30 Meaningful Family New Year Quotes To Use On New Year’s Eve
New Year

30 Meaningful Family New Year Quotes To Use On New Year’s Eve

New Year signifies the renewal of various things. They could be tangible or intangible, but regardless of that, it is another chance for you to try to rebuild the weak areas in your life.

Spending this time with your family, or even thinking about them, must be making you recount your year with them and also what you want your future to look like with them in it. You must communicate your feelings through meetings, quotes, or messages. 

This will require you to be open, heartfelt, and grateful, and it will take away any emotional burdens you may have because of them.

In this article, we will show you examples of meaningful New Year quotes you can share with your family to kickstart your renewal.

Tips For Personalizing Your New Year Messages

1. Handwrite Your Messages

A handwritten message is better than a typed one because it signifies personalization. Your family can recognize you and even the feelings you were trying to channel out to them through your handwriting. A typed message will give a bland vibe.

If you have many handwriting styles depending on your mood, then your family will have an even easier time feeling the emotions you’re trying to put across in your New Year’s message.

2. Include a Personal Memory or Inside Joke

Part of personalizing means that you go into the shared memories that only you and your family know of. Only talk of the positively impactful ones. Inside jokes also work, just make sure that they aren’t hurtful, just annoying and funny.

You can turn your and your family’s funny memories into inside jokes if you don’t have any yet. Create inside jokes with the family member you feel most alienated from. This will bring you closer together and offer a space where only the both of you can share secrets.

3. Acknowledge Individual Achievements

It being New Year, mentioning achievements is unavoidable. Complement any of your family’s achievements either collectively or individually. Noticing and acknowledging their accomplishments, however and especially small, will make them feel loved and appreciated. 

Adding a small prize will physically mark the celebration of achievements and will always bring up the feelings they felt at the time of you congratulating them.

4. Incorporate Family Goals

As we mentioned earlier, New Year is also about setting new goals.  You can talk about setting family goals for the New Year that everyone has to do the work on. Don’t just pick out an area of fault in one family member, also put to light the issues that the whole family needs to put input on for it to get better. This will make you more united and your bond will be stronger.

If one family member is at large fault in an area, you should still point this out, but do it in a loving and empathetic way. 

5. Be Authentic

Your message should not have the same old words every other card usually has. Put in more emotion and unfilteredness. This means that you shouldn’t change anything about how you would put across your message if you were talking to someone you’re free with. 

Use your inside slang, jokes, and memories. You can also express all your emotions before the onset of the New Year so that you feel free to love your family without holding them accountable for something bad they did.

Also, with all these things to do concerning authenticity, your letter will be lengthy and that’s okay. Don’t shorten it, but put out your vulnerable self for your family to see. This will help them understand you and your boundaries.

Reflecting on Family Unity

Family unity makes the first-ever bond in a human’s life. In this section, we will show you quotes that reflect on family unity and its influence on your outlook on real-life scenarios.

  1. Our family’s unity will be our pillar to support us in the storms and earthquakes of life.
  1. A disunited family is a disunited community and country at large. Our unity will make us stronger.
  1. Blood will never be thicker if emotions like unity don’t exist in our family.
  1. Unity doesn’t just apply to soldiers and competitors. It first and most applies to the family unit.
  1. Unity is the security that gives us the chance to show our softer feelings for each other.

Celebrating New Beginnings

The New Year is a chance for renewal of many things, so it shouldn’t be taken lightly. The quotes we will show you focus on celebrating the beginning of new things together with faith in believing that there will be a change.

  1. Cheers to our previous journey, present setbacks, and new beginnings not just as a family but as a team.
  1. Setting goals, not just accomplishing them, especially with your family deserves acknowledgment that we must grant ourselves.
  1. The past has passed and always will but now we begin anew as a family.
  1. Sharing resolutions with all of you has made me feel complete and supported by people I’m familiar with.
  1. The new goals we have set for the New Year were special because it is necessary but not common in many families, at least not in ours.

Gratitude for Family Support

Appreciation for your family’s support and presence will go a long way in making them feel loved and noticed. Here are some quotes that show gratitude for your family this New Year.

  1. A thank you may never be enough to show my heart’s gratitude for your unwavering love and support.
  1. Your support has shown your love for me and has always given me the energy I need to tackle tough situations.
  1. In such an unfair life, your support has helped me keep my head up.
  1. I’m grateful for the gift of support you have given me, and the gift you already are.
  1. Your support has been my stronghold through anything I’ve gone through in life.

Overcoming Challenges Together

Family is a deep bond between people, therefore any challenges that ever affect the whole unit have to be faced as a team. Here are some quotes that address overcoming challenges that have affected your family as a unit.

  1. A family that stands together during their challenges will never find anything hard there as a team or individually.
  1. When problems occur and you stick together as a family, then you have passed the test of trust.
  1. Challenges facing the whole family are always a test of the family’s bond. They are always manageable however big they seem.
  1. Love is never enough, which is why challenges come in the way of family to affirm or bring out other virtues like loyalty.
  1. A family can never be flawlessly happy all through. Challenges are a part of life, just as the family is, and learning to deal with them is paramount.

Wishes for Health and Happiness

Best wishes are a necessity in your New Year’s message. This will show your family that you care about them and reduce your anxiety too. In this section, we will show you quotes that wish your family health and happiness.

  1. Wishing you all a prosperous New Year full of joy and good memories all year long.
  1. May your manifestations come to place in good time, and may you be in good shape to enjoy the happiness they will give you.
  1. May good health and happiness follow you this year and obstruct any unnecessary pain that will not lead to any kind of growth.
  1. Good health is the ultimate gift you can have yet it cannot be bought nor sold, only wished and prayed for. I wish you good health to help you navigate this coming year with ease.
  1. I wish you a smooth road through life this year with nothing but good news coming your way.

Honoring Family Growth and Change

The new beginnings will need you to honor your family’s past efforts to grow before you say what needs improvement or change in the new year. Here are some quotes that honor your family’s growth and change.

  1. Just as the way the very world we live in changes when pushed to do so, our family has grown and changed into new versions. It has all been for the better.
  1. Maturing is hard. It has taken effort, and I’m thankful for all your input in making this family grow.
  1. I’m proud of the way we have all done our part to change. We’re still not perfect but we’re getting there.
  1. Growth is usually in man’s life to eliminate any unwanted things in life. Our family’s growth has done this and I’m grateful.
  1. Our family’s growth has taken time and has come with pain but the results of the input can be finally seen.


Not many people include changing something about their family in their New Year resolution. This is a bold step that will need you and your family’s commitment to changing the dynamic of how things work among you. You will also need to be empathetic as you call some things out and appreciative of any small step taken towards change.

The meeting you’ll hold to address these issues should be at an ideal place and you shouldn’t let emotions take control. To avoid this, always be grateful for their acceptance to take the initiative to change and the good moments you’ve shared.

At the end of the year, there can be prizes or acknowledgments for the family members who meet their assigned goals. This will make the goal-achieving process more fun and motivating for the family.

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