30+ Fabulous 8th-Grade Graduation Quotes That Every Graduate Will Love To Read

30+ Fabulous 8th-Grade Graduation Quotes That Every Graduate Will Love To Read

Graduation from mid-school is a great achievement for a student. It’s a big day to boost your energy level for the future. You may feel excited about your success or nervous about the future. For the 8th-grade graduate, it’s a milestone achieved. He has passed mid-school and is ready to begin a new journey in high school. Celebrate the success of your fresh high school student. And when it comes to celebration, it’s incomplete without gifts and cards.

You can make the graduation gift a bit more amusing with a graduation card. And a motivating graduation quote on the card will let him move to high school with great enthusiasm. For friends, funny quotes also work well.

If you are thinking about the best graduation quotes, this post is for you. Here we have listed some amazing 8th-grade graduation quotes that are just wow. These quotes will inspire mid-school graduates to work even harder in high school. They’ll bring a smile to his face.

So let’s begin!

Inspirational and Motivational quotes for 8th-grade graduate

One milestone achieved, and many more to go. For a mid-school graduate, something inspirational will be great. Here are some incredible quotes to write for 8th-grade graduates.

  1. Believe in your dreams and the future is all yours.
  2. Never bend, stand straight, and keep your head upright. See the world in your eye.
  3. You have a life to lead. Educate yourself enough to lead it in the best possible way.
  4. Education is as vital to the human soul as a sculpture is to a marble block.
  5. Shoot for the moon fearlessly. No worries if you don’t land on it. You are sure to at least land on one of the million stars in the sky.
  6. The future canvas is blank, and you are the painter. Make sure to paint it with the brightest colors.
  7. 8th-grade graduation is all about looking forward to the future. So best of luck with a bright future!
  8. Motivation is a key to success. It’s very less than what you have to achieve yet. Stay motivated to conquer the world.
  9. Get ready to make an impact on the world. You are born to make a difference. Don’t just go with the flow. Go out of the way to achieve what you want. 

Congratulation Quotes and wishes for 8th-grade graduation

  1. Congrats! Finally, you graduated from mid-school. So proud of you.
  2. I am super excited to see your further achievements coming ahead. By the way, congrats on this one my love!
  3. Congratulations! You did it. Shine bright like a diamond. This day is all yours.
  4. Congrats! Enjoy the moment to its fullest and don’t let it slip by. Make it memorable and wait. Don’t forget to invite me to your graduation party.
  5. Always remember one thing. You are your competitor and that’s it. It will never let you settle for less. Congrats on this success!

Humorous quotes 8th-grade graduation

  1. So many stupid people graduate from college every year. Therefore, I was sure you can also do it one day.
  2. My gear graduates! Get ready to enter the even more thrilling phase of life. 
  3. Keep on moving when they will hand you your diploma. Since there is a chance, they get it back from you.
  4. Be patient and wait for success. Otherwise, you will move ahead without it which is alarming.
  5. I am anxiously waiting to hear a mispronounced name at the graduation speech. And of course, this name will be yours!
  6. Congrats! You have passed the easiest part of life. Move ahead toward the bigger adventures.
  7. You have graduated from mid-school. But there is one school that you can never graduate from. And it’s the “Experience”.
  8. Looking for a place where you will get success before work? It’s in the dictionary.
  9. Your family will feel super proud of you since you graduated from mid-school. I think it’s the best time to ask for money from your parents.
  10. Happy graduation! But wait. It’s not the end of the struggle. It’s just the beginning. So don’t be so happy!

Graduation wishes from parents for 8th-grade graduation

  1. There was a day when you grew out of my lap and went to elementary school. And now you are graduated from mid-school and headed to high school. Well, you are now an adult but for me, you will always be my little one.
  2. My child is graduated and ready to set the world on fire. Congrats my son!
  3. You believed that you could do it. And see, you did it. Feels like I am blessed with the most intelligent child in the universe.
  4. My dear graduate, remember one thing. Your parents are super-proud of you.
  5. My son, you finally closed another chapter of life called the mid-school. Be courageous and strong enough to tackle the hardships in life. And I know you can do it.
  6. Congratulations my champ! I hope I will never see you settling for less. You have more and more to achieve in life.
  7. Your mind is a treasure box, my kid. It’s worthy and precious. So make sure to utilize it positively to achieve your goals.
  8. You can turn impossible into possible. It all requires self-confidence. And I know you are confident. Happy graduation!
  9. Your dreams are just like plants. Make sure to water them if you want them to grow in the future. Congrats on this one which you have turned into reality!
  10. My daughter did it. Yeah! My happiness today is taking me up in the skies. Can’t keep calm and grounded today.


Mid-school graduation is big enough to be celebrated. The hard work of students finally proves successful. So make sure to congratulate and wish the graduate the very best of luck for the future. Hope this blog helped you find what to write on the graduation card to greet the graduate. If you want to buy a beautiful graduation gift, visit our store. We have an amazing collection of personalized graduation gifts.

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