How to Make a Funny Christmas Card (+10 DIY Christmas Card Ideas To Try)

How to Make a Funny Christmas Card (+10 DIY Christmas Card Ideas To Try)

If you wish to send a Merry Christmas joke to your buddies and relatives, this is the spot.

Christmas is coming on fast so you must send your card off to the recipients. However, you do not want to send a generic card but an outstanding one.

It would be best if you would pick a cute-looking card with a nice feeling.

Fortunately, everything for your great Christmas is in this piece. This is the perfect piece for it as it contains steps to make a card to DIY cards.

Let’s dive right in.

How to Make a Funny Christmas Card: Step by Step

There is no need to panic if you don’t know the steps to make a funny Christmas card. We’ve all been there, but your luck will change this Christmas. 

In this section, we’ll go over every step in detail on how to make a funny Christmas card.  

Step 1: Brainstorm Your Concept

When you’re about to make an exciting Christmas card, you need to brainstorm and find the concept you will try. 

These are a few things to do during this process: 

1. Choose Your Type Of Humor

First, define the style of humor you would like to achieve. What kind of fancy will it be—sarcastic, punny, delicious melange, or something else? 

Ensure that you tailor your humor in line with yourself and the tastes of your target audience. Knowing your comedic angle makes excellent greeting cards, whether using witty wordplay, visual gags, or situational humor.

2. Consider Your Audience

The element of humor is in question; hence, you must understand your audience. Remember the age, preferences, and sensibilities of those receiving it. 

The best type of jokes could be appropriate for relatives, whereby they can be in the form of friendly jokes. By tailoring your comedy, you ensure the laugh will stay with them forever.

3. Gather Inspiration

One may be surprised as inspiration can occur anywhere. Find many materials like comedy shows, popular Christmas flicks, humorous stories, and your adventure. 

Think of themes, words, or pictures that can mean something to you, and you can adopt them in your card. Coming up with a mood board or notes on your thoughts will give a clear line of your direction, thus simplifying this process into something better.

Step 2: Plan The Content

Planning is an essential part of making a Christmas card. You must check whether you have a great script and a story that will blow the recipient’s mind. Don’t go safe; explore your imagination to make it exciting: 

1. Script Your Jokes

Begin by creating witty and humorous messages that will appear in your Christmas cards. In step two, make sure your jokes fit into the type of humor you chose in step one, whether they are clever one-liners, puns, or storytelling jokes.

It depends on your card’s layout, size, and where to put the jokes. Consider the humor is at the outside of it, inside of it, or as a picture caption. Experiment with different versions, and refine your jokes to be cheerful and festive.

2. Storyboard Your Photo or Illustration

Developing a storyboard is essential if a Christmas card involves visual components. Draw out the sequence of pictures or scenes you wish to portray so they relate with and support your idea of humor. 

Look at the content, the facial expressions, and all other aspects used in making the video. The importance of this stage must be considered, especially for collage cards, illustrated maps, or visual narration. 

Ensure your jokes are preserved in translation if you have a pure text-based card.

Step 3: Design The Card

Designing the card is the most exciting part of the whole process. However, you need to do it correctly and fit everything in nicely.  

1. Pick A Format

Indeed, the selected model dictates the impressions that will emerge after viewing the card. Pick between a standard folded style card, an informal postcard look, or one suitable for uploading on social sites.

The appropriate format for your card may influence its appearance and sensation; thus, it should match the proper sense of humor and be intended for the right audience.

2. Layout The Design

Consider the general format of your card. Where will the jokes go? What is the plan for integrating the visuals? 

Keep it in some rational order, giving them one card after another to keep up the laughter effect. 

Experiment with different layouts, including various texts and images, until the final design is attractive and meaningful. The balance between text and picture will result in an ordered composition.

3. Choose A Font

The font you select determines both the appearance and readability of the card. Is this comedy? Then, pick an appropriate typeface. Vary the size of type and style for keywords or essential phrases.

