Birthday gift ideas for 1-year-old boy: 7 brilliant picks
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Birthday gift ideas for 1-year-old boy: 7 brilliant picks

You’ve done a lot for your little one already. You’ve been there for the sleepless nights, the tantrums, and the occasional meltdown. You’ve walked them through their first steps and helped them get dressed. You’ve fed them their first foods and helped them learn how to eat them. You’ve watched them fall in love with their toys and their baby blocks.

And now, when they are a whole year old, why not give them something unique and wish them many wonderful years? We have shortlisted the best gifts for a 1-year-old boy to ease your decision. 

Here are our top picks:

  1. Surround your child with positivity

Let this cute little frame be a beautiful addition to your child’s room!

With the affirmation-themed decorative frame, you get a chance to customize it with your child’s name. We offer four size and four color options for you to choose from, so you can ensure it fits your child’s taste perfectly.

Personalized kids' Room Positive Ar

This frame with the theme of encouragement and affirmation phrases is an excellent gift for children to erect self-confidence. 

Simply arrange a beautiful birthday party and surprise the little soul with this colorful, eye-catching gift.

  1. Cute little stuffed toy

 Little Pocket Bear is the perfect gift for your favorite little one.

Little Pocket Bear is a soft, cuddly teddy bear that comes in a tin box. It can be carried around in a small pocket or pencil case, and its surface can be customized with the child’s name to make it unique.

Personalized Stuffed Bear in a Box

The two quilt styles we offer are a pink unicorn and a blue dinosaur. Each quilt is hand-sewn.

Little Pocket Bear is perfect for kids with anxiety, nightmares, or day-to-day worries. Take them with you for a feeling of security; put them in a handcrafted sleeping bag at night to help relieve their stress!

  1. Rattles for babies

 This personalized wooden baby rattle is a great gift for occasions like 1st birthday. This baby rattle is perfect for your little one. It’s made from beech wood which is naturally antibacterial and safe for their mouths.

Personalized Wooden Engraved Baby Rattle

This baby rattle can be customized with a name or an icon on both sides. You can also add a message to let everyone know what special occasion this gift is for!

The smooth polished edges make it easy to grip and shake, making it perfect for little hands. It also stimulates the baby’s senses and enhances visual-motor and developing motor skills in their hands. The materials used are strong, durable, safe, and non-toxic wood, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a new toy for their toddler or young child.

  1. Light the night

Introducing the world’s first-ever personalized night light for your kids!

Personalized Dinosaur Night Light

This charming night light has colorful designs and a wooden base and a high-quality acrylic plaque. You can choose from up to three graphics, including adorable dinosaurs, mythical unicorns, or limitless space. The acrylic may be personalized with your baby’s name using laser engraving technology, which makes it last a lifetime.

It is an ideal present for your kids on their 1st birthday. They’ll give you a hearty hug and giggle with excitement!

This modern lamp’s warm white LED illumination will subtly fill the space, fostering a friendly ambiance. Your kid will feel more at ease and secure at night, making it easier for them to doze off. This custom night light is the ideal finishing touch for your child’s room or nursery.

  1. Showcase his picture 

 Don’t let your photos get lost in a pile.

Show off your best moments with a personalized picture frame for your home office or living space.

Custom Standing Photo Display

Turn any picture into a beautiful gift with our material and craftsmanship. Each piece is custom built and has dark pine support (color may vary). The final product size will depend on the original photo’s zoom level and is available in 4×6 inches and 5×7 inches.

Select from several styles—standard frames, portrait frames, square frames, and more!

  1. Help the 1-year-old eat

The personalized baby bamboo tray set is a great way to care for your little one. It’s designed with a fun and colorful animal pattern that makes it easy for your child to eat and keeps them safe from accidental burns.

Personalized Bamboo Baby Plate Spoon and Bowl Set with Suction

The bamboo material makes the bowl sturdy, so you don’t have to worry about spills or flips. Plus, the suction cups make it easy to attach the dish to any flat surface or place you’re feeding your baby.

When your child is older, the suction cup can be taken off, and the bowl can be used more frequently.

  1. Customized Eating utensils

This set of four cutlery is ideal for children who are starting to eat by themselves, and it’s also an excellent gift for kids who don’t like to eat. You can customize any name on the cutlery handle, choose a unicorn symbol, and the color of the tableware you want.

Personalized Cutlery Sets with Unicorn Gift for Kids

It is made of stainless steel and laser-engraved with your choice of letters or unicorns. It won’t fade or tarnish, so it will always look new! You can also wash it in the dishwasher.

We know that there are many different kinds of food out there—and we know that no one likes to have food stuck on their forks after they’ve finished eating. That’s why we’ve ensured our product is designed with food safety in mind: if you ever need to wash these utensils after using them, just put them in the washer on the top rack (no bleach or detergent required).


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