes it hard to think. You can’t see beyond yourself when the world is confined to the space of your heart.” 
  15. “Darkness is more insistent than cold at this time of year. “The days are as short as any dream.” 

Final Take:

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