Make sure the texts are seen on their background and that you select an appropriate font that suits the theme of the festivals’.

Have fun with your color selections; go for ones that bring a little holiday to your website’s look. Depending on whether you select a traditional red-and-green color scheme or a non-traditional one, the colors should support the humorous mood of the card.

Step 4: Create The Content

The most important part of a Christmas card is the content; you must put the correct information on the card. Here are a couple of things you need to know about:

1. Take or Create your Image

If your card has visuals, you must take a photo or create an ideal image at this time. 

During a festive pictorial session, when selecting particular photographs from the set, and even designing individual cards, ensure that all your visual elements fit the cards’ humorous nature or main topic well.

The aspect that also calls for consideration includes coloring, arrangement, light, and facial expression for the desired effect. For good quality prints and digital display make sure that your pictures have high resolutions.

2. Edit For Effect

After taking a picture, the editing process commences. In addition to this, you can edit individual photos using varying tools such as enhancing colors, changing brightness and contrast, and complementary filters.

With regard to illustrations make sure all details are fined and specific. Consider the general mood of your card: Bright and festive for festivity or subdued and warm for convention.

Step 5: Finalize The Print

After all the hard work, the next step is to finalize the print. You need to assemble everything and check whether you have nailed everything: 

1. Assemble Your Card

Once you have put together the card, ensure everything is in order for the traditional folding format. 

Ensure that the order of the front, internal, and back sections is maintained correctly. Make sure your design is centered and balanced if you wish to be postcard-style. Ensure that all interactivity works properly for digital cards.

2. Quickly Check

Remember to double-check your design before you order print. Here’s a quick checklist to guide you:

  • Text and Spelling: Check texts for typographical errors, language shortcomings, and space issues. Ensure that your jokes are short.
  • Image Quality: Ensure you have clear, distinct, high-quality photos or nicely made illustrations. This main crispness should be observed when making prints from such cards.
  • Color Consistency: Make sure that your chosen color palette remains consistent on your card. The colors complement each other well, giving a cheerful mood in this place.
  • Print Bleed: To avoid edge-trim effects, always include a bleed space in your design, mainly when the card goes to the end.
  • File Format: Make sure to use a necessary file format for printing the cards. Make sure you check the specific directions from the printer you prefer.
  • Interactive Elements: Ensure that all interactive features, including the animations and links on your digital card, work appropriately.

However, a brief and critical check should come in at this point, and then everything will be okay for printing or distributing your amusing Christmas greetings. 

These smart-written cards should be distributed among friends and relatives, as they will surely make everybody who will get them.

Step 6: Distribute Your Card

Once you have completed making the Christmas card, the next step is always the distribution. And while the distribution seems similar to a tiny aspect, it does matter and has to be done correctly.  

1. Mail or Hand Deliver

Distributing your perfectly crafted Christmas cards is very exciting as a thoughtful process that entails making informed decisions on modes of transmission. 

Going for conventional mail or delivering the cards by hand gives tangibility and persona to your Christmas greetings. The excitement of opening the mailbox can turn into reality by actively mailing your cards to your loved ones who might be away. 

As Christmas approaches and people send their cards through the mail, there grows an excitement for the receivers waiting to open the holiday card packages that contain one’s greeting message. 

Traditionally, it would mean sending a card through the post. This extra touch helps make your holiday greetings feel so much warmer.

2. Digital Distribution

The modern world is wired, and the avenue of digital distribution presents exciting prospects for sharing your Christmas cards. Digital delivery is fast and convenient, enabling people near and far to reach your target market easily. 

By sending your cards electronically or through online platforms, you will save yourself the agony and time associated with postal restrictions, including late delivery times for individuals far away. 

The digital format also brings interactivity to your card, enabling you to insert videos, audio notes, or personal messages through online communication portals. 

Social media becomes a living wall where you show your digital cards, creating an online gallery for Christmas cheer accessible to friends, families, and acquaintances.

Additional Tips

While you have gotten the information you need to make the best Christmas card, you can do with more information on improving the situation. 

