25+ Funny Christmas Quotes for Boyfriend That Your Sweetheart Would Love

25+ Funny Christmas Quotes for Boyfriend That Your Sweetheart Would Love

Spending Christmas with your boyfriend is a sign that both of you are giving each other quality time. You must have many activities planned for the festive season, or just taking a break from the world and relaxing. Either way, your goal should be to experience all kinds of positive emotions together, one of them being laughter.

Many things can spark laughter between you and your boyfriend, including comedy shows, jokes, and funny movies.

In this article, we will show you samples of funny Christmas quotes you can share with your boyfriend.

How To Personalize Your Christmas Humor

1. Reflect on Shared Experiences

Experiences are what bring people in relationships closer together. It may be by simply relating to your boyfriend’s past experiences, or experiencing something with him. 

You can mention the positive experiences and remind him of the feeling you both shared at the time or turn a bad one such as an argument, into a joke by making fun of it. This will make your boyfriend remember all the memories carried by those experiences and deepen your bond.

2. Incorporate Nicknames or Pet Names

You and your boyfriend must have come up with nicknames for each other and the shared moments that brought about those nicknames. 

Using these names in your Christmas message will make him laugh when he remembers the circumstances that led to it, especially if you use them at the most unexpected places in your message, such as the greeting or the sign-off. 

Using your nickname for him will also show him how free and close you are to him and it will warm his heart, after making him laugh.

3. Poke Fun at His Quirks

You can make fun of your boyfriend’s unique habits whenever a situation arises. It could be something he does with his face or body, or even just a change that happens in his appearance when something out of the norm happens. 

Make fun of the quirks only you can notice so that he is reminded of how much you know him. Remember not to make fun of his insecurities because this will bring up different emotions than the ones you’re aiming for.

4. Stay Positive and Playful

The message is supposed to be funny and carry or bring up only positive feelings. In light of this, don’t bring up anything that you know will dull the mood the message will bring. 

If you are bringing up a negative situation, choose a light one that both of you can make fun of without hurting each other. You can be playful by calling your boyfriend flirty names and maintaining eye contact if you are physically present while he reads your Christmas message.

5. Reference His Favorites

You should include your boyfriend’s favorites in the message to make him feel like you pay attention to what he likes and hates. It creates a feeling of being seen. 

You can reference his favorite leaders, sportsmen, and other people he idolizes in your jokes about him, shared experiences, or when you are simply talking about other aspects of your relationship.

Doing this will also make your boyfriend feel more masculine and in control because likening him to his idols means that you see his potential to be as heroic as them.

Light-hearted Love Quotes

In this section, we will show you some cheerful love quotes you can share with your boyfriend. You can get creative or simply bring your intrusive thoughts to light.

  1. We can begin this Christmas with my favorite activity under the mistletoe which is pretending I didn’t see it there every time.
  1. The twinkling lights are what our relationship would look like if love could be seen.
  1. You wanting a gift this Christmas is absurd because I am a gift you get daily and Christmas isn’t different.
  1. The joyful feeling Christmas brings combined with our time together could make me high on love.
  1. The only thing more magical than this holiday is the love I feel for you.

Holiday Puns for Him

Puns can always your boyfriend laugh if crafted and delivered properly. Here are some Christmas holiday puns for him to give him a chuckle.

  1. You’re the Christmas tree in my heart because both the tree and you are the center of attention right now.
  1. Of course, I can handle another piece of fruitcake, “sleigh” it on me!
  1. There are other bells I know of that we can jingle in celebration of the holidays.
  1. I know there’s more than one North Pole that needs a visit but this one requires more frequent visits.
  1. “Myrrh” we go to the Christmas brunch at our neighbor’s house tomorrow?

Jokes About Christmas Together

Christmas is a holiday that has been celebrated for years so you and your boyfriend must have shared moments whereby something funny happened and how you handled it. It could be in your childhood, adulthood, or when you were already dating. Here are some quotes you can use as jokes about Christmas.

  1. Christmas with you makes me love family time because you’re my side family.
  1. I’m happy to go to Christmas gatherings with you so that my introverted self can stick to you like a leech.
  1. One day snowmen, gingerbread men, and their families will attack humans for creating them and then giving them lousy purposes.
  1. Santa’s interest in giving only children gifts should be investigated.
  1. I can be the Santa to give you gifts if you’ll be my elf and work for me all year long.

Teasing with Tinsel and Mistletoe

One of the famous traditions associated with Christmas is the use of tinsel as decoration and kissing under the mistletoe. In this section, we will show you examples of moments associated with tinsel and mistletoe that you can tease him with.

  1. All the tinsel in the world cannot match the light you radiate when you smile at me.
  1. You know you don’t need to use a silly leaf to get a kiss from me.
  1. Rome sure wasn’t the one with the mistletoe idea, but I like the person who came up with it.
  1. Unbelievable that my asking nicely can’t make you give me a peck, but a tiny leaf can.
  1. Up to the ripe age of nineteen is when I stopped calling tinsel “the shiny hairs that are put on Christmas trees”.

Gift-Giving Giggles

In this section, we will show you funny quotes about the adventures and misadventures of holiday gift-giving in a relationship.

  1. Whenever I go out to get you a gift, I make sure I explain it to you after you open it unless I want it destroyed.
  1. All the gifts I have ever bought you have benefited me in some way. Why would I buy you silverware or art?
  1. Giving you a gift that is not something perishable is like buying new junk that we’ll need to get rid of months later.
  1. Why should I buy you a gift when I can buy house decor that can pass as that?
  1. Many times I buy you a gift then buy myself two gifts too for getting you a gift.

Festive Food and Feast Humor

The festivities came with a lot of food and feasting. There are many aspects of this topic that you can turn into humor in your message and we will show you how.

  1. Gingerbread men deserve better than existing to satisfy our sugar cravings.
  1. The speed at which I discard my diet on Christmas brunch should be used in calculating rocket speeds at NASA.
  1. I’ll be defending my excess Christmas sugar intake by eating fruitcake because it has fruits in it.
  1. It’s not my fault turkey and mashed potatoes are delicious. They are the ones who should be blamed for making me discard my diet.
  1. We should leave Santa broccoli and collard greens for a change. Those poor reindeer.

How to Use These Christmas Quotes

In Holiday cards

The quotes we have shown you above can be used in various setups, the most used one being in holiday cards. You can write down your message on a card and mail it to your boyfriend, or leave it inside one of his Christmas gifts.

In Decorations like table settings and festive banners

Your text will also work if you put it on a festive banner or table setting. Doing this will also help people see how deep your love for each other is.

Through Text Messages

This is the best way to do it if you find it hard to be vulnerable when your boyfriend is physically present. You can type your Christmas message for him at your convenience and let everything flow out freely from your mind and heart.

In Social Media Posts 

This way of sharing your message with your boyfriend is ideal if you are okay with the public knowing about your relationship. You can type your message under a post of you together or of him alone.


Sharing Christmas quotes with your boyfriend counts as an activity you both had together. It sparks and amplifies the different feelings you have for each other. This is also why you need to be open and vulnerable as you write the message.

You can create an activity whereby you can both write each other messages so that you can also know his funny side and other feelings he has for you. If you do this, Christmas will be much more meaningful and will go down as a time that brought you and your boyfriend closer together.

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