9 Kinds of Surprises Guys Like That Will Make Your Boyfriend Adore You
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9 Kinds of Surprises Guys Like That Will Make Your Boyfriend Adore You

Surprises are a great way to show someone you care, and when it comes to guys, there is no better surprise than one that incorporates something they love. Whether it’s a special gift, an unexpected outing, or even a sweet gesture, surprising the man in your life can be a fun way to show him how much you appreciate him. 

From adventure-filled getaways to thoughtful gestures, there are countless types of surprises that guys can appreciate. Here, we’ll explore some of the best ideas for surprising the man in your life with something he’ll truly love and remember forever.

1. Plan A Surprise Date

Planning a surprise date for the man in your life can be an incredibly meaningful gesture. Start by thinking of all the interests he has and figure out ways you can incorporate them into the date. If he loves outdoor activities, plan a camping trip or hike together. If he has more of a city-minded outlook, consider booking a hotel in his favorite city and planning activities that he may not have experienced before.

When arranging the date, include thoughtful details to show him how much you care. Consider booking an intimate dinner at a restaurant that serves his favorite cuisine or taking him to a spot in your town that he’s always wanted to check out. You can also make a date special by planning a surprise activity, such as tickets to a concert or show he wants to see. 

Additionally, consider creating a thoughtful gift to give him on the day of the date. Whether it’s a book, he wants to read or a piece of handmade artwork, these small gifts can make your surprise date even more memorable. When you’re done planning, keep the details secret, so your date can be a complete surprise.

2. Organize A Weekend Getaway

Organizing a weekend getaway is another great way to surprise the man in your life. When planning the trip, make sure to pick activities and destinations that he would enjoy. You can plan a beach or mountain retreat filled with hikes and scenic views or a city trip to explore all its fun attractions. 

When packing for the trip, include thoughtful gifts and special items. For instance, surprise him with tickets to a show or museum he wants to see. Additionally, consider creating a personalized care package filled with his favorite snacks and drinks he can enjoy on the trip.  

Finally, surprise him with the news of your getaway at the right moment. For instance, you can break the news while having breakfast together or during a romantic dinner. He’ll be overjoyed by your thoughtful gesture and will appreciate all the effort you put into planning it!

3. Surprise Him With His Favorite Meal

Surprising the man in your life with his favorite meal is another great way to show him how much you care. Start by researching his favorite dishes and drinks to create a fresh menu. If he loves Italian food, consider making an extravagant dinner full of his favorite pasta, pizzas, and desserts. If he has an affinity for Mexican cuisine, try creating a homemade feast filled with burritos, tacos, and quesadillas.

In addition to the food, you can make the meal even more special by adding decorations or creating themed drinks. For instance, you can use red and white checkered tablecloths to set the mood for making Italian dishes. You can also present his meal on special plates or glasses that you’ve handpicked for him. 

Once your meal is ready, surprise him with it at a special moment in time, like an anniversary or birthday celebration. He’ll be overjoyed by your thoughtful gesture and will remember it for a long time.

4. Buy Him A Thoughtful Gift

Thoughtful gifts are another great way to show the man in your life how much he means to you. Consider buying him something that can be treasured and remind him of you, such as an adjustable wavy band ring or a men’s engraved photo leather wallet. You can also buy tickets to a special event or show he wants to attend. 

Adjustable Wavy Band Ring
Men's Engraved Photo Leather Wallet

When shopping for a gift, surprise him with it at the perfect moment. For instance, you can give him his present after dinner or when you go out on a romantic date. Your thoughtful gesture overjoys him, and he will surely appreciate all the effort you put into it. 

Furthermore, gifts don’t always have to be physical items. You can also give him a heartfelt card filled with your thoughts and feelings or create a special photo album full of memories you’ve shared. No matter what type of gift you choose, he’ll be sure to feel the love.

5. Special Sex Experience

Special sex experiences are a great way to surprise the man in your life and keep your relationship exciting. Create an intimate atmosphere with candles, scented oils, and music. Then, explore each other’s bodies with different kinds of touch and set up special rules that both of you will abide by during your experience. 

Next, consider adding a few surprises to the experience. For instance, you can try out special toys and props that will help enhance your pleasure and enjoyment. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can incorporate role-playing or different sexual positions. Whatever activities you decide on, ensure both of your needs are considered. 

Finally, make sure to communicate your desires and boundaries throughout the experience. This will help ensure that both of you are comfortable and can enjoy the experience without feeling awkward or pressured. With a little imagination and creativity, you can create an unforgettable sex experience for the man in your life.

6. Send Him A Surprise Text

Texts are another great way to show the man in your life how much you care. Start by thinking of some sweet messages that will make him smile, such as “I can’t stop thinking about you!” or “I miss your face and can’t wait to see it again soon!” Then, set up a time to send the text and ensure it reaches him exactly at the right moment.

You can also surprise him with an unexpected picture or video that shows how much you love him. For instance, take a selfie of yourself wearing his favorite shirt and send it to him as a reminder that you always think of him. 

In addition, you can send him fun and flirty messages to keep your relationship alive. For example, write a message about the exciting things you plan to do together when he returns from his trip or share a secret fantasy that will make him blush. Whatever you decide to do, sending a surprise text is sure to make the man in your life feel special and appreciated.

7. Surprise Him With A New Experience

Surprising the man in your life with a new experience is another great way to show him how much you care. Consider taking him out on a special date night or weekend getaway that you will enjoy. You can also plan activities such as hiking, biking, or paddleboarding, which he loves but has yet to do. 

In addition, consider enrolling him in a new class or workshop he’s been wanting to try. Not only will this allow him to learn something new, but it will also give him some time away from his daily life and the chance to explore together.  

Finally, surprise him with tickets for a concert of his favorite band or a show he wants to see. Enjoying these experiences together will create beautiful memories you will cherish for years. However, if you decide to surprise him, make sure it’s something special that he will never forget.

8. Plan A Surprise Visit

Surprise visits are always a great way to show the man in your life how much you care. Start by planning when and where you will visit, such as an unexpected lunch date or a romantic getaway for two. You can also plan surprise meetings with his friends or family to help him feel special and loved. 

Remember to keep the element of surprise alive by not revealing your plans beforehand. Instead, try sending him a text or email explaining what you’re planning for him. This will make the experience extra special and memorable for both of you. 

Ensure that all the arrangements are in place before you arrive, such as making reservations and buying tickets. Planning a surprise visit will help bring you closer and deepen your connection with the man in your life.

9. Surprise Him With A Romantic Gesture

A small romantic gesture can go a long way in showing the man in your life how much you care. Consider writing him a love letter that expresses why you adore and appreciate him. This will make him feel loved and special and help strengthen your relationship with him. 

In addition, surprise him with his favorite chocolates and a bouquet. You can also make him dinner or bake his favorite dessert to show that you are thinking of him. Whatever you decide to do, these small tokens of your love will surely make the man in your life feel appreciated and cherished. 

Remember to give him an unexpected hug or kiss while telling him how much you love and care for him. These small gestures will make all the difference in your relationship with the man in your life and help strengthen your bond with each other.


Surprising the man in your life with small gestures of love and affection is a great way to show him how much you care. Start by sending him unexpected messages, planning surprise visits, and giving him thoughtful gifts that he will appreciate. You can also plan romantic dates or weekend getaways together and write love letters expressing why you adore him.

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