These are additional tips you need to know so that everything goes as planned: 

1. Keep It Light

Humor is always a good thing you can use in your cards, but the fact remains that having fun involves more than just humor. 

Make sure your Christmas card overall gives positive and warm vibes. Prioritize positive messages and desist from dealing with depressing and fatty topics. This makes you think a festive and joyous card links light-heartedness and a sweet present. 

Think about putting in some fun and colorful features that are usually associated with the Christmas mood to make your card cheerful and heartwarming on the day of the celebration.

2. Be Timely

The right timing can significantly influence the effectiveness of your greeting cards during Christmas. 

Try to have your greeting cards arrive beforehand so they will be displayed during the festive period. 

However, early arrivals will have to outwit the rush and ensure your card is included among the festive decorations beloved by the addressee. 

Also, consider how holidays are celebrated differently by culture or region and adjust your timeline based on that information. It is also essential for you to be punctual with your Christmas cards because it gives out a feeling of thoughtfulness and care.

3. Personal Touch

Transform your generic Christmas cards into an actual work of art by embracing the art of personalization. Personalize your communications so that they reflect your relationship to every individual. 

By putting a personal touch on the card, you can refer to shared memories, insider jokes, and even milestones that only pertain to you. Write a note by hand, or leave behind a little memento that means so much to you. 

Additionally, ensure that details that resonate with the recipient’s likes, preferences, and favorite activities are included, demonstrating that effort has been taken to personalize the process. 

A Christmas card with a personal touch goes beyond ‘Merry Christmas’ into an expression of the relationship and a treasured gift of your consideration.

4. Thoughtful Design

Make your Christmas cards reflect your personal touch as well. Select colors, patterns, and themes that speak to the recipient or reflect their holiday culture. 

Carefully designed cards are visually attractive and show you have tried to think about something. 

It can be in terms of favorite colors or some kind of symbolism or motif that makes the design somehow secret for that person and connected with him.

5. Festive Fragrance

You can add festive fragrance to make multiple senses in your Christmas card design. This may involve stuffing or incorporating a tiny sac containing aromas like pine essence, cinnamon substance, and gingerbread.

Moreover, the fragrance enhances anticipation when unwrapping the parcel and offers another source of pleasure in receiving the card.

Finally, the little action involves the element of smell to evoke a clear and enduring connection to the Christmas environment.

6. Holiday Recipe

Add some Christmas cheer through one of your yummy, festive recipes on your Christmas cards. You can insert a small recipe card in the Christmas greeting card or print it on it.

Offering a unique recipe to friends could be as easy as having a festive cookie, hot drink, or traditional Christmas meal to complete their Wishing Well wishes.

That way, you will give a specific meaning to the occasion and might create a brand new tradition of mutually exchanged food treats.

Best Homemade Christmas Card Ideas to DIY

These ideas can span from advanced to beginner, depending on whether you are an expert in doing it yourself or have never made a Christmas card.

1. 3D Paper Christmas Tree Card

The 3D paper Christmas tree card will transform your holiday greeting into a fantastic, magical performance. This DIY artwork has been skillfully made using imagination to embody the Christmas spirit. 

This is not just a pleasant surprise for the recipient; layered paper construction makes it so unique. A magical feeling, which is brought by the detailed work on the paper tree, embellished with tiny decorations, gives a material image of the day.

That homemade card can be on a mantle piece and still be as a piece in somebody’s hands to show that every bit of artistic thought has gone into that.

2. Joy Christmas Card

Simple words often express the best messages. The Joy Christmas card is a perfect example of beautiful simplicity, with the handwritten and well-placed “Joy” evoking warmth and holiday cheer. 

Due to its simplicity, there is no distraction to the message, making it great for those who believe in the power of only one word.

The right font and good color combination help create a calm and festive atmosphere. This resembles the passing of a goodwill wish that the world becomes merry during the holidays.

3. Footprint Snowman

The cute footprint snowman card captures everything about childhood as a time for fun. For small families and toddlers, making the “real” body of the snowmen out of their prints is a good DIY option. 

A touch of personalization lends more than a hint of nostalgia and warmth, creating another treasured memento for moms, dads, granddads, grannies, and other family members. 

The simplicity of this card idea relates to the innocence of the Christmas holidays, and the snowman is not only a character in the card but also a token of some special memories.

4. Embroidered Tree Holiday Cards

Give your homemade Christmas cards an edge by using embroidery. The embroidered tree holiday card is made of fabric and stitched in the Christmas spirit. 

Every card is an exquisite work of miniature art depicting a beautifully made Christmas tree. Tactile embroidery detail allows recipients to physically experience Christmas joy through touching. 

Blending traditional skills and a modern approach to creativity yields a unique card serving multiple purposes. It can express creative sentiments as well as best wishes from the heart.

5. Watercolor Holiday Card

The watercolor holiday card is an excellent do-it-yourself creation that expresses the season, painting it in splendid colors and artistic touches. Each card has its personality achieved through watercolor techniques. 

Watercolor movement in different sceneries, such as a snowy landscape, festive wreath, or any other cozy winter scene, is associated with a fancy feeling. 

Recipients get more than any other gift – an artistic expression, sentimental word, and a great picture of Christmas no other way.

6. Christmas Gnome Shaker Card 

Enjoy your season’s greetings using the Christmas gnome shaker card. This homemade DIY mix brings together the charms of gnome and shaker elements. 

When the benefactor opens the card, they meet with colorful dots twining around a translucent window. 

The Christmas Gnome Shaker Card is a perfect blend of creativity and fun that will add even more magic to the normal process of exchanging Christmas cards.

7. Felt Design Christmas Cards

Opt for the feeling design Christmas cards that bring out a warm experience associated with felt, warmth, and touch. The felt pieces are thoughtfully arranged into creative scenes of the Christmas holiday, resulting in a collection of DIY gems. 

The textures of felts, like a snowy village, Santa, or a wreath, make one feel at home. All these cards represent little works of art with fondness and the typical Christmas atmosphere one experienced when playing cards with friends and family as a kid. 

These Felt Design Christmas Cards say “Happy Holidays” with a solid lump of yuletide warmth.

8. Snowy House Christmas Card

Take your loved ones to a winter paradise with the delightful snowy house Christmas card. A picture on the snow-clad hills features an attractive house amidst the snow fields. 

The careful rendering of snowflakes, icicles, and that golden glow through the windows makes for an evocative image that entices receivers into enjoying their little white Christmas. 

The holiday atmosphere of harmony is a doorway into this world, which this card represents.

9. Paper Wreath Christmas Card 

This card is a perfect gift for your friends to help you celebrate the traditional Christmas wreath. The card is crafted carefully and creatively with a small wire-wound paper wreath. 

The intricate paper wreath Christmas card wreath folds and carefully designed arrangement of paper strips resemble typical holiday wreaths, giving your season’s greeting a hint of artistry. 

A paper has never been so versatile as an expression of art to produce such a card, which also serves as a decoration for celebrating Christmas.

10. Cookie Cutter Christmas Cards 

Add a pinch of sweetness and nostalgic flavor to the DIY Christmas cards by selecting the cookie-cutter Christmas cards

A creative idea for this is tracing festive shapes from holiday-themed cookie cutters on your cards. 

From gingerbread men to decorative bell cookies, these cookie-maker tools are fun ways of making sweet treats that accompany your holiday greetings. 

Your festive cards can spur holiday gastronomic experiments in recipients so much that they would bake up something similar!


This guide has shown one way, out of the usual, how to turn your holiday greeting cards into the fun moments shared by all. 

From witty thoughts to delicate design and delivery, every move is a stroke from a brush painting of happiness. 

Other tips offer further layers of finesse, imploring creators to maintain the fun essence, relevance, and sincere feelings from recipients’ hearts.

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